The one for me – Abhigya fanfic Part 12

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The drive back to the Khurana mansion was quiet, but not as quiet as it was in the morning, this time Sid’s mood was better than it was before as he looked more happier and relived, but you couldn’t say the same for Pragya as she was still angry with Karan for what he said, whether he knew that she was related to the Khuranas or not, he still didn’t have a right to call them crazy. Sid looked at his sister through the corner of his eyes as he continued singing along to Bob Marley’s music, he noticed that she was really quiet and she looked upset as she kept whispering something to herself, she always did that when she was angry or nervous and judging by her facial expression, there was nothing that showed nervousness.

“Baby girl, what’s wrong? ” he finally asked.

“Nothing. ” she mumbled, but he still heard it loud and clear.

“Why are you so upset then? ”

“How would you feel if someone were to call your family crazy? ” she asked still angry.

“Does this have something to do with Karan? ” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

Pragya gasped in shock, “how did you know? ” she asked her brother.

“Well, the guy couldn’t stop talking about you when we were having lunch together, to be honest, I really felt like punching him in the face as the only person he spoke about was you, Pragya this, Pragya that, I really got annoyed but I knew I had to control myself. ” Sid said.

“What did he say about me? ” Pragya asked nervously, “was it good or maybe it was bad? ”

“My mouth is sealed Angel, I will not say anything, this is top secret. ”

“But Sid, ” Pragya whined, “I am your sister, I deserve to know. ”

“It’s best you don’t, besides, he is my friend, I can’t tell his cru-, someone he spoke about what he said. ” Sid quickly corrected himself, just by talking to Abhi he knew that he had something for his sister as Abhi didn’t hide his interest.


Sid and Abhi were having there lunch when Sid asked Abhi to say a few things about himself.

“You already know about my whole family, what is there to know? ”

“Aren’t you married or maybe engaged? ” Siddharth asked.

“Are you married or engaged? ” Abhi answered him with a question.

“No, I will only marry, once my two sisters get married. I don’t want any sister in law battles, it’s difficult to pick a side. ” Abhi nodded understanding what he meant, that’s what Purab and Akash had to deal with when there was an argument between Aliyah and Disha or Aliyah and Rachna. “So? Any love intersts? Is there any girl who has caught your eye. ”

“Sid I haven’t even been here for more than a month, and you are asking me such. ” Abhi said taking a bite of his burger.

“Come on Karan, obviously there is someone who has got your attention, I know this town is small, it’s not as big as where you come from, but it’s sure does have good looking women. ”

Abhi heaved a sigh and finally spoke, “Okay maybe this one particular girl, I don’t know much about her except her place of work and that her friend is a lunatic fringe. ”

“So you already know her place of work? ” Sid asked with a teasing smile not knowing he is talking about his sister.

“Yep, if not for her you wouldn’t have hired me, because I wouldn’t have known that there was a job offer at your company. ”

Sid hoped it was not the person he thought it was, so to confirm he asked, “Name? What’s her name? ”

“Pragya, you should meet her, she is beautiful even if she doesn’t try to be, I have only met her for two days, but I would like to get to know her better, I am even planning on asking for her number today. ”

“Oh no you don’t. ” Sid said in an angry tone, after all that was his baby sis Abhi was talking about.

“Why? Oh no. ” Abhi said like he realized something, “you like her as well, I should have known after all it wouldn’t be so difficult to notice and like a girl who is always trying to hide. ” Sid choked in his saliva when he heard Abhi’s theory. “Hey Sid are you okay, if you like the girl that much, I can move out if the way, after all, it’s only an attraction, it’s not like it’s grown into something bigger. ” Sid cringed at Abhi’s words, she is my sister you moron, he wanted to shout, but he knew he couldn’t.

