“The Perfect Bahus” part 14 Reshma arrives to Bhutts House

Reshma arrives…!

Recap: Aparna thinks about her proposal to Divakar. She was thrown out of the house.  Later she realizes it as a dream. Aparna and Malar rock on the floor.


Everyone applaud for their terrible performance. 
Akhila: I am happy to have you two as my bahus.  I have pride to select you for my sons.
Vasudev: I am speechless. May the blessings be showered upon them.
(Divakar hugs Malar and she reciprocates it.  While Aditiya hugs Aparna and she feels awkward.)
The next day
(Malar does Tulasi Pooja and takes aarthi to the pooja room. Someone knocks at the door. Malar goes to attend it)
Abc: Is this Bhutts House?
Malar: Yes, of course. What you want?
Abc: Are you Malar, right?
Malar: How you came to identify me?
(Abc forwards her hand to shake with Malar)
Abc: I am Vasudev uncle’s niece Reshma. I  have came here to attend the marriage.
Malar: oh! Please come.  Uncle had already informed me about your arrival.
Reshma: (Mind voice) It seems like you are the finance of Aditiya.  I won’t leave you.
Malar: Why are you staring at the door?
Reshma: Nothing.
Malar: Please come in.
(Reshma goes forward to visit Aditiya while she gets into Akhila’s room. Akhila was glad at her arrival and welcomes her heartily)
Akhila: Now only you find to meet me.
Reshma: It is not like that aunty.
Akhila: I was missing for this marriage. You may be tired of the travel. Better go and take rest.
Reshma: okay, aunty.
(Reshma while going out of the room she hits with Malar. )
Malar: Sorry sorry it was my mistake. Please forgive me.
Reshma: It’s okay. Relax….
(Malar bends to take the piece. Reshma takes her hidden knife to hit Malar. Just then, Aparna calls her.)
Aparna: Reshma what are you doing here?
Reshma: (Mind voice) Thank god she did not see anything?
Aparna: what are you dreaming at?
Reshma: what are you doing here?
Aparna: I am the Bahu of this house. So I should be here right.
Reshma: Are you would be bahu of this house?
Aparna: Yeah I am the fiancée of Aditiya. Meet her. She is fiancée of Divakar.
Reshma: it is nice to see you both.( mind voice: thank god you have saved an innocent girl at the right time. I won’t spare whoever marry Aditiya except me.) I came here for a reason. I want to tell you an issue.
Aparna: what?
Reshma: our company looks for a model as brand ambassadors.
(Aparna gets delighted and asks Malar to utilize this opportunity. So that none can question her status.)
Aditiya: (at the back) Aparna is right. You join in this and use this offer.
(Vasudev and Akhila also come there and suggest her same)
Malar: But I don’t know how to do.
Reshma: Don’t worry about that. We are here to help you.
(Malar agrees to it)

Precap: Malar participates in the ambassador selecting.  While performing she slips and falls in Aditiya’s arms.

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