THE HEIRS_Ishqbaaz Ff Chapter 4


Girl : I am so.. sorry.. actually… i didn’t see.. you..

Om : Okay.. relax.. its not a big deal.. are you new here i haven’t seen you here …

Girl : Yeah.. actually i was setteled in Canada.. due to some personal things.. i had to settle down here..

Om   Well.. I’m Omkara… If you need any help.. don’t hesitate to ask..

Girl : Sure.. omkara.. By the way i’m ishana.. You can call me ishu..

Om looks at her..

Ishu : Actually that’s my nick name..

Om : Then you can call me Om.

Ishana looks at her watch..

Ishu : I am getting late for my classes… see you around..

She leaves


Rudra and all his friends were waiting outside to see the new girl.. While there proffesor comes and scold them and they all goes back to their classes..

The proffesor starts taking classes.. Rudra was sitting sleepy while saumya was paying full attention..

Proffessor makes rudy stand..

Prof : Rudra stand up..

Rudra : But this time i didn’t do anything..

prof : Of course.. You are not doing anything.. you are lazy in everything.. your assaignment, project and your not at all paying attention..

Rudra : But sir…

Prof : and i know you are doing all these.. because you know that saumya os there to help you in everything..

Just then..principal with the new girl enters their class..

principal : Hi.. students today you have a new friend .. a new admission. Ms. Bhavya.


Principal : Ms. Bhavya go and take your seat..

Bhavya : Ji sir..

Bhavya sees that all the benchers were full with a group of 3 except Rudra and saumya’s So she sits beside Saumya..

Saumya : Hi .. bhavya i’m saumya..

Bhavya : Hi..

Saumya : And this is Rudy.. .my bestfriend

Prof : Ms. Saumya.. if your bak-bak is over can i take the class..

Saumya : Sorry sir..


Anika was busy in checking some file.. just then she gets a call… She goes out with full attitide..

She gets into the confrence hall..

Shivaay and few boad members were present

Mr.Mathur (ceo) : Ms. Anika.. come in take your seat..

Anika : Thank you sir…

She sits besides Shivaay..

Mr.Mathur : Anika you are an trustful person..You have handle all our big events without any problem

Anika : Thanks ..(confused)

Mr.Mathur : But this time you were wrong.. as you have not been able to prove shicaay’s project a failure.. and being The shivaay singh oberoi.. we belive in his project..

Anika : Yeah.. sir you were right .. He is the best till now.. but there is still chance someone better than him can also be …

Shivaay: Oh.. comeon Ms.Anika.. there is no one.. better than shovaay singh oberoi.. and we oberois have an pledge.. that’s WE ALWAYS WINS.. it doen’t matter how hard ot is..

Anika : Oh.. THE SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI. you are tagging your.. family name in everythin you say.. because you know that you are nothing without that ..

Shivaay (angry) : Ms. Anika..

Mr.Mathur : Could you guys let me explain….As anika is our best event manager and she has saved our company from many crisis.. i want her to assist you from our side..

Anika : But.. sir..

Mr.Mathur : Its decided Anika..

Mr.Mathur leaves..

Anika : Phel gaya raitha!!!!

Shivaay : what did you say..

Anika : Nothing.. See you tomarrow morning

Shivaay : In my house..

Anika : Why should i come to your house.. look Mr.oberoi.. i am not like that..

Shivaay : Come on.. i don’t have any intrest in you.. Its just OBEORI MANSION is the better palce. you will get enough help there..

Shivaay also goes..

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Though I am a Rikara fan,i liked Ishkara was sweet.looking 4ward to their story,Wow Bhavya is the new admission.So sweet of soumya to help Rudra always.Professor Rudra scene was funny.waiting 4 rudra’s luv story.Shivay looks arrogant now.Hope Anika breaks his arrogance.Shivika going to work pics.

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is amazing

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