The Perfect Game (kanchi )Episode 12 Last Episode

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Let’s start

Kabir gets conscious and sanchi gets tensed. She sat beside Kabir.

Kabir -sanchi where r we.

Sanchi told him everything. Kabir was going when sanchi

Sanchi -kabir Manshi is dangerous she can do anything. Pliz for me stay here.

Kabir -ok

Many days passed kanchi living there and manshi searching them everywhere.

In Malhotra Mantion

Manshi – sanchi u r foolish. U r my twins sis. I knw u very well. U r a player like me. U can’t runaway like this. U knw how to play the perfect game. I knw u r in this city but where I have to find out. U can’t stay away from me. This is our last perfect game. Let’s see who wins u or me. U can’t stay away from me.

Goons cum – mam we didn’t find them any where.

Manshi shouts -find them. I want sanchi here. Get them. U have 24 hrs. Eat this bullet or find them. It’s on u guys

Goons -mam that day I have arrested and confusing thing is done.

Manshi – wat

Goons -That day all specialist doctors were not in the hospital. They were disappeared same time and came same time. What that means.

Manshi slaps goons

Manshi – u r telling me this now idiots

Manshi laughs – sanchi my sis wow u played another perfect game. But ur badluck u forgot that I’m always best. Now kanchi will cum from their hidden place by thier own selves.

After sometime

Sanchi goes to kappor Mantion. Kusum gets happy to see her. She huggs her. Rajiv cums and ask her about kabir.

Sanchi -dnt worry uncle kabir is fine

Rajiv -sanchi beta r u ok

Sanchi -yes uncle wat happened to me

Rajiv -then y r u calling me uncle instead of dad. U always call me dad. Not uncle

Just then goons enters and tired Rajiv and kusum. They gets shocked

Kusum -sanchi runs beta

Rajiv -go sanchi

Goons cums near sanchi and she gets scared.

Sanchi -dnt cum near me

Goons starts to laugh as well as sanchi. Kusum and rajiv gets shocked.

Kusum -sanchi y r u laughing

Sanchi -becz I’m not Sanchi but manshi. Sanchi twins sis.

Kusum and Rajiv gets shocked.

Manshi – now kanchi have to cum. I’m waiting for u kanchi to play the perfect game.

Manshi goes near kusum and makes her to call kabir.

Kusum -no if you want to kill me. I wont call kanchi.

Manshi -as u say

She hits kusum and she gets unconcious.

Manshi -call media.

Goons calls all media.

Media -helo

Manshi – do u want to make trp

Media -yes

Manshi -I have a news

Media -which news

Manshi – Mr & Mrs Rajiv Kapoor r kidnapped. Tell this news to his son and their dil. Sanchi Kabir Kappor.

Media -who r u mam

Manshi – The Player of a Perfect game. Bye

Media -but mam

Manshi disconnects the call.

Issocited place

Kanchi were busy making plans. Informers runs to them.

Informer – Kabir sir

Kabir -wat happened

Informer -pliz see the news.

Sanchi switch on the TV and saw the news kanchi gets shocked. Kanchi was leaving when informers stops them. Kanchi didn’t listen and went to kappor Mantion. Informers calls commissnor.

In kappoor mantion

Kanchi cums and manshi welcomes them sitting like a queen holding gun. She smiles seeing kanchi. They glared at her. Kanchi saw kusum unconcious and Rajiv tied. They were going to them when manshi stops them.

Manshi -na na stop right there my love and my sisy. How r u guys. Welcome to Play last perfect game.

Sanchi – leave maa and papa

Manshi -wats so hurry my sis

Sanchi -dnt dare to call me sis

Manshi -oops I’m scared.

Kabir -wat u want

Manshi – ur and sanchi breath. I want u guys to die.

Sanchi -Manshi pliz stop this .It’s all my fault. I should stay with u .I shouldn’t leave u like this. Im sorry. Mom was right. Pliz stop this perfect game.

Manshi -no Sanchi i can’t stop. U lost that right when u left me. We were sisters we were best friends. U also left me like mom and dad. First u stole my dad and mom. And now Kabir. Wat was my fault to love them.

Kabir – manshi u have still time. Pliz understand love is not a game. Pyar ho jata hai. Karvaya nhi jata. We love eachother. If you want to kill me. Kill me. Leave my sanchi.

Sanchi -stop this game manshi tis will ruin all our lives including u. Pliz cum back to me. We will make a new start. I dnt want to loose u my sis. Pliz dnt snached my elder sis from me.

