The incomplete swasan saga Chapter 23

It was night and swara was not sleeping. She was nudging herself into the pillow yo sleep but alas! She couldn’t. She tried her level best but all went invain. She slowly got up and sat, placing her head in the head board.

SWA: Uff this stupid sleep is not at all coming and I’m feeling like eating something.

She looks at sanskar who sleeping.

SWA: He’s sleeping peacefully how can I disturb him.

Even though she didn’t want to wake him up her mood swings made her to do so.

SWA: Sanskar, sanskar get up na

She said poking his arm with her fingers.

SAN: Mmm…….

SWA: Get up na, please.

He opened his eyes and looked at her.

SAN: Any problem?

He asked and sat beside her.

SWA: I’m not getting sleep and I want something to eat.

SAN: K wait I’ll bring something.

He was about get up but Swara stopped him.

SWA: I want to eat outside food.

SAN: Swara….. Doctor has told to avoid those right?

SWA: please my prince..

She pleaded and as usual sanskar melted.

SAN: K fine let’s go.

Swara hugged and kissed him on his cheeks.

SWA: I love you soooo much

SAN: I know that come.

Sanskar made her walk in the corridor and took her in his arms at the steps.

He placed her on the seat and he took his seat and started driving.

SAN: U didn’t tell me what you want?

SWA: Pav bhaji

SAN: pav bhaji at night 12:45?

SWA: Will u buy me or not?

SAN: Cool down swara I’ll buy.

He started driving to the place where they have night dhaba.

While going through

SWA: Sanskar stop

Swara shouted making his car to jurked with a sudden break.

SAN: What happened?

SWA: Ice cream.

She pointed at the ice cream shop

SAN: U told u want pav bhaji na?

SWA: But I want ice cream now.

SAN: These mood swings are making my wife crazy as ever.

He mumbled to himself.

SWA: R u coming or not?

SAN: I’ll buy and come u wait here.

Sanskar came out of the car and went inside the shop.

SAN: Bhaiya can u give a scoop of butterscotch ice cream?

Man: Sorry son there are only 2 scoops and that’s for my wife.

SAN: Anything else is there?

Man: Chocolate is there.

Sanskar got a call and seeing the id he gulped his saliva. Without any option he attended the call.

SAN: Hello

SWA: Were the hell r u? I just asked u to buy ice cream not to make them

She shouted making his phone away from his ears.

SAN: Swara i….

SWA: I want butterscotch ice cream for sure do something and if u don’t come with them them ….. U’ll see the real me.

She disconnected the call. Poor sanskar was making faces.

Man: it seems ur wife is more Wilder than mine, I’ll take care of my wife with a scoop you have one.

SAN: Thanks Bhaiya.

Sanskar signed in relief and took the package from that man once again thanking him. He went to the car and gave the ice cream to her.

In no time swara started eating her ice cream like a kid who has got her favorite ice cream. Sanskar was admiring his wife’s cute antics.

After eating.

SWA: Sanskar pav bhaji

SAN: Sure

Sanskar started his car engine and started driving. After few minutes.

SAN: We’ve reached princess.

He said and turned to swara but much to his amusement swara was sleeping.

SAN: Swara?

SWA: hmm?

SAN: Pav bhaji

SWA: I don’t want, let me sleep na.

She told and continued sleeping. Sanskar gave a unbelievable look.

SAN: Just before 10 minutes she wanted pav bhaji but now she wants sleep ah….

He mumbled and started driving his car to their mansion. Without disturbing her he took her in his arms and made her lie on the bed.

He looked at the wall clock.

SAN: it’s 2:55

He looked at swara and smiled.

SAN: This mood swings is making my sleep like half an hour break in a hetic day.

He kissed her forehead and slept beside her very soon.


PRECAP: Some more happy movements of swasan.

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