The magic of love, part 21

Dadi walks off from there. Yuvraj sighs.

Yuv: (to Sharad) I will just come.

Sh: Yeah, talk to her.

Yuvraj nodes and leaves, he went to Dadi.

Yuv: Dadi, do you really have a problem with Suhani?

She looked on.

Yuv: I know you haven’t, it is just that you are not able to accept her, as you wanted me to marry someone else.

She didn’t say anything.

Yuv: Dadi, I accept that Soumya is a nice girl, but she is not the one, I told you this even before I met Suhani.  And Suhani…. Dadi I feel a connection with her that I have never felt with anyone. She is the one Dadi, I am sure, and just see it, see how easily she got along with our family. Much easier than Soumya, if you need your comparison to be done. Dadi, I know you didn’t choose her, but Dadi, if you met her before I meeting her, I am sure you would have chosen her, because she is such a nice girl. I know that she has impressed you, but you are not willing to accept it.

She still didn’t say anything and he held her hands.

Yuv: Dadi, please, for me, just let go off your ego and observe her, I am definite that you will find her as the ideal one, Please Dadi, for me.

Sh looked at him requesting and nodded yes for his sake, Yuvraj became so happy and hugged her. She smiles seeing him happy.

Dadi keenly observed Suhani that day and the day which followed it. Yuvraj was right, she got adjusted into the family very quickly and everyone in her family was comfortable with her. She saw her grandchildren and their wives going to Suhani for every little need of theirs, she smiles at them and then helps them out. She was pleasant throughout and kept everyone happy.

Dadi: This girl is really smart, she is a nice girl.

She then looked at Soumya and compared the two. Soumya might look attractive at the first sight, but then, when you get to know the both, it is always Suhani who attracts people, and that was the greatness of her character.

Dadi was lost in her thoughts, when she saw Suhani chasing Yuvraj. Both looked so jovial. She smiled seeing them. Yuvraj came and hid behind Dadi. Suhani too came there.

Suh: You can’t hide Yuvraj, come out.

Yuv: So that you can beat me?

Yuvani was revolving around Dadi like kids, she laughed seeing this. It was a pleasant scene, seeing them acting like kids, she watched them fondly.

Suh: yes, because you deserves it.

Yuv: Me? But what did you do? I just said the facts.

Suh: Really?? So you think that I am 30?

Yuv: Yes I do, oh, no, don’t tell me that you are 40!

Suh: Youuuuuuuuu!!

She again tried to bat him and he gain hid behind Dadi.

Suh: Yuvraj, come out.

He teases her by making face, she fumes.

Suh: Dadi, this is not fare, you can’t hide him.

Dadi laughed harder.

Yuv: Of course she will, I am her grandson, and moreover I didn’t do anything wrong!

Suhani was about to retort and Dadi stopped them.

Dadi: Both of you, stop it now, what do you think you are doing, you are not five year old kids, and Yuvraj it is your sister’s engagement tomorrow and you are still acting like a kid?

Yuvani smile sheepishly.

Sh: Dadi, these two are always like this.

Bh: Always ready to eat the latter shed.

Yuvani fumes, Shavna and Dadi laugh.

Sh: Now that your fighting is over, shall we continue working?

Yuvani nodes and leaves with Shavna.

Dadi looked at Yuvraj, he appeared so pleased, when he is with her. Dadi smiles thinking of Yuvani.

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  1. Awesome.. The story is going so nice. Waiting what they will react when knowing suhani truth??

    1. Yuvani

      in some time dear,
      Thank you

  2. ItsmePrabha

    Amazing..waiting to know how will dadi react after knowing suhani’s truth..

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      In some time dear.
      Thank you

  3. Yuvani_saraj

    superb episode….

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you

  4. NAPSHa J

    Read the last two parts in a go.. I’m falling in love with this story more with each episode.. “Don’t tell me that you are 40..” this was too hilarious.. waiting for the next part..

    1. Yuvani

      It was from the serial alone dear, exact dialog of Yuvraj in one Yuvani’s cute nok-jhok,
      Thank you dear

      1. NAPSHa J

        oh yes.. just recalled it.. 😀

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