The magic of love, part 19

Yuv: Suhani,

Suh: huh?

Yuv: Please don’t tell anyone there about your memory issues.

Suh: What? But how I can, I am going to stay over and if something happen, and why should I hide it?

Yuv: (thinking) because, everything will get over then and there, Dadi won’t be able accept you.

Yuv: No, I mean nothing serious, it is a festive mood over there and I know how much you hate being sympathised.

Suh: Ohk.

They leave.

Gauri was eagerly waiting for her would be Bhabhis and hugged them. Suhani and Bhavna were shocked to see many people over there, and looked at the boys.

Gauri: Bha, I mean di, it is nothing, it is my engagement na, so everyone came home early.

Suh: Yeah right, but I thought relatives will come on the day before engagement,

Gauri: So it is bit early, huh?

Suh: No, nothing like that.

Gauri: Come, let us meet everyone.

Gauri took the sisters with her, the boys looked on.

Yuv: NO!!

Sh: What?

Yuv: Gauri took Suhani to meet everyone, and,

Sh: Only she will forget them, not Bhavna, relax, she is with her, and everything will be fine.

He nodes and follows them.

Gauri made them meet Saurag, Menuj, and then took them to Pratima and she blessed the two.

Gauri: Come let us meet Dadi.

She along with Pratima took them to her. Dadi was sitting with Soumya, and they both where into something.

Gauri introduced them to her and introduced Soumya as their family friend. Soumya was a bit upset seeing Suhani, but faked a smile.

Dadi liked Bhavna but was not that pleased with Suhani, as she was very simple looking girl, not like the girl whom she wants as bahu. She didn’t hide it.

Even though Suhani understood this, she didn’t mind it, as she liked Bhavna and it is Bhavna and she who is going to be the part of the family.

Yuvraj sighs seeing Dadi’s behaviour.

Sh: Guru, this won’t be that easy.

Yuv: Yeah, after all Suhani is not her choice. I chose her that too when,

Sh: She has already chosen someone for you

Sou: So Suhani, what do you do?

Suh: I am a sand artist.

Sou: A sand artist?

Yuv: Dadi, you must once see her show, it is superb. (Smirking) And, Soumya, you haave seen her show, right?

Soumya became shocked thinking how he knew about it. She looked at him, he smiled.

Suhani too smiled.

Dadi: I will see it later, but for now, I need your help.

Suh: Help?

Dadi: yes, in organising the function, well you will have to assist Soumya.

Suh: Me, but,

Yuv: (cutting in) She will. Bhavna will help you.

Bhavna nodes and Suhani agrees.

Dadi: Good, almost around 65 families will be there for the main function, which is after four days, some are staying here, some at hotel, and some would be arriving directly for the engagement. So, you will have to manage everyone, there all needs should be met, and all should feel comfortable, for the next four days.

Suhani nodes.

Sou: Accommodation is not a problem, we can adjust 15 families here, and for the rest I will book room sin hotel.

Suh: You are going to book rooms for 50 families??

Sou: of course I am, you can’t ask them to adjust.

Suh: No Soumya, it is not what I m saying, I was saying that, Dadi told now most of them would be coming on the day of function, all they need is to get freshen up, and that we can arrange it here itself. So all we need is to book rooms for those, who are coming before the function. Why should we go behind all these unwanted expenses?

Sou: But how can we manage all the families in this house?

Suh: What is the big deal in it? If we do things systematically, then everything will be fine.

Prat: Maji, I think Suhani is saying right, it would be better.

Dadi was impressed against her will, she liked Suhani’s idea, but her ego was hurt.

Dadi: Ok then, we will do as you suggest, but then you will have to take up the complete responsibility, and then function should not have a problem at all, none should make even a small complaint.

Suhani nodes and Yuvraj smiles.

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