The hug that changed me (Part 1)

In the morning Sanskar along with RP and Sujatha reached India. And reaching Swara’s home they decided to rest. Sanskar was surprised to see laksh, DP and AP when he woke up. After lunch Sanskar went out with Ragini to meet her friends. And returned home at dinner time.

They reach home: 
Swara gets down, and she goes to her room..
Sanskar thinks, why is Swara hiding her face from me? I need to find out? 

Dinner time: 
Laksh is in call, after ending the call Swara passes by him, 
Laksh : hi Swara??
Swara: hi Laksh!! How r u? 
Laksh: I’m gud!! Come lets have dinner
Swara : you carry on.. I have some work in kitchen!!
Laksh: okay bye!! 

Ragz, Sanskar comes for dinner, and watches Laksh talking to Swara, 
Sanskar sees Swara from backside…
Ragz: Laksh come lets go..
Laksh joins them…they leave for dinner 
DP RP and Shekar also joins then..
Sanskar searches for Swara..
Ragz: sanskar what are you searching? Do you want anything? 
Sanskar: nothing Ragz!! 
(He thinks, why am I searching for Swara? Lol this is too much. And He diverts his mind) 

In kitchen: 
Shomi: Shona bring that curry…
(When she was about to go Swara stops her) 
Swara: ma you take that.. I won’t come there.. Plz can you send the food to my room. 
Shomi: but Shona Kya hua?
Swara: nothing ma, i just want…
(Shomi interupts) 
Shomi: I can understand.. You feel bit uncomfortable seeing Sanskar.. It’s okay Shona!! You go to your room il send the food..
Swara: Thankyou ma..
(She leaves) 

Dinning table: 
All sits… And starts eating..
Shekar: Shomi where is Swara? (Everyone looks at Shekar including Sanskar) 
Shomi: she has some project work! I’ve sent the food to her room..(she sighs Shekar) 
Shekar understoods.. But Sanskar looks at them signalling..

(Sanskar wonders what’s going on with Everyone!!) 

Ragz: dad you know about her ryt? Leave her alone.. 

After the dinner..
Sanskar, Laksh and Ragini walk for sometime… 
They see an aquarium.. Near the pool.. 
The lighting from the stars and moon are reflecting the aquarium.. And the water in the aquarium was shining with fishes… It’s naturally looking like sea.. 
Sanskar: woww!! That aquarium is beautiful!! 
Laksh: Yaaa Ragini… It’s awesome!! See the lighting!! It’s soo natural!! 
Ragini smiles… 
Ragz: guys that’s not an aquarium 
Laksh and Sanskar: what??? 
Ragz: dat was a painting.. 
Laksh : painting? That means aquarium is not real? No fishes in it?? 
Ragz: Yaa Laksh!! No fishes in it!!! It was just a painting by Swara.. When she was young she used to have that aquarium, but one day all the fishes were dead.. She felt sad and started crying!! The next day.. She painted the aquarium making it realistic, You know it’s the centre of attraction!! It’s beauty is only at the night time!! Everyone in This colony comes to see that painting!! 

Sanskar: what?? I can’t believe this? 
(He goes near the aquarium and gets surprised to see the painting… He remembers what Those kids said about Swara paintings and smiles) 
Laksh: seriously yar it’s amazing!! 

Sanskar still in shock!! 
Ragz: sanskar Kya hua?? 
Sanskar: nothing!! okay guys, you carry on! I’m tired good night!! 
Ragz: sanskar tomorrow don’t forget about the jog!! 
(Sanskar sure… He leaves and goes back to his place) 

Laksh and Ragini, talk for sometime.. Ragini falls in love with Laksh..but Laksh treats her as gud friend!! 

Swara room 
She thinks about Sanskar, and looks at his pics!! She touches his face on the pic..
He feels the touch and looks at Swara room..
What’s happening to me?? Why do I want to see her? Sanskar!!!! Cool down!!! Stop thinking about her and go to sleep..

Next day morning!! 
The kids 2nd plan.. They know that Sanskar will come for jog at 6:00am .. Today they decided to make Swara and Sanskar close..
Swara gets up, and places her canvas board, as all her canvas are filled ..she takes some white papers and clips it into the board…
At that time kids comes to her room.. 
Chintu: Di! The climate is awesome here!! You can paint the nature..come out na..
Swara: but Chintu!! 
Sunu: Di!! Plzz come 
They drag her…
Swara: Kk.. Let me bring my papers too..
(She takes all her items and adjusted them on the park) 

Ria: okay Di! Now you can paint.
Swara: but what should I paint?? Idea!! Il draw this nature, the birds..
Kids nodes yes..
Swara keeps on painting.. She paints nearly 4 to 5 paintings in one hour..

It’s 6:00 
Sanskar, Ragini and Laksh comes for jogging..
While they were jogging, Ragini watches Swara from a distance!!

