“The Perfect Bahus” Part 13

Aparna confronts Malar…!

Up to: The house is busy with Haldi ceremony. All are rejoiced at it while Aparna approaches Divakar for her benefits.


Aparna plans to execute her move in Haldi Ceremony.  Everyone mesmerizes the couple and dances.  Aparna takes a bouquet and moves towards Divakar.  Akhila senses gonna happen strange.

Aparna : Attention Please! My dear gentlemen and ladies!

Everyone gets into attention.

Aparna : I was engaged to the chief son of Bhutts. But I was not happy enough to take over any decision at the moment.

She tells the following seeing Aditiya.

Aparna : I was the happiest person when I came to know that I will be married to this reputed family. But it was strange when Aditiya doesn’t even care about me even after the engagement.

Akhila : what are you saying? Aditiya is not like that?

Aparna : No aunty.  He is like that.  I tried my level to maintain a place in his heart but all in vain. Therefore, I have taken a decision.

Vasudev : What have you taken?

Aparna : I was jealous of Divakar-Aparna love while my love has not even response. I admire when Divakar proposed Malar in moon light day.  I don’t know whether it is right or wrong.  But I want to say today itself else my marriage life will get spoiled.

She comes to Divakar and hugs him.

Aparna : I love you Divakar. I don’t know when did this happen? But I’m in love with you. I love you Divakar.

Hearing this all are dazed. Divakar slaps hard in her face. Akhila comes to her.

Akhila : What did you say? I never thought you will stoop low. I’m happy as I know your true colours before my sons marriage.  Get out of my sight.  No one in the family had the right to change my decision.

Akhila holds her hand and rushes to entrance. She shoves her hand and said that never ever try to come back this home.

Aparna realizes all as dream and asks her to smile in her Haldi ceremony.

Miss Aparna and Miss Malar dance together to the song Nach de ne Saare.


Precap: Divakar announces an offer to participate in modelling to the company and win Brand ambassadors title. Akhila insists her to join while Aparna sees in fumes.

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