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Three months three weeks, it has been three months three weeks since Abhi left to the middle of nowhere, no one in his house knew of his whereabouts except his sister in law who was the only person he kept contact with, he refused to talk with his mom because he knew that the only thing she would do is cry and plead for him to come back and him being a mommy’s boy, he would pack and leave, ruining Rachna’s plans, he refused to talk to his father because he knew that he would just stress him out with office talks, he refused to talk to his sister because he knew she would just snap at him and ask him to go home so that his mother should stop being dramatic and the one he avoided the most was his one and only grandma, he didn’t want to talk to her because he knew she would start with the marriage talk, the reason he didn’t talk to his cousins was because he knew that they would stop at nothing to tease him, so Rachna seemed like the most wisest and reasonable person to talk to.


Even though Abhi had left and Deljeet heard that there was an improvement in his quest of finding the perfect match, that didn’t stop her from searching, only two months and one week was left and she did not trust her grandson to find the perfect girl so she kept searching even though Rachna told her she was wasting her time she and her young sister Indu did not stop, they continued searching and searching, they would not stop until they find the perfect girl.

“Grandma, I told you, you are wasting your time just stop already. ” Rachna told Deljeet who was looking at some pictures.

“I will only stop when I see the girl your brother in law picks and she should be to my liking, if I don’t like her, then he marries the girl I pick. ”

“But grandma that’s not fair. ”

“I don’t want my grandson to bring a girl who will milk his bank account and leave him when he has nothing. ” Deljeet said remembering Abhi’s ex.

“Grandma that was about three years ago, I am sure Abhi is mature enough to tell what’s right from wrong. Give him a chance granny. ”

“No, I don’t want him to make the same mistake again. ” Deljeet said and left leaving Rachna alone.

Oh Abhi, I really hope this Pragya is the way you describe her, I might not have met her but I like her already, grandma will stop at nothing until you marry, just hurry up and bring this girl home, otherwise you will be married before you even make it here, Rachna thought shaking her head from side to side.

At The Blue Moon.

Abhi and Sid where currently at the blue moon cafe discussing about work related issues, yes Abhi was able to keep his job as Raj Khurana’s PA for more than three months, which was a record breaker, both Raj and Sid loved him so much he was a really resourceful worker, sometime they wondered if he was who he said he was, because he was way too intelligent for his results, being a PA he was not supposed to tell his ideas whenever there was a meeting with the board members or with a client unless he was asked, but sometimes they would find themselves stuck and Abhi will come up with a solution, he really shocked his boss, it was like he had done this type of work before, like he had experience in this line of work, for someone who only owned a stationary shop he surely did exceptionally well.

“Listen Sid, if you want that land, you will have to give them a huge sum of money for compensation. ” Abhi said.

“I already offered the old man money, but he rejected the offer. ” A frustrated Sid said.

“They are in the outskirts, it’s like a little community, money won’t be enough. ”

“Then what do you suggest we do. ”

“I understand there is this land, which you bought seven months ago, I know that you built some flats there. ” Abhi said as Sid nodded, “offer him that piece of land with a few bucks on top and the land you have been longing for for five years will be yours. ” Abhi told Sid.

“The man is stubborn, he says the land belonged to his greatest grandfather, he says it’s been passed down from generation to generation, how do you think he would easily give that up? ”

“Well he has. ” Abhi said with a shrug

“What do you mean he has? ” Sid asked as Abhi smiled at him in victory, “you cunning bastard what the hell did you do. ” Siddharth asked with an amused smile.

“You see the man is a widow, and he is old, so he is in need of a wife to take care of him, I just offered him Roshni’s hand in marriage. ” Abhi said trying to bite back a laugh, he was only joking, he would never do that, even though he did want to get rid of Roshni he would never get rid of her like that, he just wanted to see Sid’s reaction which he was loving, but as usual he would never have the last laugh, his timing was always wrong, he suddenly felt cold, well it was cold, but he shouldn’t be feeling this cold, he looked down at himself and saw that his shirt was soaking wet, ice cubes were falling on him, immediately he knew who it was.

