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Abhi happily drove back to his apartment, he couldn’t believe that he did not mess up or act awkward around Pragya like he managed to do since the first day they met, he was happy about the happenings of the day and was so excited to share it with his partner in crime Rachna, even though he thought that her plan was extremely insane the first time she shared it with him, it turned out to be the best thing he has ever done in his whole 29 years of existence, everything was falling into place, nothing was messed up, he just hoped and prayed silently that by the end of these last three months he would be able to get Pragya to love him enough that she would want to spend a lifetime with him, yes he knew she loved him, in fact she loved everyone, he was just praying that she would love him in a different way, not like she loves everyone, because for once in his life, for once in his entire existence, he knew what he wanted and he knew he wanted her not just as a friend, but more than that because he was well sure that he slowly falling in love with her.


Before she could even make it to the door, Roshni was already pulling her inside the house bombarding her with questions asking her about her date

“So. How was your date? Was he a gentleman? Did he do something stupid? ” Pragya creased her eyebrows at her friends’ last question, “what? We both know that stupidity and Karan move together. ” she shrugged.

“At least give me some water before I answer your line of questions. ” Roshni immediately brought her a glass of water, as soon as the glass touched Pragya’s lips, Roshni pulled it causing all the water to fall on the teddy she was holding. “Now look snuggles is wet, ” she complained like a little girl with a cute pout.

“I so sorry, ” Roshni replied sheepishly.

“Its okay, I am sure he will dry up soon. ” Pragya said and placed snuggles on the sofa and made herself comfortable on it.

“So, how was it? ”

“I had so much fun, I don’t remember the last time I felt so free. ” Pragya replied with a genuine smile.

“Looks like Karan makes you happy, I can’t believe I thought bad of him. ” Roshni said truthfully.

“You thought bad of him? ” Pragya asked surprised by Roshni’s sudden confession.

Heaving a sigh, Roshni took a seat next to her best friend, “yes, you see its just that I don’t believe his story. He is just to smart and very behaved for his background, yes he is a good person I agree, but I feel there is more to him like there is something he is hiding. ” Roshni said thoughtfully

“So you think he is hiding something from us? From me? ” Pragya asked with a hurt expression.

“Come on Pragya, it can’t be that bad, ” Roshni quickly replied seeing the hurtful expression on Pragya’s face. “I mean we all have secrets, and I am just being protective, I don’t really care whether he is hiding something or not, all I want is for you to be happy, and he is making you happy, that’s all that matters to me, I am happy when you are happy. ”

“Aww, you are so sweet, I love you. ” Pragya said and gave Roshni a hug.

“I love you too. ” Roshni replied.

“Pragya I never knew you were dropping by today. ” Saroj said making them break from their embrace.

“Just thought of visiting, ” she replied.

“Will you be spending the night here today or do I need to give you a ride home? ”

“That won’t be necessary aunt, Sid will be here soon, you don’t have to trouble yourself. ” just as Saroj was about to argue they heard a honk at the gate, ” speak of the devil and he shows up. ” Pragya stood up from the sofa and carried snuggles with her.

“Okay dear, stay safe and send my regards to your parents. ” Saroj said giving her a hug.

“Okay, aunt. ” Roshni walked Pragya towards the door where they bid their goodbyes.

Pragya got into the car, tightly holding onto Mr Snuggles, the smile not leaving her face, seeing the smile on his sisters face, Siddharth new he could trust Karan with her, he was finally happy that his sister will be in safe hands, he was more worried about Pragya than he was about Tanu, but now his heart could be at rest because he found the one person who could genuinely make his sister happy.

The drive back to the Khurana mansion was rather comfortable with both siblings talking about different stuff, once they got home, as usual, Pragya was the first to get into the house, she said a quick hi to her family and rushed into her room, shocking everyone with her excitement, she was unusually happy and they were curious to know the reason behind all her happiness.



Raj was more than impressed by Abhi’s work, he did his work professionally, for someone who only had a high school diploma, he worked like a learned person, even better than the other stuff who bragged about their qualifications and work experience, Karan was better than them, he was more than an assistance to Raj, and Raj couldn’t ignore the fact that ever since he started working for him as his personal assistant, they have made more profits and cracked more deals than normal, this got Raj thinking if Abhi, rather Karan was who he said he was, brushing off the thought Raj continued to listen to Karan’s presentation on the new hotels they were planning to build, right now there were in a meeting and Karan was talking about some his business proposal showing it to the board members, he was so good Raj was even thinking about promoting him, out of habit Raj Khurana checked for the time on the nearest phone which fortunately or unfortunately happened to be Abhi’s.

Everyone seemed to like Abhi’s idea and gave their approval to it, once everyone left the boardroom Abhi was left alone with Raj Khurana, who was wearing an unreadable expression on his face.