Ragini : what Swara is doing here? 
Sanskar : what?? Swara? Where is she? 
(He gets excited) 
Ragini: sanskar there she is…Shes painting..did you see her? 
Laksh: Yaa I can see a girl with some papers!! 
Ragini: ya she is only Swara! And look at those kids.. Swara’s best friends!! 
(She laughing saying this) 
(Laksh and Sanskar also laughs) 

At that time, a heavy wind comes.. Swara papers started moving with the wind.. Swara runs to get those papers!! 

Sanskar looks at Swara running!! Sanskar runs to help her.. 
Ragini confused 
Swara catches all the papers, when she was turning back.. She hits a stone and was about to fall.. At that times Sanskar holds her and pulls her.. 
All gets shock seeing them.. Even the kids 
Chintu: arey what our plan was failing every time..
Ria: arey don’t worry.. This is also good for us!! 

Swara falls on him!! She holds his shirt tightly..
She opens her eyes and realises what had happened..
Swara sits and opens her hair, to cover her face.. And searches for her spects and keeps it…
Sanskar can only see her side part of our face..
Sanskar: Swara?? 
(But she won’t respond) 
Sanskar: Swara are you alright?? 
Swara: haa Sanskar I’m fyn!!

(Sanskar feels some current passing through his body when she said his name)

he helps her arranging the papers,and looks at the paintings..
Sanskar: wow!! These paintings are amazing!! Did u painted?? 
Swara: Haaa 

(Sanskar tries to see her face clearly)
At that time a big wind comes and Swara hair irritates her, she adjusts her face and looks at Sanskar..
Sanskar gets mesmerised to see her face.. Swara too gets happy seeing Sanskar very closely.. 
Eye lock for sometime!! 
Something falls on Swara face.. And Sanskar touches her cheeks to remove it.. He slowly removes that from her face.. 
Swara gets nervous when Sanskar touches her, 
she comes into her senses..
She touches her face and wonders whether he has seen her face or not..
She immediately gets up and covers her face with the papers.. 

Sanskar gets angry when she covers her face.. 
When Swara was about to go.. He holds her hands!
Sanskar: (angry) Swaraa Look at me..
Swara gets tensed.. 
He pulls her closer…(but she won’t look at him and turns her face) 
This makes Sanskar more angry!! 

Sanskar: Swara Kya hua?? Why are you hiding ur face from me? 
Swara: sanskar please leave me.. (She frees her self) 

At that time Ragini and Laksh comes..
Ragini: Sanskar are you fine?? 
Sanskar: ya Ragz I’m fyn!! 

Ragini looks at Swara and gets angry…she slaps her..

Sanskar shocked!! 

Ragini: Swara what are you doing?? Don’t you have any other place for ur stupid paintings.. Why do you want to show them to the public and y do you want to create a scene.. Just go from here.. Go and scribble in ur room.. What if something happens to Sanskar… Go from here, Get lost…

Swara cries and goes from there… Sanskar unknowingly gets angry on Ragini.. 
Laksh and Sanskar : Ragini why did you scold her? 
Ragini: no problem guys , don’t worry she should get some scolding like this..
Leave about her Challo lets go.. She spoiled my mood!!

They leave…

Sanskar in room thinks about Swara…

What did Swara do yar??? Why did Ragini slapped her? 
And This girl Swara, making me crazy day by day..and look at her she’s looking soo cute in her glasses!! But why is she hiding her face from me? Why she is behaving like this only with me.. She even talked with Laksh!! 
I will ask her at any cost..

Sanskar watches kids going to Swara’s room.. 
Sanskar stops them 
Sanskar: hey kiddos!! How r u all?!
Kids: we r gud,,
Sanskar: friends?? 
Kids get happy.. 
Chintu: ya sure friend and they hugs him.. 
Sanskar: okay then Challo lets go to my room!!

Kids smiles and goes to his room..

Sanskar: so guys!! I want to ask you something? You all said that Swara Di is your best friend!! Will you all share ur personals? 
Shanu : Yaa we don’t have any secrets.. We all share everything 
Sanskar: ohkk!! Then you all must know, why Swara is behaving strange with me? (He ask them doubted lu to get a clue) 
Bubbly: Yaa!! We know it..
Sanskar gets happy but others are shocked.. Because bubbly said the truth 
Sanskar: now tell me why Swara is behaving like that only with me? 

The kids look at each other..

Sanskar: don’t worry, we are friends right, I won’t tell this to anyone, 

Chintu: okay then! Promise us that you won’t tell this to Swara Di 
Sanskar : I promise.. But now tell me the reason.
Shanu: main reason is Swara Di is avoiding you.
Sanskar: what?? Avoiding? But why? 
Chintu: because she loves you.. 
Sanskar: (shocked) what??? She loves me??
Chintu: Yess!! (She tells him about the match.. About the conversation) 
Swara Di was heart broken when you said that you don’t love her.. That’s y she’s avoiding.. You know even we felt bad, when you rejected her.. Swara Di is very good.. She only needs love from everyone why can’t you give her..

