A young girl is getting ready with a big smile in her face and humming a song she is sherin a young and bright girl and a science student studying in a reputed college far away from her home and living as a paying guest….. and another girl in the same room butts into her thoughts and she tries to invite herself along but sherin tries to keep it between just her and Rita. Well rita & sherin are besties and love to hangout with each other and the girl self inviting herself is riya who is a bubbly and a bright girl and sherin’s and rita’s roommate she has shifted there recently and want to befriend them .Rita and sherin agree and three of them leave for the market . And guess who shows up? Parul she is the batchmate of the trio but an annoying person with whom sherin just had a quarrel/fight in the college canteen the following noon. As sherin and parul are arguing again rita trying to avoid getting into the fight riya sees a ghostly apparition of a woman wearing a old fashioned dress, all others I mean rita, sherin and parul notices something strange with Riya but neither of them can see the woman. Riya proceeds to run to the area he saw the woman at, but instead they find a man selling stuff, he offers Riya a old letter box. He tells Riya that he doesn’t want his money, because he only wants to help .

Once the vendor gives Riya the box he runs off in fear all others follow her but she keeps on running endlessly and stops at the dead end of the street . rita takes the box from Riya and tries to open it but she fails. Then Riya opens the box with little effort, and he finds that the box contains a very old and ornate comb. When Riya takes out the comb he disappears inside a vanishing orb in front of parul,sherin and rita. Rita is transported to somewhere else in the past where she sees a war scene saw earlier, and when he tries to intervene he passes out. Back in the normal world, all very upset over Riya’s vanishing, while rita again tries to open the letter box that closed once Riya vanished.

************ TO BE CONTINUED

hope you all liked my new fic friends it’s a fairytale type of story with supernatural happenings hope you like it and please give me your reviews should i countinue or not.

thank you-

Credit to: Richa

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  1. Is it nauc richa my anime frnd hope u recognize me richu. Wow ur anime draws me. I will comment after reading it.

  2. yup i recognise u unknown my anime fan nd plss tell hoz it??? and its an anime adaptation only dr

    1. Nice dr pls don’t my that name ok

  3. I really luv 2 read fairytales n supernatural stories. So plz continue.

  4. Wow… Fairy tale… Gonna interesting…

  5. thanx for feeedback aparna hopeyou like it & unknown i don’t knw hw many pages i left msg for you dr nd pss tell me hw ru nd hope u like my cover pic choice

  6. I always like these type of stories (superstitious)….thanks richa n I like the start. ….ur name is familiar to me I think u wrote a story about aradhika in dym tu page (I’m not sure dear)

  7. Oh god richa ur back !! Jus superb beginnin cntinu !!!

  8. nyc 1 yaar keep updating richu

  9. thanx for the feedback brity sara lulu

    and @ lulu no m not dat one i only write here or nauc dr as fan writer i wrote one more about swaragini reflection but never wrote mm as m unaware of the story of that show dr…….and plss can u tell what is dym??and i smtym cmmnt on other stories too…..

  10. Dym means dosti yaariyan manmarziyan. .

    1. thank u 4 info lulu well i just ha a little idea of mm trough the fics ……… nd i just cmmnt smtymes on the fics wen i get tym but just lov thm all …………..

      1. Sorry for the misunderstanding richa n plse continue ur story

  11. 1 ques. first u write Riya is a girl and used she.Later u used he.Please clear my confusion if Riya is a girl or boy.If boy then please chang the name because we will misunderstand him as a girl.And I like the starting and ur story is good.

    1. @ mahima riya is a girl ….. m vsorry for the typing mistake

  12. Hey richa, nice story, but last few lines are very confusing n also he/she confusion is more.. Plz correct in upcoming story..

    1. sure arrajay i will surely correct it in upcoming updates thanx 4 feed back

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