The Magic of Love, part 6

Yuv: Shall we have something?

Suhani saw a samosa stall.

Suh: (happily) yeah, we will have samosa.

Yuv: Yuck, I hate samosa!

Suh: What? You don’t like samosa, what a waste!

Before he could retort, she walked towards the stall, he fumed at first and then sighed. He walked towards her.

She was having samosa and appeared very happy. He looked on, he had never met a person like her, for she is full of life and mental too, but also has a clear view about life, and she is optimistic and truly different. He smiles thinking of her.

She finished eating.

Suh: So, are we planning to spend the rest of the time here?

Yuv: Oh, if you like to, or do you have any suggestions? I mean places?

Suh: Um, no.

Yuv: No, but why?

Suh: I am almost bored by this city. There nothing interesting or exciting here.

Yuv: Oh, then I will take you somewhere.

Suh: Where?

Yuv: just come.

He took her to a lonely side of the city, the place was away from the city crowd, there was one, only one building there, it was old, huge and unfinished.

He took her to its terrace and made her sit on the edge.

Suh: What are we doing here?

Yuv: (smiling) Wait,

He went to another part of the terrace, to a corner where there was a concrete statue of a little girl. He took it and kept it at the edge, and smiled.

He then went to her, closed her eyes and took her with him.

He slowly opened her eyes, and that was the most beautiful scene she had ever seen, it was truly a treat, not just for eyes, but for heart too.

This is what she saw.

She was really surprised and truly happy, she was overwhelmed, was out flowing with feelings.

Suh: (surprised, with full of feelings) who are you?

Yuv: (smiling) your first date.

They smile at each other, a smile full of feelings, and then came down.

Yuv: This was my Dadaji’s dream project, but due to financial problems we had to stop this.

Suh: Financial problems?

Yuv: Well………  Dadaji and Papa were working on this project, when that, when that tragic accident happened…… we lost both of them in that accident.

Suh: (sadly) I am sorry.

He nodes.

Yuv: I was at school, and Bhaiya was at college, from then he started to take care of the family business, he was new in this, and was still studying, he couldn’t look after everything, so we had to boycott this one. And now, well it has been few years…

Suh: That was very unfortunate,

Yuv: Yeah it is, but Bhaiya, he is very strong, in his young age itself, he was forced to take up responsibilities, of business, family, because all of us were shattered after that accident, along with that his studies too. But he handled everything maturely; I always look up at him.

Suh: He really is strong

Yuv: All I wanted is to help him, I want to reduce the pressure on him, he wanted me to finish my studies before joining business, so I and Sharad, joined the business directly after our studies.

Suh: That is wonderful

Yuv: That is my duty, responsibility,

Suh: So that’s why you kept your passions aside?

Yuv: Yeah, but I think you are right.

Suh: Oh don’t go on my words, try out yourself, and then decide anything.

He nodes.

The sky was dark and time was 6.30 pm, both were so busy with the other they forgot the time and the message they send.

They came out of the place and were talking while going to car. Suhani was looking at Yuvraj’s face that she didn’t notice a vehicle, which, if she remained there, would have hit her, but likely Yuvraj saw the approaching vehicle and pulled her towards him.

He pulled her so close that their noses touch and their eyes got locked.

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