“Didn’t you like the proposal sir? ” Abhi asked feeling slightly uncomfortable by the way Raj was looking at him.

“I loved it, you did well, but we need to talk, and it’s not work-related. ” Raj said and pointed at one of the chairs for him.

“Is there any problem sir? ” Abhi asked as soon as his behind touched the surface of the chair.

“This. ” Raj said and took out Abhi’s phone making him nervous, “what is my daughter doing as your wallpaper? ” he asked not hiding his anger, it was a picture of Pragya at the cafe piping some cupcakes, she had flour on her face making her look cuter than usual, “what is your relationship with my daughter? Answer the question Karan. ” he demanded.

“Well, Pragya is my friend, we met at the cafe, ” he replied honestly.

“Is that it? So I guess you take pictures of every friend you meet and put them as your wallpaper? ” Raj asked, sarcasm dripping from his tongue.

“No sir it’s not like that. ”

“Then what on mother earth is my daughters’ image doing as your wallpaper? ”

“It was all a dare, it was either I kissed her or took a picture. ”

Great going Abhi, do you even hear how ridiculous you sound.

“Do you even hear how ridiculous you sound? ” like reading his mind his mind Raj asked.

“That’s the exact same thing I asked myself, ” he mumbled.

“Pardon me. ”

“Nothing sir. ”

“So it was a dare you say, okay you took the picture, but did you have to save it as your wallpaper? ”

“So you would rather I kissed her? ” he asked without putting much thought to his question, “obviously you wouldn’t. ” he quickly added when he saw the angry look on Raj’s face.

“You know what, I don’t know whatever it is you are planning, but for your sake, stay away from my daughter, if you want to be her friend I have no problem with that but don’t think of getting any closer than that. Do I make myself clear? ”

Abhi swallowed saliva out of fear and fanned himself with the file he was holding suddenly feeling cold.

“I said do I make myself clear? ” Raj asked again.

“Ye-Yes, sir. ” he stammered a reply.

“Good boy, now show me that proposal of yours, I was angry I didn’t hear the last part of it. ” Raj said smiling at him like he didn’t just threaten him a few seconds ago.

“Sure. ” Abhi started explaining his plan to Raj, impressing Raj with his ideas and smart mind, by the time Abhi was done with the explanations, it already was lunch time Raj dismissed him, Sid was not around so it meant that he was having lunch alone today, a lonely slightly terrified and very much threatened Abhi made his way to his office which was not so far from his boss, all he wished for was for his day to come to an end so he won’t have to face his boss again and secondly because he really wanted to see Pragya today, it was like God not only heard his wish but answered it as well, immediately he opened the door, he was welcomed by the face that he dreamt of seeing since morning.

“Hi. ” Pragya said in a happy tone smiling at him.

“Hey, ” he said smilingly, but his smile turned into a frown when he remembered Raj’s words, “what are you doing here, ” he asked and cleared his throat.

“I thought of bringing you lunch so we could have lunch together. ”

“Pragya are you sure this is a good idea? Your dad’s office is right next to mine, and what will other staff members say when they see the boss’s daughter having lunch with his P.A? ”

“Relax, they all know I bring lunch for Sid at times, and since he is not here I don’t want to put this food to waste, ” she said looking at the food she placed on his desk, “fine, if you don’t want it then I will just have to throw it away, ” she said trying to feign sadness.

“Stop, I will eat it. ” Abhi said, firstly because he felt guilty of making her sad, secondly because he really loved to eat, and thirdly because he did want to spend some time with her and being with her was a breath of fresh air to him.

They had a peaceful lunch, not silently, both didn’t talk much but out of the two, Pragya happened to talk more while Abhi was more of the quiet one simply because of one reason, whenever he opened his mouth to say something he always said the wrong things and in the end he always found himself in trouble, so because of his habit of saying things without thinking, he chose to he quiet, Pragya, on the other hand, was known as the quiet sibling because she was an anti-socialist, Pragya never associated with other people who were not family, they always made her feel uncomfortable and out of place, she grew up with no friends, her best friend was her brother and grandma, Roshni was the first person she befriended mainly because Roshni was the person who spoke to her first and she was naturally friendly, if it wasn’t for her friendly nature Pragya doubted if she would even have a friend, Karan was a different case though, since the first time they spoke she felt so free and relaxed with him, she didn’t feel uncomfortable like other people made her feel, she felt free.

Pragya asked him questions about his family which he successfully answered with lies, he had memorised every line and word Rachna told him to so he successfully lied, even though he did feel a little bad for lying to her, he knew he needed to not only for himself but to prove to his family that he can be able to make the right decision without their interference in his personal life, the conversation kept flowing, he asked about her family as well, he could tell how much she loved them as her face lit up when she spoke of them, she was happily talking and at some point he lost track of what she was saying but he kept looking at her in amusement, her smile was just too beautiful he couldn’t look anywhere else, his eyes were still glued to her face his mind was stuck in a dream where it was just the two of them together, no one else but them for him to even notice that she stopped talking minutes ago.