Manshi smiles and points shoots at the corner. Afterthat she points at sanchi

Manshi -bye sanchi

She was about to shoot sanchi just then police cums and points gun at manshi.

Police -Drop ur gun or else I’ll shoot u

Manshi -go ahead

Sanchi -no no dnt shoot

Manshi -shoot or else I’ll shoot her

Kabir -no dnt shoot.

Police -drop ur gun Manshi Mishra

Manshi smiles seeing her gun and looks at kanchi and smiles. Sanchi gets confused.

Goon whispered to other goon – how can manshi mam shoot she doesn’t have any bullet. Gun was holding one bullett which mam already shot in the corner.

Goon – r u sure. Mam knws this

Goon -yes mam knws but y she pointing empty gun on sanchi.

Goon -only mam knws

Sanchi heard it becz goons was behind her.

Sanchi -wat gun is empty.

She looks at manshi and she smiles.

Manshi – bye sanchi

Police – manshi drop ur gun

Manshi about to shoot when police fires bullet. Bullet cums near manshi. She closes her and time pauses there and remincing all her moments with sanchi. From childhood till here. A tear drops from her eyes. She opens her eyes and time resumes. Bullet cums and hit someone. Manshi gets shocked to see sanchi got shot. Kabir shouts.

Manshi -sanchi

Sanchi stands up and smiles at manshi .

Manshi – r u alright. Y did you came between. Y did you save me.

Sanchi -dnt worry I’m ok. We were wearing bullet proof jacket

She cums and huggs manshi. Kabir smiles seeing them. Manshi surrendered herself to police. Police took her. Sanchi cries and Kabir consoles her.

In Court Manshi hearing

Lawyer – milord I knw manshi has done lot of Crimes but she has done becz she is mentally ill person. Instead of jail pliz send her to hospital that she can be fine and make her new start. This is my request. Give her once chance.

Judge – manshi will sift in hospital. After she can be fine she will be free to start her new life.

Sanchi gets happy. Manshi is taken in hospital.

After 3 yrs manshi has cured. She gets freed from everything. Manshi was leaving this city. Becz she doesn’t want to spoil kanchi life again.Manshi was in airport waiting for her flight. She was leaving when someone holds her hands. She gets shocked to see him.

Manshi -Kabir wat r u doing here

Kabir – first tell me y r u leaving. I was waiting for u since 3 yrs and u r leaving. Dnt u knw wat will happen to me .

Manshi -excuse me Kabir y u r waiting for me. U have sanchi right.

Kabir -but I want u. I need u. I love u.

Manshi – kabir wat r u saying. R u insane. U have married to my sis. I knw i have done Lots of Crimes. Becz I was sick. Now I’m cured. I think u were my crush nthing else.

Kabir – manshi I was waiting for u. I love u madly.Pliz dnt leave me.

Manshi started to leave when he holds her hands. She gets angry and about to slap him. Just then he holds her hand and kissed it.

Manshi gets tapped on her shoulder. She turns back and gets shocked to see kanchi behind. She again looks at otherside and Kabir smiles at her. She again turns back and saw kanchi standing smiling at her.

Manshi – oh no I’m not cured yet. I’m seeing two Kabirs.

Manshi touches Kabir who is still holding her hand and she turns back and touches other Kabir.

Manshi -sanchi wats happening to me y I’m seeing two Kabir.

Kabir -becz we r two

Manshi -wat

Other Kabir who was holding manshi hand. Leaves her hand.

Sanchi – Manshi he is Sabir. Kabir twins brother. He is waiting for u since 3 yrs.

Sabir – Hi

Manshi -hi

Kabir – sanchi let us leave them alone

Sanchi -ok

Kanchi went and manshi looking at sabir.

Manshi – R u really twins

Sabir -like u guys. If there is two sanchi y is the problem to have two kabir. How can this sanchi leave alone. Every sanchi has Kabir in their lives. Just like u. I have came here for u. When I heard about u. I wanted to meet that person. Who played perfect game. So I’m here with Perfect player. I have said all things from depth of my life will u mary me.

Manshi -ofcourse. Like u said all sanchi have Kabir in their lives. How can I reject my kabir. I played the perfect game and our writer played best perfect game to bring two sanchi and two kabir.

Kanchi cums and hugg them. Manshi huggs sanchi. Sabir huggs Kabir.

Scene sifted to kanchi and manbir face.

Did you liked Last Perfect Game. Everyone is a player and everyone can play The Perfect game.

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