Back in the Edo period Riya confronts the gardener about his late night visit but they are both soon drawn to a inner room inside the main house where they witness the master transforming into the darkness demon, but Riya gets caught spying. As Riya is about to be attacked a portal opens above the scene and Rohan and sherin drop into the courtyard saving Riya for now. Rohan and Riya have an emotional reunion with Riya thanking Rohan for coming for her. They both have an emotional stare at each other and sherin looks confused. In the real world parul & Rita are confused too and try getting into the portal but fail and rita starts cursing everything that is coming in her way . her attention is suddenly diverted towards parul who mistakenly steps on a can , she curses her luck to be struck with rita she wishes that that portal should, suck Rita too .looking at Rita, parul swallows her own sliva out of fear as she looks into blazing eyes of rita she trips over the same can & rita’s blazing eyes calm down a little, and she says here you get it “A tit for tat “you bully and makes fun of her , on other side parul takes a sigh of relief on thinking how worse it could have gotten if rita remained furious and gets a series of few flashbacks of people bearing rita’s fury.

After their reunion, Sherin uses her powers to determine that the gardener is really a Constable, he thinks that Rohan and Sherin are witches because of their powers and their dressing sense which is weired to the people of those time and also the fact that they just dropped from nowhere. Rohan tells Riya that they’ll be going back home but Riya tells the girls that if he doesn’t help Susi then all this trouble would be for nothing. The three of them are lead to the storehouse by the Constable, he tells them that this is the only place a person could be held. When they get inside the storehouse they climb down a latter where they find Susi is kept and they see that she have been poisned by that demon master and he has transformed fully and ready for sacrifice/bali the other hand Rohan, and constable gives her a antidote for the poison that she was given(no-one is a doc here but rahan being amongst the chosen ones have been granted some special powers ). As Susi is recovering, the master pulls up the latter trapping the five of them in the basement. He tells them that they can enjoy their eternal stay and that he’ll dispose of them in one shot, but the constable shows him a vial and he tells him that he knows about his darkness demon powers and he have informed the authorities and they will be coming soon and by that time sherin, riya and rohan will take care of him. The master gives a scary laugh at it and say how could these small kids defeat him and challenge them.
It turns out that the master has been growing darkness demon inside the chest and they he was selling them to the highest bidders, he was using hollowed out combs or anything hollow that can bid him money and he can transfer that deadly demon virus to the victims, and Susi’s father was killed because he found out about the plot. The master takes the letter box and pours out a blue substance into the basement that turns into a gas but Rohan and Sherin use their power to escape the basement and they give chase to the master.

Once they confront the master he calls out his estate guards, and they prepare to attack the group. All the guards have been poisoned and their eyes giving spooky blue glow. As the Constable is handling the guards the rest of the group goes after the master because they must destroy the darkness demon and being the chosen one they take on the duty assigned to them. Riya asks Rohan and Sherin to lend her their powers since he can see the true form of the demon, so the three of them attack the master/monster and once he is surrounded by their power the darkness demon’s form is revealed to everyone. The demon form is quite a scary and pathetic one , the demon resemble a weird animal which is a mixture of a hound & a reptile with horns. It had body of a huge hound which is hairless with a scaly body which had scars on it showing that his past fights were very dangerous, and he probably survived them by killing his opponent. And his pointed teeth (canines) which , looked like they are specially made to tear flesh…. While the constable was managing the masters goons we could hear the sound of heavy metal rubbing together(actually swords as in that period there were no guns) and the sparks from that rubbing of metal flew high in the sky which gave quite an impression of fireworks………..they also exchanged blows from each other…….. on the other side riya , rohan and sherin figured out the weird animal and tried searching his weakness they hit all possible weak and exposed parts of his body……. And finally, they got his weak point a part of the body on which he was avoiding a direct hit & avoided the blows from our chosen team and ……the part is his belly button (like in king ravan of ramayan) .the chosen team create an illusion and get together and figure out a plan to counter the demon master & kill him. Susi agrees to act as bait for the plan . She diverts the demon’s attention and rohan and sherin holds the demon’s claws trough strong glowing threads formed from their power .now as the movements from the monster are constricted/limited and his soft/weak part i.e. his belly button exposed riya can easily kill him. After the master is forced to give up the location of Susi’s sister their combined powers destroy the darkness demon, too Susi’s great sadness her sister is already dead and buried under the main house.

After Susi recovers her father’s comb from the master she presents it to Riya with her thanks. Once the two combs are placed together they react with each other and open a portal transporting the three kids back to the present day.Rita and Parul are delighted on their return and they share a group hug , later the trio narrate their experience in the edo world to Rita and Parul.
*****THE END*********
Well, that’s all for this story hope you enjoyed reading…. Lol give your reviews in the form of comments & SORRY FOR TYPING MISTAKES…

Credit to: Richa

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  1. nice buta little long and you should have explained the fight scene more i was enjoying it anywats nys story but you ended too early

  2. nice story i loved it 🙂

  3. nice just <3 demon stories

  4. nice ending


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