“What the hell Rosh? ” He screamed as he angrily got up from his chair.

Roshni’s response was throwing away the bucket which once contained ice cubes across the room and jumping on Abhi grabbing him by the hair all he could do was hold onto her waist, the picture was like small Seth Rollins jumping on big Braun Strowman in WWE, the only difference was that Seth Rollins would be throwing blows at Braun Strowmans’ face, not pulling his head back and forth by holding his hair.

“You fool, how can you do such a thing, you scoundrel, you scumbag, I will kill you today!!! ” She screamed, luckily no one was in the cafe to witness this.

“Can someone please get this monkey off my face. ” Abhi said in a muffled voice trying to gently put Roshni down, but failing terribly.

Siddharth was too shocked to do anything so he just stayed rooted in his place watching everything, he knew that Roshni and Abhi argued about petty issues, he knew that Roshni would sometimes throw things at him, but he never expected her to go wrestler on him.

“Oh My God!!! ” A shocked Pragya screamed at what she saw, “Roshni get off him. ” She said trying to pull her friend who tightly held on to Abhi’s hair making him scream in pain.

“I kill him!!! ” She shouted yet again.

“Siddhart!!! ” Pragya yelled at her brother throwing a table cloth in his face getting him out of his shocked state.

“Uh… What? ” He asked his sister who gave him an angry look, “oh oh, Roshni get down. ” He made himself useful after seeing the angry look on his sister.

“Someone please get her off my face. ” Abhi said yet again.

Sid quickly moved towards Roshni and Abhi as Pragya stepped aside breathing in deeply while placing her hand on her chest clearly tired by trying to get her friend off Abhi.

“Someone help. ” Abhi said yet again.

“No one will help you. ” Roshni screamed pulling his ears.

Sid managed to hold Roshni by the waist pulling her from Abhi, but that didn’t mean she let go of his ear or his hair, as Sid was pulling Roshni, Roshni was pulling Abhi by his left ear and his hair, Pragya knew she needed to do something so she tickled Roshni who quickly let go of Abhi resulting in all three of them falling to the ground, Abhi fell on his bottom on the other side of the room while Roshni and Siddharth fell on the other side with Sid landing on his back and Roshni who was comfortably seated on his face with some of Abhi’s hair in her hand, it was not too much, Abhi still had enough hair on his head, maybe this was just a sign that he needed he hair cut.

Roshni tried to get up from Sid, but Sid held on to her leg tightly, he knew if he let her go something seriously dangerous might happen.

“I think I broke my spine. ” Sid said in a muffled pain filled voice still holding onto Roshni’s leg.

“Sid!! ” A worried Pragya screamed rushing towards her brother who was currently lying on the ground, “get off my brother woman. ” Pragya said pushing her friend who got up quickly.

“Are you okay? ” She asked him as he let out a pain filled grunt. “Karan!!! Come help me. ” Pragya screamed at Abhi who was currently holding his head and ear.

With the help of the table nearby, Abhi pulled himself up and limped towards Pragya and Sid, Roshni was standing behind Pragya still angry, but worried about Sid. Abhi helped Sid up and led him to a chair.

“Are you okay Sid? Maybe you need to see a doctor. ” Pragya said worrying for her brother.

“No sweetheart, I am fine, just a few pain killers will do the trick, I think you should be more worried about Karan. ” He said smiling at his friend.

“I am okay. ” Abhi said still holding his ear and his head.

“What is wrong with you both? ” Pragya asked looking from Abhi to Roshni, “can’t you just be civil for a day, if you want to fight like that maybe you should join WWE. ” She said.

“Well it wasn’t my fault. Do you know what your boy- I mean Karan did? ” She quickly corrected herself knowing well that Pragya will get angry when she says boyfriend. “He offered some old man my hand in marriage. ”

Pragya looked at Abhi in disbelief, “nothing like that Pragya. ” Abhi quickly said not wanting to anger Pragya.

