The incomplete swasan saga-Chapter 12



Swara opened her eyes and found herself in his embrace. She smiled seeing sanskar sleeping peacefully hugging her through her waist. She kissed him on his forehead and slowly removed his hands from her waist and got up. She started tieing her loose hairs into a bun while doing she looked at herself on the mirror. Her hands from her hairs got removed, her hairs again turned loose. Her eyes turned glassy remembering all about yesterday. Tears started scrolling from her eyes. She looked at sanskar who was still sleeping peacefully. She was all remembering of yesterday night when sanskar was asking her “Swara r u hiding something from me?” She closed her eyes tightly while tears flowed even more. She closed her mouth tightly and rushed inside the washroom as her cries was getting louder. She went inside and opened the shower. Water has started to flow through her but still her thoughts, her heart, her mind and everything was thinking of this. Her legs became numb. She sat on the floor with still shower on.

SWA: How can I sanskar? How can I tell u this?………i know u will definitely support me but what about u? U will smile infront of me and hide all yr pain. No i cant see u in pain. Nooooooooo.

She whispered to herself and closed her ears and eyes tightly as doctor’s words were ringing on her ears.


Sanskar got up as he missed his wife. She sat on the bed rubbing his sleepy eyes. He looked at the room but she didn’t find her anywhere.

SAN: Where did she go?

That is when he noticed shower sounds from the washroom. He got up from the bed.

SAN: Ohhhhhhh my swara is inside.

He went near the washroom door and shouted.

SAN: Swara u r in there?

Swara jurked a little as she heard his voice. She gulped her saliva to mange to speak.

SWA: Ha sanskar.

SAN: K come fast.

Swara just hummed. She got up from the floor. Sanskar went to look up for his emails. After 15 minutes swara came out rubbing his hairs while all lost in thoughts. She started walking and all off a sudden she got skipped a little but sanskar caught her.

SAN: Swara.

She opened her eyes and looked at him. He took her in his arms and placed her on the bed.

SAN: What is this swara? In what thoughts u were in that u didn’t see me and skipped ah?

Swara immediately hugged him. He too hugged her.

SAN: Swara look u have to be more careful now. Our baby is growing inside na!

Swara gripped her tightness on listening to his words, her eyes started to get teary but she controlled herself. She took a deep breath and released herself from his hug.

SWA: Sanskar u go get ready and come.

SAN: I will but (took her in his arms and started walking) not before helping u in getting ready (placed her on the stool Infront of the mirror).

He filled her maang and made her wear the mangalsutra. He took her earings but swara snatched it.

SWA: go get ready.

SAN: Should I? (Romantic tone).

SWA: Sanskaaaar goooooo (she pushed him).

SAN: K k ill go.

He took all his needs and went inside to get fresh up. Today is uttara’s engagement so all were busy with the arrangements and swara was all lost in thoughts thinking about the matter. It is going to be evening and swara’s friend Sakshi came inside. Sujata who saw her went to her.

Suj: Areey beta u came very good.

She smiled.

Sak: Aunty where is swara?

Suj: She is in her room beta. U go there.

Sak : Ji aunty.

Sakshi went to swasan’s room.


Swara was sitting on the bed all lost in thoughts. Sakshi came inside and placed her hand on her shoulder which made swara to come to her sense.

SWA: Hi Sakshi, sit.

Sakshi sat beside her.

Sak: Swara do u really want to do this?

SWA: I have too (cracked voice) i….i will h..have too.

Sakshi felt a deep pain seeing her bestie so she hugged her and broke the hug.

Sak: then (wipes her tears) these aren’t allowed. U have to be strong and bold. Remember one thing swara as u r continuing yr pregnancy u will have to eat these medicines (takes few tables from her bag). And atlast this tablet, u have to use this one only when u feel terible pain in yr head. K?

Swara took the tablet and nodded.

Sak: Swara when you are going to say to jiju about this?

SWA: Not now sakshi as uttara’s marriage arrangements are going on. I don’t want them to make them sad but i will definitely tell when the right time comes. (With pain)

Sak: k swara but u will have say to jiju or else he will be completed broken when he gets to know.

SWA: Hmmm

Sak: k k stop being senti otherwise baby will also become senti swara. I want the baby who is bold like my old swara not this senti swara.

SWA: Shut up. (Smiles).

Soon it was evening. All have got ready and guests started to arrive. Sakshi left to the hospital as there was a emergency. All are present in the hall including swara. Shomi and shekhar came inside while swaragini’s eyes shined in happiness seeing their parents. Both went to them and bent a little to take blessings but both stopped and hugged each other.

