The Seers (Intro and Chapter 1)


The ‘Seers’

A twenty five year old doctor in psychologyfrom Bangalore, Purvi Mishra wasconvicted for murder of one of her patients. The circumstances were that, a nurse found her with a knife in hand, all bloodied from head to toeand the patient lying on the bed with a slit throat.

She was taken into custody, handcuffed and barred into a jail. The morning of her sentence date, the guard found the cell shockingly empty. There wasn’t an escape route, there was no hole in the ground, nor it had any window. It was puzzling. It was baffling. How did the doctor disappear into thin air? Where was she? What happened to her?

Raghu Pushkar, a third yearengineering student from Hyderabad, was found with a strangulatedbody of a his friend , it was unresolved that he was the killer, he went missing after the trial.

Sukanya Rajput, an MBA graduatefrom Delhi, absconding, after gunning down a security guard in a mall.

Rajesh Thripathi, a twenty nine old executive director of Vintage Vineyard Products from Mumbai, beat the pulp of a bystander on a road. The victim, in coma. The man, Convicted. Escapee.

All the four didn’t have a record of crime earlier, belonging to respectablefamilies, andwithout a stitchof black in any person, but now,they are wanted for some dangerouscrimes.

Meet the most wanted criminals, get together for some serious crap to do together.

They do not have super powers. They are not what you call special. They are just four very ordinary people,each unknowingly containsthe ability to see ‘THE DEVIL’S ARMY’ one way or the other. This army is desperateafter a book, a book which had let loose the gates of hell, but had been lost in the centuries when heaven and hell was made, now it was about time to wake up the DEVIL himself with the help of the missingbook,if not,the whatever had escaped from hell is to be eternally damned.

Read our four ‘Seers’ struggle and fight against various dangerouscreatures, and struggle also tofind the book,and alsoto let staythe dead be just dead, while also trying hard to escape their termimprisonments.

Chapter -1

With face completely covered, wearing blue jeans, faded greytank top, over it a blue checkered shirt,accompanied byNike sports shoes, a girl about the height of 5’6 gotinto a store. Unhurried and leisure she walked down the aisle, taking products into her shopping cart.

Walking along she seemed as if a normal buyer. The only thing was, no customer could get in with a scarf covered over the head. The security guard, a woman came up to her and told her so about the rule. The girl seemed hesitant but she complied anyway. The live CCTV cameras zoomed on her face.

Every thing seemed fine until a few people walked in. The atmosphere changed dramatically. The girl’s back stiffened but she maintained her composure. She was just the same and normal. A guy turned into the aisle where she was sorting out a few groceries into the cart. The man came closerand stood beside her. He seemed like a cocky young gentleman.

“Hey.”He smiled sideways at her.

The girl glanced around, but avoided the guy completely. She moved away a good four inches.

The guy was too adamant, he moved closer.

“Shy,aren’t you? You don’t seem from around here.”He whispered, and leaned towards her.

The girl’sback went high alert. She looked straight in the eye of theguy and hissed.

“Stay back.”

Apparently the guy was stupid as including cocky and idiot also.

“Hey, let me take you out for coffee…”

“I. Said. Stay. Back.”She enunciated each word dangerously.

“Come on, it’s only coffee, and it’s just aroundthe corner…”

Yes, indeed he was stupid.

The punch came so fast that the guy could only double over in pain. When he did, the girl moved back a couple of inches andgot ready for a fight,the four men. Well built men, pounced on her. The unofficial CBI.

As we speak, the girl is a trained martial art expert. She easily fought her way, by punching the hefty guy inthe jaw, one in the stomach and one in the shin with a knee. The other was leaner and easy to handle, a straight handed beat on the shoulder, the third was well, too pu**y, his eyes widened then turned a shade in fear, but then his neck twisted around and he fell on the floor unconscious, the fourth guy becamethoroughly smart.
He whipped out his gun becoming increasingly awarethat the female before them was not all weak. The gun he pointed was straight at the girl’s head.

That’s when the girl too got smart. It was as this that,she may have faced the situation before.Very consistently though. Twenty five times to be precise. She got down on the floor where the poor guy was bent over with a bloodied nose. She turned his head around towards hers, she grinned in return to his now bewildered and fearful confusion.

“Let’s get thatcoffee.”

The confusion on the guy’s faceturned into a word.


Within seconds she dragged his body in a standing position,got behind him and whipped out a shiny sharp knife over his neck. The moment from her sliding down on the floor to puttingthe unfortunateguy as a shield in frontby the girl,wastoo fast that everyone present there frozen to the spot could only stare with dropped jaws. A second later, the men moved back when she pushed the guy to walk…….


To be continued…..

Credit to: kfar

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