The magic of love, part 15


I know, both by the last part’s precap and this part’s montage, you might be expecting something. Mostly this part won’t be as the one you expect. Hope you will enjoy. Here you go.

Next day:

Yuvani were becoming friendlier with each other that they used to chat daily, and this day, Yuvraj wasn’t chatting. At first she thought that he was busy and later when he didn’t pic her call she understood that something was mothering him. Suhani went to Yuvraj’s office and go to know that he was isolating him selves from everyone from the morning and is in very bad mood. Staff told her that he wanted remain alone, that he don’t want to meet anyone, but she went into his cabin.

Yuv: You here? I asked staff not to let anyone in.

Suh: That is not my concern, what is bothering you?

He sighs.

Yuv: Nothing yar,

Suh: Just say na,

Yuv: (standing up and shouting) I lost a very important consignment, I have been working on this from the day I joined business and very thing was going smooth but now, I don’t know, I just DON’T know what went wrong! I thought I would be helping Bhaiya by joining business, but see, because of me, we lost this consignment, I don’t know what to do!

Suhani held his hands.

Suh: Relax.

She made him sit.

Suh: Take a long breath.

He looked at her, she insisted and he obeyed.

He started to relax a bit.

Suh: When did you get to know about this rejection?

Yuv: Today morning.

Suh: And till now, you were sitting here, frustrated and irritated?

Yuv: What?

Suh: Instead of blaming yourself you should have thought what to do next? Sitting idle will never help you.

He looked on.

Suh: Our problems are our tests. They test out abilities and strength. When something wrong or unexpected happens, think how and why it happened? Half of the problem get solved there itself, and then by relaxing ourselves, we will be able to find he solution.

Yuv: Always?

Suh: (turning around) No, not always, but 99% it is so, after all nothing is perfect, sometimes something happens, and…..

She was lost somewhere.

He felt her pain.

Yuv: You are right.

She came back to senses,

Suh: (turning around) Yes and your consignment comes under 99%, so now relax and think, why and how you lost it, you will able to figure out a better solution, because problems comes along with solution, it is that we have to find them.

He nodes.

Suh: Good, now you carry on, I am leaving, this beauty products is not exactly my thing.

He smiles and she leaves.

Next day:

The reverse was happening today, Suhani was unavailable. Yuvraj was busy; he was making up for the lost consignment and thought that she was busy. He messaged her to call him when she gets free. He wanted to thank her for what she did in the previous day. She calmed him. She was with him when he needed someone. He was very grateful.

He didn’t get any response from her by evening. He called Bhavna and she too was unavailable. So he wet tit her house but found it locked.

Suhani was sitting on the cliff and was in some other world. Yuvraj came and at besides her, for he remembers her mentioning about that place. She was shaken by the sudden interference.

Suh: you here?

Yuv: Why? Can’t I come here?

Suh: No, I mean,

Yuv: When you can come to my cabin against my will, I surely can come here.

She smiles slightly. She was silent.

Yuv: So, it is this.

Suh: Huh?

Yuv: 1% problem you were telling yesterday…

She got up, he too.

Suh: It is……. Few years ago, this day…… I, I, I lost my parents….. They were coming home from a business tour and we, we both were very happy, because they were way for almost two weeks and three days later it was my birthday, but……..

She started to cry.

Suh: As always, I tried to figure out why this happened? Why they…… But till no I didn’t get an explanation, because there isn’t ANY!

She cried harder and he hugged her. He hugged her so warmly that she cried her heart out. Only when she was done crying he broke the hug.

She looked at him gratefully and was about to say something when he nodded no and wiped her tears, She smiles.

Yuv: Ok, now, tell me something, where you here from morning?

She nodes.

Yuv: And you had nothing it now?

She nodes. He fumed at her.

Suh: What?

Yuv: Now that can’t be done, I will get punished for not having food.

Suh: What?

Yuv: Yes. Come with me.

He dragged her.

Suh: Hang on, are you going to make me eat your stupid food?

He laughs.

Yuv: No, I know that would be too much for you, we are going your home and you will cook for both of us.

She smiles.


Suhani was preparing food and Yuvraj was irritating her. He did this intentionally so that she forgets everything and his attempt was success, because she was very much irritated and forgot the rest. Finally they were done cooking and she served him.

She gratefully looked at him and decided to tell him about her illness.

She turned back and told him everything about her condition.


Yuvraj plans surprise birthday party for Suhani

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