Shek: So how is my daughters?

SWA: All fine.

Rag: Ma where is ayush?

Shomi: He’s with dida.

SWA: When did dida come?

Shek: Today only but she couldn’t come here as she was feeling tired.

Rag: Oh.

Sanlak came and took blessings from them.

SAN: How r u ma,pa ?

Shomi: We all r fine beta.

Lak: and ayush?

Shek: he is also fine.

Lak: k come inside.

Arjun’s family arrived and the band people started to bet the drums. On hearing the drums beat swara suddenly felt pain on her head. She was trying hard not to show off her emotions. Sujata who saw swara looking down went near her.

Suj: Arrey chori come front na. U r uttara’s Bhabhi yet u r standing here behind, come.

She said and made swara to stand infront. Arjun’s family stood while ap was doing the aarthi for arjun. She kept the tilak and welcomed all. While others to welcomed them. Swara was forcing a smile but she couldn’t hold up anymore. The band people stops hitting the drums making swara a quite relief yet she was feeling a little pain. Arjun and uttara sat on the special couch which is for them while the dancers started to dance. After sometime arjun’s friend came who was actually a dj so he started putting the songs with high volume making swara feel uncomfortable. Swara was actually sitting with ragini. Ragini was enjoying whereas swara cluched her lehanga tightly and closed her eyes to control her immense pain.


Ahhhhhhhhh its pain like hell……. I don’t know what to do…..i should somehow go to my room. (Pov ends)

Swara got up and started walking to her room while sweat beads started scrolling from her forehead. She went inside the room and took the tablet which sakshi told and gulped it with water. Swara felt dizzy and was about to fall but sanskar caught her. Swara opened her eyes while sanskar made her sit on the bed and cupped her face.

SAN: Swara r u alright? What happened? Wait let me call the doctor.

He took his phone and was about to call but she stopped him.

SWA: No sanskar…i…im fine its a just that i…i got headache due to loud music.

SAN: R u alright now?

Swara nodded. He took some water and made her drink.

SAN: U take some rest.

He said and made her lie on the bed and caressed her hairs while swara slept due to the tablets effect. Sujata came to their and was shocked seeing swara sleeping.

Suj: Sanakar what happened to swara? She’s fine na?

SAN: Relax mom she is fine, she has headache it seems thats y i made her sleep.

Suj: Ohhhhhh

SAN: What happened mom?

Suj: No i didn’t find swara downstairs thats y I came. K u tc.

Sanskar nodded and sujata left. After few half an hour swara woke up.

SAN: R u feeling better now?

SWA: Hmmm, come lets go down.

SAN: Swara u need more rest.

SWA: Sanskar im fine its just that i got headache. Uttara will miss us na come.

SAN: R u sure that u r fine?

SWA: Im Pakka come.

Swasan went down. Sanskar made swara sit and went to look up the guests.

Rag: Swara r fine? All of a sudden u went.

SWA: Im fine ragini, suddenly I got headache thats y.

Rag: U used to go to many concerts where the music sounds are louder than this but now u got headache of these? Strange!..

Swara just smiled as she has no answers. Soon all ate and sat on the couches with arjun’s family. Sujata slowly went near swara and whispered.

Suj: U r fine na now?

SWA: Yes mom.

Sujata got relieved after listening to swara’s words. After sometime all went to their respective rooms. Swara came out of the washroom changing her dress while sanskar has already changed and was waiting for her outside. The movement she came out he took her hands in his and made her sit on the bed.

SAN: U r fine na?

SWA: This is the 6th time yr asking me sanskar. Don’t I look fine?

Her voice itself showed how much she was pissed off by his repeated question yet what to do, somewhere in his heart he couldn’t accept her answer.

He pulled her closer to him.

SAN: What to do I couldn’t accept yr answer even when you say it.

SWA (in mind): How will it sanskar? After all we r soul mates and that’s y. I’m sorry love.

SWA: Hmmm

Sanskar looked at swara who was quite dull. He cupped her face.

SAN: R u sure or shall I call the doctor?

SWA: I’m fine sanskar it’s just that I heard loud music after a long time. I’m k.

SAN: K then sleep.

He made her lie on the bed and lied beside her, took her in his arms and slept soon as he was very tired. Swara opened her eyes and looked at him lovingly.


Sorry sanskar I can’t tell the truth now. I know what u will do and moreover uttara’s marriage is going on and I don’t want to make you sad by this but trust me I will definitely tell you asap after uttara’s marriage. Till then I will make myself ready to tell you this. Finally a day has ended after this. I wish these days to move faster. POV ends

She too slept due to medical effects.

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