“Taxi!!” I said and it stopped almost hitting me. We got into it and reached the hotel. Yes it was a hotel where the party was held.

At the entrance I could see Neha flirting with her guy friends.Before I could call her she saw us.
“Hey guys!! I thought you would never come” she said.
“Oh! What a great way of welcoming us b*t*h!” was just my thought. I smiled at her and she guided us in.
The party was of a theme of rock and roll. The dance floor was set up in the middle and it had some colorful disco lights that could burn the retina in your eyes. There were guys and girls who were ‘pretending to dance’ on the dance floor. I sat on a table which was located on the corner of the room.
“Hey comon girls! Lets dance” lisa said with excitement. Rey nodded and stood up. They walked few steps and turned back to see if I got up too.

“b*t*h?” Rey called me. “I don’t feel like it. I feel comfortable here. You guys dance and I will cheer you up” I said sipping the orange juice. They left without saying anything as they know I will eventually win the conversation.
Suddenly Neha came to me with a bunch of guys. And yeah! I have certainly seen them somewhere.
“Hey guys! Do you remember Aditi from school?” she asked them. They thought for a while and they said this in chorous.
“Aditi the topper??”

I gave them a sheepish smile. And now I remember where these buffalos came from.
“Hey guys” I said to them.
“Aditi! Do you remember them?” she asked.
“Of course! I do” I said her…”unless you ask their names” I thought.
“Comon tell me their names” she asked me.

“b*t*h! she knows how to put me in the most awkward situation” I thought.
There were three guys in front of me. Two of them looked at me with curiosity and the other one didn’t seem to care. I remembered the two names. “Sandy, Aashik and…” I stammered.
At times you have this feel in exams. No matter how much you think you will never get the answer and that is because you would have never read it once. That was how I felt. The last guy who didn’t seem to care and was looking at the phone till the last minute started looking at me now.
His eyes had this rude thing. I couldn’t understand what he was thinking but this was certain. Neha accomplished her mission.
“I am sorry I don’t remember his name” I said finally.

The four including neha looked at each other.
“No worries,hon. Lemme give you one clue” she said.
B-word I thought.
“He was the head boy in our batch” she said.
Our batch had a head boy? was all I thought.
I pretended to think for a while. His black sharp eyes looked straight at me. He wore a full hand skyblue shirt which he had folded it upto his elbow.He had two buttons open on the top and had a wheatish skin. He had his beard perfectly trimmed and his hair was military cut. He waited for me to answer.
“Ummm..” I stammered again. Luckily someone called neha and she left. The two guys left behind her. The last one was not done starring at me.
“So you don’t remember me?” He asked. His voice was broad like a real man.
” I actually don’t and I am really sorry” I said with a nervous face. He came close to me and said in my ears.
“Find my name before our next meet” he said almost biting my ear.
A chill ran down my spine and suddenly the room felt so cold. My breath was not normal.

He gave an evil smile and left.I stood there like a statue.
“Aditi” lisa called gently. I didn’t make a move.”Aditi!!!!” Rey shouted. I came back to my senses.

“Rey! What do I do now? I asked her. The two looked at me in confusion.


Hey guys! This is tess. Please comment or like the story to just let me know if you are reading it! You can follow me in wattpad. It is tess_lauren. #goodday#spreadlove

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