The Magic of Love, part 4

Yuvani were on the top floor of the mall, and started to come down.

Yuvraj stopped suddenly and started to stare at something.

Suh: (shaking him) Hello, where are you?

Yuv: Oh, no, nothing.

Suh: Come on say na.

Yuv: I was looking at that band performing,

Suh: Wanna listen to them?

Yuv: Not really, I used to sing during my college days and now when I saw them,

Suh: Wow, so you are singer that is nice.

Yuv: Hey no, I haven’t sung after my college.

Suh: That is sad, but why did you stop singing?

Yuv: It was not intentional, I joined family business straight after my college, and then I got busy,

Suh: So what, you should not have left your passion,

Yuv: Forget it,

Suh: Ok, wait for a second, I will just come.

She started to walk towards the singers.

Yuv: Where are you going?

Suh: One minute please..

She went to the singers and spoke to them, and then one of them announced that Yuvraj will sing the next song.

Yuvraj was shocked and everyone applauded for him, and the singers encouraged him. Yuvraj didn’t have an option other than to go to the stage. He fumed at Suhani, she smiled and encouraged him.

He sighs and got on the stage and sang an old Hindi song, a very romantic one, he sang very beautifully, everyone applauded happily for him.

He felt like he sung after ages, and was very happy that he sang. He went to Suhani.

Suh: Wow, you really are an amazing singer! Thanks for singing.

Yuv: Did I have another option?

She smiles.

Yuv: (happily)Thanks to you, I mean, I am feeling very good, after singing,

Suh: That is because it is your passion, never let it go.

He smiles.

Yuv: Hungry?

Suh: I am starving!

Yuv: I will take you to a nice place.

He wanted give her a treat.

The restaurant they were in served only continental food, Suhani wasn’t used to it and asked Yuvraj to place the order.

She didn’t like the food, even though she tried her best to not show it, she failed. He understood this.

Yuv: (casually) how is the food?

Suh: Mm, nice.

Yuv: (suppressing smile) Then why are taking time, go on, finish it.

Suh: Y, Yeah, I will.

With much difficulty she finished her food and they came out.

Yuv: Be honest, did you like the food?

Suh: Well, to tell the truth, that was the worst food I ever tasted.

He laughs.

Suh: You are laughing?

Yuv: I understood you didn’t like the food, I was just testing, whether you would accept this or not.

She fumes and he laughs more.

Suh: Where was your college?

Yuv: London.

Suh: That’s why, that is exactly why you liked this kachra. London spoiled your taste!

Yuv: Kachra?

Suh: What else will you call this food, no oil, no masala? This is complete crap.

Yuv: Oh hello, this is very healthy, no side effects and you will be fit.

Suh: Yeah right.

Yuv: (astonished) you like spicy food?

Suh: (happily) I just love it! It is very tasty,

Yuv: And unhealthy, you will fall sick,

Suh: What has to happen will happen anyway, you can’t change it, then why waste our time? Enjoy life to the fullest, when we can, else you will regret one day.

Yuv: I don’t think so.

Suh: (sighing) Beware, London has almost got on you.

Yuv: What do you mean by that?

Suh: Deep down you are still desi, the song you sung….

He smiles.

He liked this quality in her, she can’t fake or act, she is very honest.

Yuv: Let us go to some park.

Suh: Ok.


Date continues.

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