“Care to explain. ” Pragya asked him.

“It was just a joke. ” He said.

“Who jokes like that, you know that marriage is not a joke and you go around saying not so funny jokes. ” Roshni said as she made her way towards Abhi making Abhi move backwards till his back hit the wall, Roshni was looking him direct in the eye anger evident in her eyes, as Abhi looked a little fearful with raised hands in the air as a sign of surrender.

“Sweet cheeks I think Roshni needs to calm down now, please take her away. ” Siddharth told his sister, he seriously had no energy to stop another fight. “What the hell was that about? ” Sid asked Abhi as soon as Roshni and Pragya left.

“It was only a joke, I was just trying to get a reaction out of you. ” Abhi said still clutching to his ear.

“What reaction? ”

“I offered the old man the flats and some money, not Roshni. ”

“Then why did you say you offered her to be his wife? ” He asked in confusion.

“Like I said I wanted to get a reaction from you, you call me your friend, but you didn’t tell me that you and Roshni are now an item, I had to read the messages on your phone to know. ” A frustrates Abhi said, as Sid looked at him with one eyebrow raised.

“So that’s what all this is about? ” Sid asked rolling his eyes.

“Does your sister even know you are dating her best friend? ”

“Nope. I will tell her at the right time. ” He said, ” But you when are you going to ask my sister out on a date? ” Sid questioned Abhi.

“What, Pragya and I are just friends. ”

“Cut the crap Karan, the first time we had lunch together she was all you could talk about, you even got her number, you even said the guy who marries her will be one lucky bastard. ”

What Sid said left Abhi speechless, he did not know what to tell his friend, yes he did like his sister, but he thought that Siddharth would never approve.

“You are okay if I date your sister? ” He finally asked after being silent for a few minutes.

“I would rather it’s you than some idiot I don’t know. ” Sid said with a shrug, “now that you know I am okay with it, you ask her on a date today. ” Sid told his friend.

“Today? Why today? ”

“You don’t want to be late. So yes today. ” Sid told him, “oh here she comes, I will handle Roshni you ask Pragya. ” Sid said giving his friend an encouraging pat on the shoulder as Abhi’s face turned pale. “Roshni, please come. ” Sid called Roshni.

“I don’t want to be anywhere near that pig. ” She said pointing at Abhi.

“Please for me. ” Roshni let out a sigh and went to Sid.

“What can I do for you? ”

“Please sit here with me, Karan here is going to ask Pragya on a date. ” He said pointing at Pragya who was currently giving Resham instructions on what to do.

“Really!! ” Roshni asked in excitement as she gave Abhi a kiss on the cheek. Bipolar much, Abhi thought, but he was not going to say that loud in fear of being assaulted, a happy Roshni is by far better than an angry one.

“I didn’t say yes. ” He said making Roshni smack him at the back of the head. “Ouch!! ” He yelped rubbing the back of his head.

“Yes you are, and you will. ” She told him.

“But what do I say to her? ” Abhi asked sounding like a little boy.

“Oh come on Karan, just ask her out, ask her if she is free on Saturday. ” Roshni said.

“Then what do I say after that? ” He asked again.

Sid rolled his eyes at his friend, “just ask her if she wants to hung out. ”

“Okay, okay. I am leaving now. ” Abhi said making Sid and Roshni smile, but their smiles later turned into frowns when Abhi was still seated in his chair fidgeting after five minutes.

“Are you going to ask or not? ” Roshni asked slowly losing her temper.

“I said I would, so yes I will. ” He said not so confident.

“Then why is your behind still in the chair? ”

“What? Oh. ” He quickly stood up from the chair understanding what she meant.

“Now use your feet. ” She told him as Sid tried so hard not to laugh.

“Where am I going again? ” Abhi asked her nervously.

“That’s it. ” Roshni said and got up from her chair, grabbing Abhi by the hand pulling him towards Pragya while he quietly but nervously followed her like a little boy following his mummy.

