Once Rohan arrives, he tries to help Rita , Parul & sherin to figure out what happened to Riya.Rohan is a young ,tall & handsome boy and rita’s good friend and the reason the trio was there……..Back in the past, Riya awakens and meets a girl who is called susi but she tells her to call her su, and su sees her master coming and hides Riya back inside her room. The master enters the room and begins to question su it seems that Riya appeared out of nowhere in front of the master and his helper, holding on to a comb owned by the master. Riya seems to not remember anything about his past from the real world. The master stare at Riya and look at her carefully and comment on her weird dressing sence .Riya start looking around and finds the master’s helper is carrying a sword and the sword case contain well polished metal which can reflect her image and riya start looking in that sword case and finds nothing weird in her and thinks why is this man with dangerous look is calling her weird in fact his own look is quite weird completely forgetting that she is not at her place.

After talking with the master, Riya asks to be hired to work there until she can remember wheres he came from, and after a little thought the master agrees to let Riya stay as long has she doesn’t wander around. The master tells Riiya Ifs he needs any help she should ask susi, and he also tells Riya that susi can’t speak but she can hear just fine. Before he leaves he asks Riya what happened to the other comb since there was a set of them, but Riya doesn’t know. After the master leaves Riya’s expressions just flip flop from being surprised and scared to calm and she looked relaxed now but suddenly she passes out again and susi looks on.

Later, Riya draws a picture of a girl for susi, and it turns out to be the girl that summoned Riya she is also susi’s sister. After seeing the picture susi tells Riya her story………

Hope you liked this chapter friends lol stay tuned and keep reading to know susi’s story and to know where is riya teleported by these powers and why did the girl who happen to be susi’s sister summoned her here???

Credit to: Richa

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  1. thanx a lot mandy hope u enjoyed & keep reading….

  2. nice chapter waiting for next part….. and is it a vampire story? i read in your last chapter that it is fairytail soo are you planning to include vampires?

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