the horror of swaragini Episode 1

hii guys this is soni and the writer of the story if i love you what will you do its a swasan 2 shot but i don’y know how the cover pic changed into raglak uff actually its a very different story because it has a word name horror haha lets just do it

the horror of swaragini (chapter-1)

a man – aaj ke baad iss raz ko mere bina koi nahi jaan paega , iss jagah iska janam hua tha iss jagah iska ant bhi hoga
another man-nahi dharm nahi iska ant nahi ho sakta aaj tak jo hamne kiya voh galat tha magar iss yug mei nahi magar dusre yug mei jarur koi naa koi hoga jo iski shakti le lega
dharm-magar yeh bahut khatarnak kaam hai kharm
kharm-koi nahi jaan paega magar jinhe janna hoga voh jaan leinge
dharm nodes his heads and they disappear in thin air

in a house at the outskirts of the kolkata
lived 2 sisters
swara-ragini chal naa mele mei chalte hai
ragini-nahi swara mera man nahi hai
swara-accha essi baat hai
ragini-mere sir mei bahut dard ho raha hai
swara-thik hai toh mei akele chali jaati hu
ragini-nahi nahi essi baat nahi hai bilkul nahi hai
swara-C’mon ragini it will be fun
ragini-nahi swara , tum sanskar ke saath kyu nahi chali jaati ?
swara-uff thik hai tum laksh ke saath rehna mei dono bhaiyo ko bula leti hu
swara called sanskar
swara-hii baby
sanskar-hii barbie doll
swara-ok ok later later jaldi apne bhai ko leke yah aaa jao
sankar-ok madam
after half an hour
sanakar and laksh reaches swaragini home and knock on door swara opened the door as she sees sanskar she hugs him and say i missed you
sanskar-mee too
laksh coughed in between -mei bhi hu yah and turns his face to other door side
swasan gets embarrest
they come inside
laksh saw ragini and smiles and wink at her ragini who was siting on sofa blush
swara-koi blush kar raha hai
ragini makes a pout and say-hain koi hug kar raha hai
and sanlak start to laugh madly while swara makes a pout too

swara-sanskar mere saath mele mei chalo naa pls pls
sanskar-of course baby
swara-thank you sanskar you are the best
sanskar-anything for you darling
swara-lets go byee ragini
ragini-bye have a good smooch
swara-shut up and bye
the for laugh at themselves and think about how they are bf’s and gf’s and brother and sister of each other

as swara goes ragini stands up and strech her arms out suddenly laksh grabs her by waist and say-hot lag rah ho
ragini shies -issi hi moment ka wait kar rahe the kya
laks-no doubt !!!!!
ragini-laksh ……….
laksh comes to her face and kiss her onlips passionately after 2 minutes they come out of there world
ragini shies at this and goes on terrace and start to shy
laksh comes from back and say-i love you
ragini-i love too
laksh-i love you 3
ragini laughs at this and say thik hai chalo ander chalo
ragini goes inside and say aaj iss ghar ke chapa chapa dekhungi last time jo rah ausne hame saar afurniture de diya aur peese bhi nahi liya
ragini-accha hai kam se kam rent utna jaad atoh nahi hai
they both laugh
ragini stands on the chair and start to put down things one by one
then she got down but as she put the things down and start her iwn way down her leg slips and she falls in laksh arms and they have a very cute eyelock

swara start to act as a kid and start to go and at every counter and start to play thinga and start to run around the place
swara-yeh bahut accha hai sanskar
sanskar looked at her lovingly -haan hai toh
swara-and you are the best
sanskar-i know that
and sanskar leans to her she gave him a quick iss on cheek and runs to next counter

ragini start to unpack the stuff with laksh
ragini opens the bags and sees some personal things also she saw medicins and photoes of people and they looked a little young but of course not of this generations
ragini-itni purani photoes laksh deko
laksh sees them -woah kinda military ke log
ragini-yah ape letters bhi hai some are love letter too geez uss samy bhi romance chalta tha
laksh also laughs -magar mughe abhi karne ka maan hai
ragini-shut up
she opens other bags and there were old books and in between it have 2 lockets
ragini-yeh kya hai ?
laksh-locket hai koi ?
ragini-yeh kitne cute hai !!!
laksh-yah yah
ragini opens the lockets and become completly blank for some seconds and in the mela even swara also blanks out ragini kya hua kya hua ragini are you ok -laksh asked
ragini-nahi laksh mei thik hu kya hua tha laksh
and then regain-kya hua laksh
lakh-tum puri ……….uff koi baat nahi yeh sab baad mei karna tum aaram karo

swara about to fall as she blank out but sanskar was after her so he catch her
snaskar worridlt take her took bench where she got regain -kya hua sanskar kah ahai ham
sanskar-tum itni dhup mei ghum rahi ho naa isliye yeh ho rah ahai chalo ghar chale
swara-nahi sanskar mughe ghar nahi jana hai
sanskar -CHALO
swara scred-ok ok chalte hai
they start to drive to home and at the back of car something black paste on it

they reached home and saw laksh worried he has tears in his eyes and he even didn’t notice them
sanskar-kya hua lucky
laksh tears in his eyes-ragini ………………………………

precap-trouble in paradise

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  1. It’s amazing , but precap what happened to ragini :'(

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    woah i like these kind of stories they are fab and black magic is total my thing

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  12. I think the devil eat ragini it’s awesome soni I love it I was looking stories like these is whole section but o read all borrow or magic one and after this I am very happy u did it soni you did it so let’s be friends from now besties hehe I think it’s the best for us you tell me all about your fans fics and do you have other stories it did not look like it is first story you know how I recognize because you didn’t write on top hehe SL bestie tell me something care swaragini gonna be evil or something OK byee and it’s fabulas love yaa

  13. Preeti omg you are so cool and you have same thought so soni can we trio be besties and to be honest your ff is a blast

  14. Thank you guys for such good comments I am really great full you like it and preeti and samira I will love to be your besties ohh now I have even telly update beatie

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    wowwwwwww soni amazing……

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