Sanskar : (shocked) Noo this can’t happen!! See Swara can’t be happy with me.. Her thinking is very different, I can’t be like her.. Nd even I can’t be happy with her.. 

Kids get sad and leaves the room.. 
Sanskar: hey listen!! Why you all are leaving? 
( but they go out silently) 

Sanskar thinks about Swara 
Arey how can she love me? Wt does she know about me? This is ridiculous… I need to talk to her.. 
Wait..wait.. Why should I talk to her.. I came to India only for Ragini not for her…and She’s avoiding me, let her do it.. I don’t care.. 

In garden : 
Swara is placing flowers in the pond..
And she is thinking about today’s incident.. At that time Laksh comes.. 
Laksh: Hii Swara!!
Swara: (looks at him) hi Laksh.. 
Laksh: actually I’m sorry about today’s incident.. Ragini should not react like that.. 

Swara: don’t worry Laksh.. I’m fine.. She is my sister, she has that right. I forgot about that..and Thankyou for ur care. 

Laksh: (smiles) your soo sweet Swara, hmm anyways what are you doing?? 

Swara: nothing Laksh!! Just placing these flowers in this small pond.. Will you join me?? 

Laksh: sure yaar!! 
(They both share some time, at that time Sanskar watches Swara and Laksh smiling… He goes towards them) 

Sanskar: hello guys!! (He sits beside Swara) 
Swara moves slightly beside Laksh.. Sanskar notices her and gets angry..

Sanskar: Laksh!! What’s today’s plan? Where is Ragz?

Laksh: she has some project she went to her colz.. And about plans, will decide when she comes.. And Swara what about you? What are your plans? 

Swara: i don’t know, I just do Wtever I feel like doing. 

Sanskar: shall we go out now? 
Laksh: Yaa sure.. Let’s go.. Swara come na
Swara: Noo you guys carry on.. 

Sanskar gets angry.. Laksh looks at Sanskar, he signals him..

Laksh: plzz Swara.. Come na.. 
Sanskar: Laksh, you get ready, even Swara will come with us.. 
Laksh smiles and leaves..

Swara is tensed and confused.. She tries to go from there..but Sanskar holds her hand..

Swara: sanskar leave my hand
Sanskar: Noo.. I won’t leave.. 
Swara I know why ur like this.. See we can’t make a good pair, and what do you know about me? Nd how can you love me Swara??

Swara: (shocked) how do u know that Sanskar? 
Sanskar: (teasingly)haaa because I know face reading..
Swara: face reading??(worried face) 
Sanskar: (gets smiles seeing her worried face but hides) Yess!! I know face reading..

Swara: but sanskar your mistaken!! Ha Yaa I liked you, When my mom said about you..I thought that u accepted.. But when I got to know that you don’t love me.. At that time I accepted the truth that I’m not suitable for you.. That’s why I’m not talking to you.. You should not feel bad because of me.. You came here to have fun.. I don’t want to disturb you..

Sanskar: ohh come on Swara!! Don’t think like that!! Leave all that… Let’s enjoy this 2 months.. Be with me!! I bet you will like my friendship…Let all of us be friends, let’s enjoy… Okay??

Swara: (smiles) okay!! 
Sanskar: wow that’s good, soo friends?? 
(He gives his hand to her) 
Swara: smiles and gives shake hand… They both laugh…

Sanskar: oofff now I’m soo relieved!! 

Swara: sanskar do u really know face reading?? 
Sanskar: haa Yaa!! 

(They both laugh)..

Sanskar: okay then Challo lets go!! Get ready..
Swara: (happy) sure… 1min 
She runs to her room.. 

Sanskar: (smiles looking at her) 

Sanskar and Swara are waiting for them 
Laksh: sorry guys I can’t come with you.. My childhood friend came here too meet me, I need to go..
Sanskar: no problem dude..u carry on!!! 

Sanskar and Swara went for a long ride.. 

Sanskar sees Swara enjoying, laughing..

Sanskar: (teases) Swara!! I thought that you don’t know how to laugh.. But look at you.. Your enjoying a lot..

Swara: haa Sanskar I’m soo happy today!! 
I don’t go out because I don’t have friends!! I don’t know even driving.. But I love these long rides and all!!

Sanskar: what you don’t know driving? 
Swara: Yaa..
Sanskar: Swara!! Don’t worry I will teach you.. 
Swara: really?? 
Sanskar: yes!!! (But one condition) 
Swara: what is that??
Sanskar: you should always smile like this..
Swara: again smiles

(They both became best friends and share some best time)

Precap: swasan participate as a pair in a treasure hunt competition and become close to one another.

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