The Miracle – A Shivika ff Part 15

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That’s why today I’m on the 15th chapter of this ff. I hope there are more to come ?

The Miracle – A Shivika ff Part 14


Everyone’s heart was broken into two pieces, but Shivaay’s was shattered into a million pieces. He couldn’t handle the news very well, so as a result, he stumbled and was going to collapse, but Omru held him in their strong arms and made him sit on the chair. Pinky went off to call Dadi and tell her about the situation in Goa and Tanya went out somewhere in a deep thought.

Shivaay was heartbroken. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard. HIS Anika, his strong Anika, his brave Anika , his khidkitod Anika was now lying lifelessly on the bed. His eyes flushed a fresh jet of tears down his eyes. Om was sitting crouched near Shivaay’s feet, trying to console him and make him understand that it wasn’t the time to give up yet. Rudra stood near him.

Rudra pov
Oh no ! What is this happening with us !…Bhabhi’s slipped into coma , and hearing that Bhaiya’s condition is not well either. O is showing that he is brave , because he has to calm down Bhaiya, but I know that he is feeling the same fear of losing our super woman. I can never forget, not that I want to , what Bhabhi has done for our family and for me too. She is my partner in crime, O’s best friend, Prinku’s almost full sister, Dadi’s favourite , Sahil’s heroine and off course my Shivaay bhaiya’s love, although he doesn’t accept that he loves her. She is the best thing that ever happened to any of us.

Come on Rudy, it’s time to show Bhabhi what place she holds in your life. She has always treated me like her own brother, even before she got married to bhaiya. She had always taken care of me and always supported me, not to mention that she always protected me from bhaiya and his scoldings. I miss her so much. I can’t let her suffer like this. I have to do something.

End of PoV

Rudra goes to the doctor , ” Dr. Bhansali, is there no way we can get Bhabhi cured ? ”

The doctor gave a grave expression . He sighed and said, ” There is a way but I’m sorry I don’t think that it will work in the case of Mrs. Oberoi. ”

“What is it Doctor? ”

“Actually such cases can be cured by a lot of prayers and a little bit of will. If a patient can recover , I mean if he manages to come out of coma in around twelve to fifteen days, then it is great, else we advise that you should let the person go. But here in her case , if she MANAGES to come out of coma in even in around three weeks, then we may call it a miracle, because her health is bad and the worst part is that it looks like she has lost her will to live. If you can revive her will to live again, then I can promise you better chances of her recovery. ”

Rudra looked on in astonishment because he never thought that his super woman would have to go through such a challenging phase and also in sadness because he couldn’t do anything about it. The doctor was about to leave when when Rudra called him again.

” Doctor, can we take Bhabhi home ? ”

” I will allow that only if you can accommodate her medical equipments in her room and promise to take care of her, because that is all she needs now. Till she is out of her coma, we cannot do anything. ”

Rudra gave a faint smile. ” Thank you doctor. ”

Rudra immediately rushed to Shivaay.

” Bhaiya, bhaiya….there’s still time. Doctor said that if we can make Bhabhi want to live her life again, in about three weeks, then she can become fine again. Think about it bhaiya, we still have a chance, it’s our last chance. We can’t Leave this chance . We have to make Bhabhi tana tan again. Get up bhaiya, we are going to take Bhabhi home”, he smiled.

Shivaay looked up to him and Om too. They were surprised as to why hadn’t they thought about this and how sensibly Rudra had acted in this situation, which is most unlikely of him. A new ray of hope was beginning to penetrate into the darkness of misery.

Rudra,” I know you must be thinking that how could I do such an intelligent job, right. Let me tell you, it is the matter of my super Bhabhi, my Anika Bhabhi, and I can do anything for her. Come on get up, we have a lot to do. ”

Shivaay and Om looked at each other, smiled at their kiddo bro and engulfed him in a hug. Pinky returned and saw them in that position.

” Oh my mata, yum log ko kya hua ? “. Off course, she was confused.

Rudra told her the whole story and all she could do was jump up and down happily.

Om, ” But, how will we take Bhabhi to Mumbai in this condition ? ”

Shivaay , ” We won’t take her to Mumbai. We will all shift into the house which is a part of the Oberoi property here in Goa. I’ll quickly make the arrangements. ”

Om, ” Yes Shivaay…I, Ru and Chhoti Maa will make the home look and feel homely enough,while you finish up with the formalities here. We will need some things from the Mansion. We will take your chopper and got in a minute and come back in thirty seconds. We have a lot of work to do. Take care of both of you, okay ? ”

Shivaay nodded while the rest of the party left to get the work done. Shivaay went inside Anika’s ward and sat down beside her. He held her hand protectively and said, ” This time I won’t let you go anywhere Anika. ”


So there is still a chance for Anika to get well . Will Shivaay and the family be able to bring her back ? Stay tuned to The Miracle to know what they are upto, in the next chapter which will be updated after a month and a half.

No kidding guys, my Board examination starts from the 26th of this month till the 26th of March and outa no where my mom has decided to put a full stop to my iPad and mobile. So, this is my last meeting with you all before those exams. I’ll be inactive here, so I won’t be able to reply to your messages or any thing. I’m sorry this is something beyond my control. Will miss you guys a lot ! Luv u all ❤️❤️❤️❤️ See ya !

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