The requisites of an angry love…. (kkb) Part 8

Abhi gets a call and looks tensed. Dadi who sees this asked “What happened Abhi?”

Abhi “It’s an emergency!”

Dadi “What emergency?”

Abhi “I will tell you that later!”.

Dadi looks clueless and sees him literally running out of the house.

Abhi reaches a school that Pragya was at. After finding for her up and low, he managed to find her at the canteen.

Since she was crowded around some students, he patiently wait for her to be free. Once she had moved alone, he followed behind Pragya.

Pragya seeing his reflection on the mirror turned behind and looked with disbelief.

Abhi “How are you? You are ok right?”

Pragya “Why are you after me?” she asked in a loud tone.

Abhi immediately replied, “I am not after you! Stop assuming nonsensical things!”

Pragya “Oh nonsensical things then why the hell are you at the washroom I am in?”

Abhi looks around and realised he was at the washroom and sees through the mirror that Pragya was looking furious.

She demands an answer for his recent actions towards her and threatened to make a fuss by calling for help if he doesn’t tell the truth now.

For the first time, he was scared. He was scared of her threat! And he decides to tell the truth!

Abhi “I feel you need to be safe at least for your sister. I got this information that your life will be in danger because of me.”

Pragya “Even if my life is in danger, you don’t have to be concerned about me. I can manage myself Mr Abhi! After all, I join my job knowing the pros and cons of it.”

Abhi “Look Pragya, I am not after you for bad intentions. In fact, I am trying to help you. If anything bad happens…. It won’t happen as long I am around you.”

Pragya feels he seem to be telling the truth. He seems to be genuinely worried for her safety.

Abhi” Once I know who is the one trying to cause harm to you then I will be away from you.”

Pragya” So this is the reason for you to be after me?”

Abhi” Yes Pragya, I know I am a short tempered person that doesn’t mean I won’t help others. You know that well right?”

Pragya nods her head as yes and Abhi feels relieved.

Pragya” How do I trust what you say is the truth? Because I can also think you are trying to revenge me by following me!”

Abhi laughs out and says” Why would I take revenge? I agree what you did annoyed me but I am not that evil to take revenge for it. In fact, the loss is mine for stopping you writing about me. If you had written about me then I would have been popular. Yes I know many are dying to be popular but me being different, I don’t want popularity! I only want assurity that everything around me is right and not wrong! This is also known to you!”

Pragya” Hmm… Yes…. I know this too.”

Abhi sees her changing mind and he smiles inwardly of his way to convince her.

Pragya” Does this mean you want to be my bodyguard?”

Abhi irked” Bodyguard? Me? No way!”

Pragya” Then what? How will you ensure my safety when you are not my bodyguard?”

Abhi with hesitation said” Don’t take me wrong…. This is just for a while….like…ok….just for sometime I will act as your boyfriend!”

He saw her shocked expression and was feeling like she would faint at anytime soon.

He quickly grabbed by her waist and said” Don’t be dramatic now. I think this is the best solution to ensure your safety. Keep this between us and I promise you that there won’t be any troubles from my side.”

Pragya looked totally blank. She didn’t know whether she should agree or disagree to this.

Abhi” Please…. You know about me well and please don’t try to stop me from protecting you from danger. If you stop me then it will only increase my frustration for not being able to protect you!!”

Pragya thought, The more he is trying to convince her, the more she feels suspicious of him.

Pragya” Leave me first…..”

Abhi let her stand properly and she said” Okay but on one condition.”

Abhi” What is that?”

Pragya” I don’t want your Dadi and my sister to know about it. I really don’t want my sister to feel bad.”

Abhi” I understand. This fake boyfriend-girlfriend relation is only outside our home. I will never let your sister or my dadi to know about it.”

Pragya” If that is so…..”

Abhi”I will be waiting for you at my car.”

Pragya “To escort me to my house?”

Abhi “No! To show you how I know your life is in danger because of me.”

Pragya “Oh….”

Abhi “I understand that you still never believe me completely. I will show it to you with full proof as a journalist like you will only belive things with proofs and evidences.”

Pragya murmured  “Looks like you know about me well too.”

Abhi “What did you say?”

Pragya “Nothing… will you please leave so that I can come back quickly?” She hinted that she still haven’t use the washroom.

Abhi nod his head and left immediately from there making sure nobody had seen him leaving.

Pragya sighed and looked herself at the mirror.

Pragya’s POV:

Is this correct? Is he telling the truth? Pragya, you have to be very careful with him because you know about him. Yes Pragya! And please stop your imaginations! For now, I need to check whether he is telling the truth, for that I will go with him now.

End of POV

A few hours later,

Pragya “How long does it take to reach the place?”

Abhi “Soon. Just wait!”

Pragya “Hello Mr Abhi, I have been waiting for so long. It’s been exactly 2 hours since you are driving and I don’t have the hope of reaching the place you say to show the proofs!”

Abhi “I said soon! Just wait!” Now his tone was fierce and Pragya remains silent not wanting to make it worse.

Abhi rolled his eyes and continued to drive. The long drive made Pragya fall asleep and he still continues to drive.

Abhi’s POV:

There is no place or proof Pragya! That is why I have been driving continously. I know you are confused of me now. I am confusing you as I don’t want to get confused because of you. You have been in my mind from the time I see you. But I can’t tell this out to you as I don’t need you.
It’s strange how I feel I don’t need you and at the same time I need you. Yes Pragya! I love you but I will never ever tell you that as our lives are different. Our characters are different and you will not be able to understand me although you know about me.

End of Abhi’s POV

He did admired how she slept looking innocently and smiled inwardly.

Abhi then thinks of what he can do next to ensure Pragya trusts him.


Abhi “I know what I am doing. You don’t have to interfere in this.”

“Interfere? Me? Do I even deserve to interfere in your life?” There came the reply.

Abhi “She will be here at any moment and I don’t want her to see any chaos happening now.”

“You are concerned about her but not me?”

Abhi was about to raise his hand to slap when Pragya hold his hand.

Pragya was surprised to see the person whom Abhi was talking to.

PS: I am extremely sorry for making you all wait this long for the last update. I didn’t want to but what to do when mind and situations lead to lack of urge to write. And about leaving the ffs midway, I think I am a pro at it as already there are many ffs from my side which have been left halfway. I lost track of the ffs. Anyways it’s not purposely done. Sometimes you feel better to be incomplete rather than complete. All I can say for now is I am in a mood to write this story in a slow pace. If I am discontinuing it, then surely I will inform before doing so as I feel bad to make others wait for something that will not come back.About current kkb, I feel ??. Nothing much to talk about it. 

Thank you Ani sis, Jyo, Hanna and Saranya sis. Thank you to all those who read this silently. 

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