“The Perfect Bahus” Part 12

♥♥♥Aparna attempts to impress Divakar in Haldi Ceremony…!♥♥♥

♥Recap: Saree selection custom was done nd the family rejoices at it. While Aparna sets a plan to trap low Malar’s character.


Malar cries seeing her mother picture.

 She says “Every mother’s wish is to see their daughter get married in a big house.  I was offer with the chance, but, I don’t have the luck to have my mom in it.”

She cries hugging the picture. While a voice comes over nd says “If your mother is not here, so what, you are gifted with a beautiful saas.”

She consoles Malar nd says “Hereafter, don’t worry about your mother nd I will be in her place nd fulfill all the responsibilities.  Women are born to make the world happy.  They are souls of a family.  Crying makes them weak nd it is not good for the family.”

She hugs her and asks her “get the ready for the next ritual”. Malar nods.

At Bhutts house,

(Setting: All the decors are in yellow color.  Candles and lamps are lighted in and around the room. A yellow mortar is placed at the centre of the room.  Two-Five ladies grind haldi for the couples.  At the other side, a few dancers are dancing.  Guests are welcomed to the spot and are waiting for the couple)

Akhila requests” Prerna go and bring your brothers nd Laxmi go and bring our bahus”.

Laxmi says “Yes” nd goes in fume.

Prerna mocks” Thai ji, it is tough time for me to handle my two brothers at the marriage. One will be going around Malar Bhabhi and other will be sitting nd will be dealing Business.”

They all laugh. Prerna brings Aditiya and Divakar while Laxmi brings Malar and Aparna.

“Malar is looking very charm and her beauty is looked upon in this full moon day.” Says a Woman.

Divakar gets mesmerized by Malar’s appearance. Prerna warns him not to mark kaala teeka to my Bhabhi.  Aparna comes between Aditiya and Divakar. 

Divakar says ”Malar you are looking pretty as moon.  I will give up my life for your beautiful face.”

Akhila asks “Shut your mouth and speak good at this ritual”

Vasudev mocks”My Younger son is just like him” and laughs.

The Guests ask Akhila to start the ritual.

Aparna asks “ stop it.”

All are dazed.

She includes “I want to perform a dance on behalf of you all.”

Everyone looks on. Akhila asks Malar to dance as well.

They both dance.  The ceremony becomes interesting while Aditiya cares only for his project.

While dancing, Aparna falls into Divakar’s arms. Everyone Shocked.

She touches his sensuous part of his body secretly.  Divakar looks on and smile at her.

Malar watches this and fumes in anger.

The couples sit opposite to their jodis and the family members start applying haldi in their faces.

Akhila wishes” Make sure to protect the Prestige of this family along with duties as ‘Bahu’”

Vasudev blesses” Now I will be having two daughters as well.”

Malar takes into the heart.

Aparna and Divakar see each other and laugh.  While Aparna thinks of touching his sensuous parts.

Precap: Aparna hugs Divakar and confesses her love to him.  Akhila slaps her and asks her to go out of the house. Everyone looks on.

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