“No man, you are mistaken, she is not my type. No attraction whatsoever, except brother – sister attraction, if that exists. ”

“Oh, okay, but to be honest with you man, I never met a girl like her, she is such a sweetheart, she is an angel sent by God himself, I am sure she could make the best wife not forgetting mother, the man who will marry will surely be one lucky bastard, the way she carries herself, just one smile on her face makes me feel at ease, to be honest, I was a little nervous when I came for the interview yesterday, but then I remembered her smile, and all the nervousness flew out the window. I will not pass up a chance with her, I need to try, see where it goes. ” Abhi said dreamily as Sid looked at him with his mouth which was containing food open. “Please close your mouth or at least chew the food in it. ” Abhi said as he put two fingers under Sid’s chin closing his mouth, Sid slowly but angrily started chewing the food in his mouth while give Abhi one hell of a deathly glare, if looks could kill I would be dead by now, Abhi thought, did I say something wrong for him to give me the stinky eye? He asked himself, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. After their little conversation, Sid decided to change the topic and they began talking about sports, they finished their lunch which turned into a success, Sid knew never to bring up the topic of girls when the person he is talking to knew nothing about his sister, so much for trying not attract to much attention, you are really doing a good job baby sis, Sid thought as he settled the bill.


Sid cringed remembering their discussion at lunch, “so you still won’t tell me anything? ” she asked.

“Nope. ”

“Fine, then Karan will tell me. ”

“Yes he will, but at the right time. Relax, be patient. ” Sid told his sister smiling at her.

They drove home in comfortable silence, only Bob Marley music was still playing, even though everything else was quiet, except for the radio, Pragya’s mind was shouting questions, what was Karan talking about that Sid can’t tell me? She questioned herself, Sid happily parked the car as usual, Pragya was the first to get out, she happily rushed into the house excited to see her family.

“Hey family? ” she said cheerfully.

“Hey princess where is my chocolate fudge cake you promised? ” Raj asked his daughter.

“Here it is, like I promised. ”

“And mom, I know how much you love cheese cake, so I baked you one, when I was free. ”

“Aww thank you sweetie. ”

“And my chocolate chip cupcakes. ” Naina asked.

“Oh granny, how can I forgot you. ”

“Sometimes I wonder why your sugar levels are still normal with your sweet tooth ” Sid said shaking his head in amusement.

Naina ignored him as she kept munching on her cupcakes, they talked, joked, laughed but suddenly stopped when they saw Tanu, Sid tried to walk away but his hand was held by Pragya who pleaded for him with her eyes not to go anywhere, taking in a deep breath, Sid sat back on the chair and Pragya sent him an appreciative smile.

“Dad, Sid, I would like to apologize for my behavior yesterday, I am so sorry, I shouldn’t have gotten drunk in the first place, and I promise I will never come home drunk again. ” Tanu said looking towards the ground.

“You always say that, whenever you make headlines, and we always forgive you, so there is no difference today. ” Raj said.

“This time I will stick to my word. ” Tanu said but Raj simply nodded, he had no time to argue with her. “Sid, I am sorry. ”

“I have forgiven you, but you also have to apologize to Pragya, you said some hurtful things to her as well, you even pushed her. ”

“Sid.. ” Pragya tried to say something while Sid just raised his hand as a sign that he didn’t want to hear anything she had to say, I know you very well sweet cheek, you will say that its unnecessary, Sid thought.

“Tanu, will you apologize or not? ” he asked her.

“Pragya, I am sorry. ” Tanu told Pragya rather rudely.

“When you apologize for your wrong deeds, you need to sound sincere. ”

“Sid it’s okay. ” Pragya said in a pleading voice.

“Stay out of this Pragya, this is between me and Tanu, you might not want an apology, but I want her to apologize to you. ” Sid told her still looking at Tanu, Pragya knew not to interfere as her brother was already angry judging by the tone of his voice and the fact that he called her by her name, he never called her Pragya, he always had a nickname for her.

“Do I have to do this Sid? ” Tanu asked.

“Are you sorry or not? ” Sid asked.

“Of course I am. ”

“Then apologize. ” he said with a raised eyebrow.

Tanu took in a deep breath saying, “Pragya, I am sorry, forgive me. ” she said trying to sound sincere.

“It’s okay Tanu. ” Pragya replied.

