The heart needs what it needs chapter 27


The heart needs what it needs chapter 26
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Doctor: so as I was saying
All the maheshwari family were feeling restless but raglak were more eager to knw wat the doctor wanted to say
The doctors tone changes: so since swara’s condition was worsening we gave her an injection and with that injection she is stable nw she is perfectly fine
All hav a sigh if relief
And laksh he feels like as if he’s on cloud nine as if he’s got his life back
Lakshs falls back listening to wat the doctors say
Sanskaar holds him
Sanskaar: lucky nw the doc says that swara Is fine nw wats the problem
Laksh: bhai I still can’t believe it
Ap: laksh it’s a miracle nw do u not want to see swara
Laksh nods yes everyone go inside to see swara laksh is about to go but stops and remembers smthing
Sanskaar also luks on
Sanskaar: lucky wat happened
Lucky: bhai after wat I hav done with her
Sanskaar: dw laksh nothing happened and anyways just go she must be waiting for u and I’m sure she has probably forgave u
Laksh nods and both Sanlak go inside and see ragini sitting beside swara and caressing her hair
Sanskaar: I think we should all leave them alone
Ragini turns to sanskaar and nods and the rest also leave leaving only swalak
Laksh has guilt in his eyes and luks at swara
Laksh trying hard to control his tears”swara swara I I’m sorry”
Swara has tears rolling down her cheeks”laksh wen was I ever upset by u and yh just to tell u I won the bet” laksh gets confused and asks swara about the bet then swara replies back that they had a bet
Swara: laksh
Laksh who was busy luking into some files did not pay attention swara again calls laksh”laksh”
Laksh puts his head up”wat happened swara” swara quickly went near laksh”laksh wat do u think we will hav a champ or another princess” laksh puts his folder down and in her firm voice he replies”well tbh I think we might hav a cute princess” swara nods her head in a disagreement and says”no laksh I think we will hav a champ
Laksh: wanna bet
Swara folds her arms” yes why not and if I win then wait let me think”
Laksh puts his hands on his waist and says” hmmm think take ur time well I already hav thought if I win then u won’t disturb my sleep and u won’t fight with me for a month”
Swara gets stunned” wat a month laksh r u being serious” laksh folds his arms and replies firmly”yes nw wats ur wish” swara puts her Hanson her chin and twirls back and forth” wait I hav thought about it carefully since u decided I wont argue with u for a month if u win then if I win u will hav to clean the room agree” lakshs jaw drops and his smile fades away” swara wat is this” laksh later thinks and then says yes
FB ends
Swalak both laugh remembering that moment wen the baby wakes up and cries
Laksh: luk even the bay is crying and thinking that his dad lost the bet
Swara laughs an both calm the baby
Ragini is sitting down
Sanskaar comes and sits next to ragini
Sanskaar: ragini I
Ragini: ur sorry
Sanskaar: yh actually
Ragini: sanskaar will ur sorry change everything will it change the fact that my sister was about to die
Sanskaar: ragini I knw but try and understand and laksh
Ragini: I dnt care about all that all I knw is that if anything has happened to swara then I wouldn’t be able to forgive u both
Saying that she leaves
Ragini goes inside swara’s ward
Both swargini chat for a little while
Whilst Sanlak play with the baby
Swalak exchange glances whilst ragini ignores sanksaar wen he tries approaching to her

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Ishaan- shivansh Kotia
Kritika- ruhanika dhawan

Plz read or u may have read an if u hav then plz continue to read if u read any other ff’s plz share even if u write ff’s plz also share the name

-Ragsan dastaan by Halima ???❤️❤️❤️?????⚡️⚡️????
-love happens by kasam ??
-Rahul: papa lavanya: mama (raglak)by dafsi ?
– pyar tune kya kiya season 2 by Riya kapoor ??❤️????
-swaragini a passionate love story ??❤️??
-ragsan ff but nusz which has a different title in each episode ????

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