“Hey, hey. ” she snapped her fingers in his face bringing him back from his daydream, “why are you looking at me like that? ” she asked as her face turned scarlet, she did have an idea that he was checking her out.

“I don’t see any other beautiful thing to look at in this room than your face. ” Pragya felt so shy she covered her mouth with her scarf as she was sure she had a goofy smile on her face.

“Don’t hide it, such beautiful smiles are meant to be seen, ” he said removing the scarf.

Suddenly the air became thick for them both, it was like both their lungs had simultaneously forgotten to perform their functions, it became hard for them both to breathe, they were already in each other’s personal space but they felt like they were too far from each other, they felt too further apart from each other, unconsciously they kept moving closer to each other slowly but surely their knees finally touched, but they both still felt that the distance was too much, feeling the need to be closer to each other they kept moving, their eyes never leaving each other, first they bore into each other’s eyes, then their knees touched, slowly the facial contact was getting closer and closer, and before their brains could process whatever it was that was happening their lips touched, they kissed, none of them was aware of what it is they were doing, but they both didn’t care as it felt so right. It was like they couldn’t get close enough to each other, like the distance they felt was still so long, no matter how close they were, it just wasn’t enough and before they knew it, Pragya was seated on his lap with her hands around his neck while he pulled her face closer to his by palming the back of her head with his left palm as his right hand tightly held her on his lap. For Pragya, it was her first kiss, not having experience in anything she just followed Abhi’s lead, for Abhi he could care less if she was not experienced or what number of kiss he was on, he was quiet and respectful, but he was not totally innocent, he did experience and a few things, but all he knew was that this was the best kiss he has ever shared with anyone and finally his daydream was true, it was just them in the little word of their own, their own little cocoon until someone had to interrupt their moment.

“Karan! ” the man called from behind the door, making them break their beautiful kiss, Pragya was still on Abhi’s lap and Abhi was still holding her by her hip.

“I am so dead. ” “You are so dead. ” they both said at the same time as they looked at each other in horror.

“You need to hide. ” Abhi told Pragya as she frantically nodded, she quickly jumped off his lap and hid right under his desk, dusting himself up trying to look presentable he finally opened the door welcoming Raj Khurana in his office.

“Took you long enough, what were you doing? ” he asked, “oh I see, I disturbed your lunch, for a moment I thought you were with a woman here. ” he joked making him tensed, “relax child I was just joking, ” he added seeing Abhi’s tense demeanor, if only you knew I was kissing your daughter a few minutes ago, Abhi thought as he let out a nervous chuckle.

“What can I do for you sir? ” all he wanted was for Raj to leave.

“Oh, I just brought you a list of the people who are welcomed to my wife’s launch on her new perfume, I want you to call each and every one on this list and send them an invitation. ”

“Okay sir, but with all due respect, doesn’t your wife have a P.A to do all this for her? ”

“She never thought of hiring one as Pragya would always organise all her events, it’s just that she has been rather too busy, I hope it’s not a problem. ”

“No-not at all. ”

“I knew I could trust you, I am going to my office now, continue with your lunch, ” giving him a pat on his back, Raj finally left.

Abhi quickly went to check on Pragya who was still hiding under the table, helping her up he pulled her into a tight hug.

“Are you okay, hope you are not hurt. ”

“No I am fine, ” she replied softly.

“Oh my gosh, I am sorry, ” he apologised, “not about the kiss though, ” he quickly added when he saw her hurt expression, “if there is anything I am not sorry about it’s that, I loved it, it was the best thing I have ever experienced and I will never forget it, Pragya be- ” she stopped his rumbling by giving him a kiss again, Pragya didn’t know where she got the boldness to do that all she knew is that it felt so right.

“You talk too much, ” she told him wearing a sweet smile.

“If that’s what you will do to shut me up whenever I start my rumbling, then I don’t mind. ”

“Cheesy much, but better go now or else, Roshni won’t let me rest, and you have so much to do, I don’t want to be a destruction. ”

“You will never be a destruction even though you tried to be, ” he said as he lovingly caressed her cheek.

“Okay, but you still have a lot to do. ” Pragya was about to leave when he pulled her back, she looked at him with confusion written all over her face wondering why he pulled her back.

“Don’t I at least get a goodbye kiss? ” pulling him by his collar, she tiptoed a bit, gave him a quick kiss on his cheek surprising him as that was not what he expected, she quickly rushed to the door, blew him a kiss and left him feeling bewildered by what just happened, she surely will be the death of me, he happily thought and went back to work.

To Be Continued.

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