The magic of love, part 5

Yuvani messaged Shavna.

Told them about their first date and asked to them meet at the restaurant from where they parted, by 6 pm.

Then they went into the park and sat on a bench.

Suhani was quiet, she was observing kids playing, and smiled. Yuvraj wasn’t quite happy about it; he wanted to talk to her.

Yuv: Mm, so what is your take on Jack and Rose’s love story?

Suh: Sorry, what?

Yuv: Jack and Rose, their story, you portrayed their story na, so,

Suh: Mm, their story, well, their love was deep, intense……

Yuv: But it had a sad ending….

Suh: It did.

Yuv: Sad, I always wonder, why didn’t they unite, there are many lovers like them, who loves each other very much and still are not together, why?

Suh: Well, maybe they are not meant to be together, maybe they are not soul mates. They are many happily married couple, who, before their marriage had affairs with someone else. It is all about soul mates…

Yuv: Soul mates…. Ma too always says this that soul mates should always unite, facing all the hurdles….

Suh: That is very true…..the magic of love!!

Yuv: But how will we find our soul mates?

Suh: Oh you don’t have to, if they are born for you, they will eventually come to you, and when they do, you will understand it, that in your case, she is your soul mate.

Yuv: Let us see.

They started to walk and Yuvraj kept talking. Unlike her usual days, today Suhani didn’t talk, usually it is she who talks more, she is a chatter box and never close her mouth, she enjoy talking, but today she found the same happiness in listening, something was interesting in this, listening to him, she didn’t understand what it is and it was bit  surprising. Like something was pulling her towards him, something unknown.

He talked about his college days, the pranks they did, about his childhood days, the fun they brothers and sister had, about Sharad, his mother, Dadi and much more. He too was surprised by this, for he was never a chatter box, he never ever talked to this extend, but there was a different joy in talking to her and he was enjoying this, whatever it is.

Suddenly he stopped talking.

Suhani looked to see what he was staring at and saw kids playing cricket.

Suh: Oh I presume that you left cricket too, after college, just like singing.

Yuv: Well yes. To stay focussed on business, to retrieve the position we once had. Because goals should be always narrowed, then only we can focus on this, singing, playing, all these are distractions and they will take me away from my goal.

Suh: Oh no they won’t.

He looked at her questioningly.

Suh: I mean yes, you should be focused, determined and for that your goal should be narrowed, but playing and singing are never distractions. They are the things which make your heart happy; you should never stop doing those because they will help you in achieving your goal. Because to focus on something, your mind should be calm, happy, peaceful and to make your mind happy and peaceful you should always do that which makes your heart happy. You, yourself told me that you felt very good after singing today, so now go on, play.

Yuv: Ok then, now wait to see the magic I do with ball.

Suh: Of course.

They went to the kids and asked if they can let him play, which they agreed.

Yuvraj started to bowl, and the kid, the batsman, scored six in his first ball.

Kids were so happy and cheered, Suhani started to laugh.

The kids, one by one went to him asked him to bowl for them, he was truly embarrassed and came out of the ground.

Suhani laughed harder when she was the kids surrounding him.

They continued to walk, and she kept laughing. He fumed at her.

Yuv: Stop laughing!

Suh: (laughing) I am trying, but thinking about the magic you made…

She laughed more and he punched her on her shoulder.

Suh: Ouch, that hurts.

Yuv: Good!

She fumes.

Yuv: Let us leave?

Suh: Ok.

They came out of the park.


The date continues.

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  1. NAPSHa J

    Thank you so much dear.. Today i got to read two epis in one go.. Both were amazing.. Excited to know how will he react when he will get to know about her memory problem.. Update soon..

    1. Yuvani

      His reaction would be probably after two parts,
      Thank you

  2. Yuvani_saraj

    superb..lovey episode…

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you

  3. That was amazing.. Both are cute..??

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      Thank you

  4. ItsmePrabha

    amazingly cute epi.. will be waiting for the next..

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  5. Amazing episode…….

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      Thank you

    1. Yuvani

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