the lake (os)

Hi guys it’s afeeza I had to get a new account after a while I forgot my password and so anyways I want to wish sayeeda a very happy birthday so let’s begin with our story

Twinkles (P.O.V)
I quickly opened my car door and jumped out.kunj followed me as I ran towards the lake. I was eager to swim.although ,I had a plan in my head as I saw we were on a dock.I sat down on the cooler and looked at the stuNing view.the water was crystal clear you could see right down at the bottom which was covered in small colourful rocks. Around the lake were beautiful trees they surrounded every part of the lake except the dock.I stare in disbelief whenever kunj suprised me by wrapping his arms around my waist.
I told u would like it said kunj holding me against him
I love’s beautiful
Not as beautiful as u he laughed
I blushed and turned around n asked him him are we get in or what
Off course we are said kunj taking off his shirt and I couldn’t help but to stare at his abs (who won’t )
Sorry I slipped off my shirt and then my shorts revealing my blue bikini ..this time I caught him staring
take a picture it will last longer I said
What can’t I stare at my girlfriend

Only if I could check my extremely hot boyfriend
Fair deal he said flexing his muscles.we start walking towards the dock when kunj stop and said it looks cold.
scared I asked coming behind him.
No I’m not said I just don’t want I cut him by pushing him into the water.he fell in causing me to get wet from the water splashing up.he came back up with a smile with dark brown hair covering his eyes. He shook his head trying to move his hair .. once he could see again he looked me into the eyes and asked what was that for
you look hot I replied
well at least help me out he said
Fine I walked over to him and took his hand in mine .I went to pull him
up but he pulled me down causing me twinkle Taneja to fall into the water
it was freezing it did feel refreshing due to the hot weather yet at thesame time it felt like a thousand little needles pickling my skin when my head came above the surface I looked straight at laughing kunj..

“Cold?” he asked
There’s no lake! This is a gigantic spring I almost yelled. Springs have have very cold water ice cold and this is called a lake it’s freezing.
I know he said giving me a prize winning smile on his can u stay mad at him?I needed payback
well thanks for ur generosity I said pushing him underneath the water. I figured he would come up back n push me harder but instead he pulled me underneath the water with him. While under the water he kissed me then pushed me deeper and swam to the top to catch his breath.I followed him up gasping for air.once we caught our great kunj swam away
Where are u going I asked him following him
just come he said I know a secret cave here he said smiling
yea the entrace is underwater though but theres air inside the cave so just make sure u take a deep breath in. He said
Alright as I watched he took a deep breath in and dove underwater eyes open I did the same and followed him we eventually broke the surface and I was gasping at what I saw.the cave was stunning midnight blue and was sparkling
beautiful isn’t it he asked climbing a Rock.
It really is I said sitting next to him we sat thereally staring at the view when he broke the silence and said I race u back to the dock he said
I have a better idea
what’s that siyppa queen
You see that large rock over ther?I Pointend to that rock it was like 10feet tall let’s dive offf
sounds fun he said inspecting the rock

Meet u thereI climbed back into the water and swam to the seems to have indenting already I start climbing it realizing I was climbing naturally I was eager to jump in but I had to wait on sadu when he reached at the top he kissed me about like 10 mins and said this was the best day of my life and we both held each other hands and jumped in……

I know it’s not good but I tried

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    Arrrree. who said it’s not gud……very nice afeeza……….keep writing

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    awesome amazing fabulous cute os

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    Amazing… awesome OS Afeeza ….. lovely one. … loved it ..????…..

    Thank you so much for your wishes. …
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    Afu…dil khus kar dita…lived this

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    Loved it The description of each scene was too good 🙂
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