“Roshni, Karan. What happened, is Sid alright? ” She asked in panic.

“Your brother is fine, but big boy mister Karan has got something important to tell you. ” She said patting hie shoulder and whispered good luck in Abhi’s ear before heading back to Sid.

Pragya as usual gave him an adorable smile and asked him if he needed anything, Karan simply turned to look at Roshni and Sid who gave him a thumbs up with goofy smiles.

“Karan, do you need anything? ” She asked once again.

Clearing his throat he began speaking, “um.. Pragya, you look great, beautiful. ” He said making Pragya furrow her eyebrows in confusion, “not that you are not beautiful, you are gorgeous, out if this world drop dead gorgeous. ” He said scaring her a little, he never talks to me like this, so why is he suddenly talking like this? Pragya asked her self as she gave him a small smile.

“Thank you? ” She said more like questioned.

“Umm.. Can I please have some water, this place is suddenly becoming hot. ” Abhi said fanning himself, bids of sweat forming on his forehead.

“Are you okay, why are you sweating when you are soaking wet and the AC is on, not forgetting that today is a cold day. ” She asked in concern.

“I think Roshni- ” He didn’t finish what he said when Pragya dashed to the kitchen to get him some water as she understood what he was trying to say, not knowing it was all a lie.

“Here, you go. ” She said giving him a bottle which he gulped down in one go.

Abhi breathed in deeply and faced Pragya with determination written on his face making Sid and Roshni happy, “Pragya. ” He said boldly, “can I have another bottle of water? ” He asked her again, making Sid and Roshni groan in frustration.

How do I ask her? He asked himself scratching his head, is asking a girl out this hard?

“I think he needs help. ” Roshni told Siddharth as they looked at Abhi.

“Let him do this by himself. ” Sid told Roshni.

“But it wasn’t difficult for you to ask me. ”

“People differ. ”

“I think he is about to cry, ” She said looking at a nervous Abhi who was now talking to himself, “he looks like someone who has diarrhoea. ” Roshni said letting out a laugh. “Just look at his face. ” She said and continued laughing.

“Roshni that’s not funny. ” Sid told her. “In as much as it is true, it’s still not funny. ”

“So you agree that I am saying the truth. Don’t answer, Pragya is back. ” She told him.

“Here is your water. ” Pragya said handing him another bottle.

Abhi quickly took the bottle from her hand and faced his back towards her shocking her a little, he quickly drunk the water, took in a deep breath and turned towards Pragya so fast making her stumble.

“Wouldyouliketohungoutwithmeomeonsaturday? ” He asked really fast.

“What did you say? ” Pragya asked him not being able to understand a word he said.

“Would you like to hung out on Saturday? ” He asked facing the ground playing with the bottle of water.

Pragya smiled and looked at him asking, “are you asking me out on a date? ”

Clearing his throat he said, “um… Yes.. No… Ma….may…. Maybe, I am not sure. ” Abhi struggled with words.

“Yes baby doll he is. ” Sid shouted with a proud smile on his face.

“You are not angry? ” Pragya asked her brother, she thought he would be angry when he hears this.

“Nah, I am perfectly fine with it. ” He said with a shrug.

“Okay, I accept your invitation. ” Pragya said with a smile.

Abhi heaved a sigh and asked for another bottle of water, Pragya happily went back to the kitchen and brought him another one which he didn’t waste time to finish.

Finally he was able to ask her out, he just hoped that everything will go perfectly and he will not annoy her with his awkward nature.

Sid was happy for his sister, he saw how happy Pragya was with his friend even though his results were ridiculous and the guy used to run a stationary shop he did make his baby sister happy and that’s all that mattered, he made her happy and besides he was an intelligent human being, he would still work in his company, there was no way his father would let go of a hardworking person like him, so yes, Sid decided that Karan Sinha was the perfect guy for his baby sister.

Chapter 13 comes to an end.

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