Yuv is in his room.. He recalls seeing suhani in sambhav’s arms and taps his feet..

Su is sleeping in the room.. Yuvi sees sam entering su’s room and closing the door.. He comes and opens the door angrily and sees sam saying- I love u suhani..
Su smiles.. They close their eyes and are about to have lip-kiss when yuvi opens his eyes..

Yuvi realises hez in his room..
He thinks he should go and check..

Yuv comes to see suhani.. Shez sleeping.. He sees a mosquito on her hand and removes it.. He turns to leave.. She says in unconscious state- sambhav……
Yuvi is stunned and turns back and thinks- even in this state u remember his name and not mine..
He feels some kind of pain in his heart..

Su (trying to open her eyes but can’t)- sambhav…. 6 yrs before, I had left BH.. U know y? Coz I couldn’t bear yuv’s hatred for me.. Coz I had snatched his sis from him.. And I tried a lot to move on in my life.. But I couldn’t detach myself from him.. He was always there in my thoughts, in my mind, in my heart..
Yuv looks on and gets teary-eyed..

Su continues- There wasn’t a single day, or a single hour when I didnt miss him.. With the memories of 1.5 yrs that I had spent with him, I have spent the last 6 yrs of my life.. I saw his glimpse in my son, and his smile used to make my day.. If he wasn’t there, I would have been dead..

Yuv feels he cheated her by allowing soumya into their bedroom.. He feels like hugging her tight, but…… His giant ego!!
Su tries hard to open her eyes but she feels sleepy..

Su further continues- u know we had made some weird promises to each other.. Even though we are not together now, but I have been keeping them even today.. That’s y I’m telling u I can’t marry u.. Coz I won’t be able to become ur wife by heart.. Kyunki hum aaj bhi yuv se……..

Yuv looks on.. And wishes to hear it from her..
Su finally opens her eyes partly.. Her vision is somewhat blurred.. She sits and puts her hand on her forehead.. Then she rubs her eyes.. While rubbing, she sees yuv in the room.. She sees the time.. It’s 2.30 am..
She realises shez in BH..

Su- y m I here at this time? Wherez yuvaan? What r u doing here?
She tries to get up and walks clumsily..
Yuv walks to her but she shows her hand and says- I will manage.. I don’t need u..

We had eye-contact.. Her words didn’t hurt me much.. Coz she had already spoken her heart out before that..
I could see the pain in her eyes which were in mine as well..
Su- I mean, I don’t need ur support..
She went out of the room and started calling out for yuvaan..
I ran after her and said- don’t shout at this time.. He slept with me tonight..
She looked at me as if I’m a criminal..
Su- what? Y is he in our room?
We looked at each other..
Su- I mean, ur room….?
We went to the room.. He was sleeping there..
Me- let him sleep here.. Don’t disturb him..
She nodded..
She looked for her phone.. I gave it to her..
Su- what were u doing with my phone?
Me- nothing.. Yuvaan was playing with it.. I just took coz he slept..
She typed the password.. I looked here and there.. She called my enemy..
Su- ye sambhav phone q nai utha raha hai..

Just then I saw her wallpaper.. It was our pic!!
She saw me looking at it and locked it..
I didn’t tell her wherez sambhav..
She left from there and went out to the lawn..

I saw her from the window of my room, which was once ours.. She constantly tried to call him..
I recalled whatever she said when she was out of her senses.. I realised how much I have hurt her.. She had so much in her heart for me.. And what did I do? Fetched her best friend into our bedroom? Tried to snatch her only reason to live from her? Broke all ties with her? And after so much, I blamed her for everything.. And she still loves me!!
I was feeling heavy-hearted and guilty.. Tears rolled continuously.. I knew I won’t ever get back whatever I have lost!!


Next morning, I again called sam.. But what happened next was a shock for me!!
I immediately left for the police station without telling anybody..

At PS, I went and met sam who was in jail.. I asked him what happened last night..
Sam told me everything..

(After sam left with yuvaan to the hotel)

Yuvi came to the hotel room after an hour.. Yuvaan was asleep.. Yuvi signalled the cops who were outside the room and sam was arrested for r*pe attempt..
Yuvi took yuvaan to BH..

FB ends…

Guys, how was it? Did u like it? Or should I stop it here?

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