The Serial 10th January 2013 Written Episode Update


The Serial 10th January 2013 Written Episode, The Serial 10th January 2013 Written Update

The show starts with sara’s photoshoot.. but she starts complaining rather forcefully states to the PH team that since she is getting late , she has to leave now…(lol i love the bg voice which said god made these special”namunas” when He gets bored of creating normal people Tongue ).

ok ,I guess Sara needs to reach somewhere urgently, so she again starts pissing off the people from PH to get her a vehicle. One poor soul from the production team does a great mistake by arranging a auto rickshaw for the great sara khan, he obviously gets bashed by her and asked to arrange a car for her (its true na..can we imagine sara khan in auto..naah..Embarrassed )

While Sara is waiting for a car which would drop her to her destination, a dude is noticing her from a little distance..(wait! he looks like KSG to meLOL).. He came to her and offered her to get on his bike as he cud drop her to the destination… but the over so independent sara khan refused it …but at last with no option left she has to approve of his help… and the over so old is gold song “zindagi ek safar ae suhana,yaha kal kya ho kisne jana” starts playing on their beautiful bike rideLOL.(loved the moment).

The scene shifts to raj’s flat…pihu is gardening the plants kept on the balcony and raj is just trying to find way to talk to her…he comes to her with a film DVd and asks her whether she remembers watching the movie together. But her response is nil… He informs her that he got shortlisted for vikram motwani’s film to which she congratulated him verbally which was in a way a dull response from her..raj got more upset at her cold behaviour and complained to her that their relation ship was never just like a boy and a girl falling in love but more than that,it was adorned and associated with art,music,literature,then what happend now… He asks why she is behaving so indifferently with him ,if she is the same pihu den she would have started jumping while listening to this news. Pihu answered she is really happy …raj asks if she is seriously happy den she shud come with him now and be the same pihu in this night as she was before to which she agreed.

whereas pooja is with arjit in some cafe…he invites her to come to his sister’s marriage..pooja looked little bit out of mood,she was silent and looking tired ,which is noticed by arjit . He asks her the reason to which she blamed her long hectic day..Arjit, very sweetly, asks pooja to go out in the open air and eat the pancakes ,which he has ordered and this will surely maKe her feel good…(how sweet ).They both leave the cafe.

The show seems to be raj and pooja based mostly Embarrassed…the scene again shifts to raj and pihu…raj has brought pihu to a delightful place to have a romantic dinner with her. Pihu get super excited seeing this and being very much impressed , she hugged her boyfreind.. Raj confessed that he realised her real value when she was not with him and he is incomplete without her…He is really in deep love with this girl ,so much that he proposed her for marriage to her surprise… He confessed that he is fully confident of his love and is ready for this lifetime commitment . She has no way but happily accept his proposal…They danced romantically and raj gifted her a ring ,they spend a romantic night , which made both the lovebirds feel good after a long time…

The last scene belongs to rohan…he moved away from the dinner table..may be he got upset with his mom( cant really get that as there was no sound on the youtube video and i missed today’s epi Ouch )..Rohan goes to his room and was watching some x-rated movie in his laptop Embarrassed..while going to her room,rohan’s mom noticed a bit of light coming from his room and she sneaked in..rohan was shocked…

Update Credit to: niksidfan

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