“See, now that was not very hard. ” Sid said with a smile.

After everything, they had their dinner, yes the tension could be felt but they simply ignored it, calling it a night, they said their good nights and left to sleep. Pragya went in her room and found 17 missed calls on her phone, 8 from Roshni and 9 from an unknown number, ignoring the unknown number she called her best friend.

‘Pragya Khurana where were you!!! ‘ Roshni yelled.

‘I was having my super. ‘

‘couldn’t you answer your damn phone, I have called you and sent you messages, but still no response. ‘

‘If you called me to yell at me, then good night. ‘

‘No wait, I called to ask you to call your boyfriend. ‘

‘Which boyfriend are you talking about, you know I don’t have a boy friend. ‘

‘Oh come on, you know I am talking about Karan, the guy won’t let me sleep, please talk to him, at least for my sake. ‘

‘Why won’t he let you sleep, is he standing by your window throwing stones at you. ‘

‘It’s not that, but he won’t stop calling my phone. ‘

‘Roshni Patel how do you have Karan’s number? ‘ Pragya asked in shock.

‘Long story, but you listen to me, talk the guy, forgive him. ‘

‘I thought you wanted to sue him for s*xual harassment yesterday, why the sudden change of heart. ‘

‘I am doing you both a favor, talk to him he is genuinely sorry. ‘

‘I don’t care if he is sorry or not, he had no right to insult my family. ‘

‘At least it’s good to know what people think of your family. ‘

‘Roshni, that’s not helping. ‘

‘I am sorry, but Pragya please listen to him, please talk to him. ‘

‘What happened to you? ‘ Pragya asked yet again.

‘Like I said before, I am only doing you both a favor. ‘

‘What favor Roshni? ‘

‘Relax Pragya, in due time, you will know, now call your boyfriend because I want to sleep now. ‘

‘For the last time, he is not my boyfriend!! ‘ Pragya yelled in frustration.

‘Fine, fine, but please give Karan a call. ‘

‘Okay, I will. ‘

‘Good girl, now at least I have hope to get some sleep. ‘

‘Go to sleep drama queen. ‘

‘Goodnight.’ Roshni said and cut the call.

Pragya thought about what Roshni had told her, maybe she should give Roshni a call, she took her phone and called the unknown number.

Abhi was no asleep when, his phone rang, firstly because his bed was far from comfortable and secondly but most importantly, he upset Pragya, he was thinking of ways to ask for her forgiveness.

‘Hello. ‘ Abhi quickly answered when he saw the caller ID.

‘Karan, it’s Pragya, Roshni said that you wanted talk to me. ‘

‘Pragya I am sorry, I want to apologize for what I said earlier, I shouldn’t have said that. ‘

‘It’s okay, you didn’t know that I was related to the Khuranas and, sometimes it’s good to know about what people think of your family. ‘

‘You forgive? Just like that? ‘

‘Yes, I don’t like to hold grudges. ‘

‘Thanks. ‘ Abhi said in relief, they fell into an awkward silence as no one was saying anything, they were both quiet, none of them knew what to talk about or say to each other, say something stupid. Abhi mentally scolded himself.

‘Um… Karan, if that’s all then good night. ‘ Pragya was the first one to speak.

‘Yea.. Um. I guess you are right, good night. ‘ Abhi responded, again they fell into another awkward silence as none of them hung up. ‘You still there? ‘ Abhi asked.

‘Um… Yeah, I was hoping you could hung up. ‘ Pragya said blushing, why am I blushing when he hasn’t said anything? Pragya asked herself.

‘Um… Oh. Okay, good night. ‘ he said for a second time and finally hung up.

Why is it so difficult to talk to her? Urg!!! This girl is driving me insane and I have only known her for two days, Abhi thought as he drifted to sleep thinking of Pragya. On the other side, Pragya couldn’t stop smiling at her phone, talking to Abhi brought some unknown feeling in her heart, unlike Abhi, she couldn’t sleep a wink, still thinking about him and smiling like an idiot.

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