I was completely shocked after knowing the truth.. I felt like giving yuv a tight slap.. He always taunted me for taking Sam’s side, but now……now he has crossed all limits.. I didn’t know his thoughts could be so cheap and dirty!!
How dare he put such blame on my friend? What does he know about sam? NOTHING!!
Its his dislike for sam that provoked him to do this.. But y is this dislike?? I don’t find any genuine reason behind it!!

Sam- suhani u know very well that I can do anything for u and yuvaan.. If u think i’m wrong……
I interrupted- I trust u.. I know u won’t ever do such cheap thing with anybody..
He thanked me..
I got him bailed..

I was in my room.. Thinking about the mess that was going on in my life..
Suddenly I heard suhani calling out my name in anger.. I went down.. She was there holding his hand.. I fumed..
Su- what the hell is wrong with u?? Will u stop interfering in my life?
Me- I’m not interested also.. I saw him……
Su- just shut up.. What u saw and what u thought, I have got nothing to do with it..
I frowned.. Just then, yuvaan came there..
Sam- hey champ..
Yuvaan- uncle.. Mumma.. I wana have icecream..
Sam- let’s go.. Suhani come..
Me- stay away from my son.. Who r u?
Su interrupted- hez my friend..
Me- then u go with him.. And not just an icecream.. Have breakfast, lunch and dinner as well..
SuBhav- yuv keep ur mouth shut..
Su was completely by Sam’s side.. I wasn’t liking it..
Su- just listen to me.. U stay away from both of us.. And don’t interfere in our matters.. Like I don’t interfere in ur married life..
I fumed and said- which married life r u talking about suhani?? U know very well that I never married her..
Then I realised what I just said in front of all.. I looked around.. All were shocked..
Dadi- yuv what has happened to u? R u lying for this girl?
Me- no dadi.. Its the truth..
Maa came in front of me and slapped me!!
I knew she was hurt..
Maa- How could u do this yuv.. How could u?? If u really wanted to help soumya, u could have told us..

She walked to suhani and apologised to her.. They had their maa-beti type senti convo..

Suhani turned towards sam and said- u wana marry me na.. Fine.. I’m ready..
Sam (excited)- really?
She nodded with a smile and teary eyez..
Sam- I can’t express how happy I’m today.. I have been waiting for this moment for the last 6 years..
I interrupted and said softly- even I have waited for her for the last 6 years.. But u won.. Congrats..
We looked at each other..
Su- Therez a difference.. And that’s y u have lost!!

I had nothing to say.. I was completely broken!!
How could she do this to me? I have waited for her for the last 6 years!! And she…… Its too much.. Y the hell is she punishing me? Just coz I pretended to be married to her best friend? She knows very well that no matter how angry I’m, I love her the same way even today like I did 6 years ago..

I turned to leave as my eyes were getting teary and I didn’t want anyone to see it..
Su- so now sam will be yuvaan’s dad.. But don’t worry, I wont snatch ur right to meet ur son even after marrying.. Unlike u, who tried to keep me away from my daughter by pretending to have married someone..

I didn’t turn to look at her.. Just left from there..


Its morning.. Sun rises..
At BH:
Suhani brings breakfast for him.. She finds him sleeping and turns to leave.. He holds her hand and wishes her good morning..
She too wishes him back.. He leaves her hand..
Su- so how r u feeling now?
He- better.. Much better.. Coz u’r there with me..
Su- I’m sorry..
He- suhani plz.. Y do u apologize to me everyday?? I have told u na that it wasn’t ur fault..
Su- no.. I’m responsible for ur state..
He- u don’t need to feel guilty.. Now smile..
She smiles and thinks- now I’ll get peace when I’ll see u walking on ur own feet without my support!!

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