The prank that changed our lives (Part 3)


Hey guys, thank you for reading and commenting. And Megha123 you’ll get to know if the persons were swaragini or not in this episode
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@Kolkata airport
Both SanLak were taking their bags and walking out of the airport. Outside the airport there was a driver standing with a nameplate of SanLak. The driver greeted them and the boys got in the car. Laksh was tired, so as soon as he got in the car he slept. Sanskaar put on his earphones and also slept. Here the driver calls the same person(2nd one)
Driver: ma’am I’m bringing them
2nd person: good job

After sometimes the car stopped near colony and the driver woke SanLak up. As soon as SanLak got down the car, the driver drove away. The boys were shocked to see where they were standing.
Laksh(shocked): Baadi
Sanskaar just looks on with tears in his eyes
Just then a girl comes from behind and says
Girl(2nd one): So finally you both came huh
SanLak shocked to see the girl
SanLak: Sarah tum
(yes the is none other than Sarah)
Sarah calls someone
Person: hello
Sarah: thank you mehra uncle. Sanky and Lucky have reached
Mr. Mehra: no problem beta just take care of them
Sarah: of course bye uncle
SanLak look on
Sarah: what!
Sanky(shocked&confused): what was that, Sarah
Sarah: oh, actually the thing is that mr. Sengupta is still in London and I told mehra uncle to lie to you both.
SanLak: WHATTT!!!
Sanky: but why?
Sarah: you are asking me why, you idiot we haven’t seen you both since 5yrs. And have you both ever thought about aunty. We have seen her crying and craving for you both. That’s why we made a plan to bring you both here.
SanLak both had tears in their eyes. Sanky just hugged Sarah and cried his heart out and Sarah was consoling him
Sanky between his tears: I won’t be able to face her Sarah
Sarah: meet her sanky she’ll be very happy
Lucky: haan bhai let’s meet her.
And then the trio entered Baadi. It was beautifully decorated. A woman was ordering some boys and girls do to their work properly. Just then sanky says
Sanky: Maa
The woman turns and there are tears in her eyes to see her sons after 5yrs. The boys and girls also had tears in their eyes.
SanLak run to their mother, to hug her. But… She turns her face. SanLak were shocked. Sanky the most
Sanky: Maa
Sharmishta says nothing just looks at sanky
Sanky: Maa I’m sorry please humme maaf kardo. We know that we did wrong by leaving you alone and not saying anything to you. Please maa kuch to boliye. Your silence is killing me please. Sanky said all these thing while crying, Laksh was also crying
Sumi didn’t say anything and she was about to go inside the house when sanky began to sing
Sanky: Maa.. Maa aa..

Mana bada hoon
Tanha khada hoon
Kaise jiyunga yun jo chhoda

Chup na raho tum
Kuch to kaho tum
Achcha chalo phir daant lo thoda
Achcha chalo phir daant lo thoda

Maa.. Maa aa..

Janam janam
Ho tu hi mere paas Maa
Janam janam
Ho tu hi zameen aasmaan

Seh loonga main sab sahke bhi
Kah doonga yeh magar
Mere dil mein rahti bholi bhali meri Maa
Mere dil mein rahti bholi bhali meri Maa..
And he ran towards Sumi and just hugged her and cried, laksh also joined him and they both asked for forgiveness.
Sanlak: maa maaf kardo na hamme please.
Sumi: I’m not angry beta. I was just hurt that you both didn’t tell me anything and left me alone. But now you both are here then everything will be fine
Just then the boys and the girls yelled from behind: please don’t cry anymore otherwise.tsunami will come here
Sarah: and you’ll know na that I can’t swim(puppy face)
Everyone starts laughing
Sanky: arey oh meri dramaqueen stop overacting and give me a hug
Sarah runs towards sanky and gives him a bonecrushing hug
Just then Kavita(1st person)says
Kavita: arey all the hugs for her nothing for my. Afterall I’m the mastermind to bring you both here
SanLak hugs her and all the other friends Rahul, Kavya, Rambo and Abhi. The friends were talking and just then a woman(same age as Sumi)entered Baadi.
Woman: Sanskaar Laksh
Saying this she runs to hug both SanLak but stopped midway by listening to sanky
Sanky: just stop right there, mrs. Kashyap
Everyone got shocked listening to Sanky especially mrs. Kashyap
Mrs. Kashyap: but beta I’m your mother na
Sanky(angry): No you aren’t. The day you slapped our sister I broke all my relations with you. Please leave
Sumi: sanskaar beta, she’s you mom beta please listen to her. Even she lived without you both.
Laksh: No maa, bhai is right. She is not our mom. Our mom loved all her kids alot, she never raised her hands on us. But this woman is not our mom, she’s jusy mrs. Kashyap and nothing else
Sanky: mrs. Kashyap the day you’ll accept our sister, you’ll get both of your sons back. I promise. Mrs. Kashyap left Baadi crying

Precap: entry of Swaragini

Sarah: Shiny Doshi
Rahul: Gautam Rode
Kavita: Nikita Sharma
Kavya: Roop Durgapal
Rambo: Vivian Dsena
Mrs. Kashyap: Daljeet Kaur

Credit to: khushi

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