The heart needs what it needs chapter 26

The heart needs what it needs chapter 25
OMG 25 chapters already and this is all becuz of u guys thank u for ur love and support I hope u keep on supporting me in future thank u love u all

Ragsan room
Laksh: bhai dnt u think we were too harsh to them
Sanskaar: ur right lucky I mean they saved our sister by risking their own lives
Laksh: but say if we dnt come on time then and imagine ragini if u didn’t come in the right time then god knws wat would hav happened
Sanskaar: ur right lucky
Swalak room
Ragini and swara r sleeping wen swara suddenly stars feeling some pain
Ragini wakes up and luks at swara who is sweating
Ragini: swara…….wats happened dw I’ll go and get laksh
Ragini gets up and goes to her room she bangs on the door
Ragini: laksh laksh sanskaar open the door
Both Sanlak get up and get shocked sanskaar goes and opens the door
Sanskaar: wat do u want
Ragini panting: uh uh swara uh swara
Laksh: wat happened to swara
Ragini: laksh
Sanskaar: first calm down
Ragini: laksh swara is in pain and she was swearting very bad we need to go to hospital nw
Both Sanlak go to Swalaks room
Laksh rushes in
Laksh: swara swara I’m sorry
Swara is In pain and she suddenly goes unconscious laksh and ragsan gets shocked
Laksh: swara
Ragini: swara an she starts crying sanskaar consoles her
Laksh takes swara to hospital and ragsan follow him along with ap dp rp and sujata stays back with the kids
Swara is put on the stretcher and she is still unconscious the doc takes her in the OT the doc comes out after checking swara
Doc: I’m sure u knw that there r less chances for swara’s survival and nw that since she has taken too much stress the survivals hav gone down
Ragini breaks down and so does laksh ap consoles ragini and sanskaar consoles laksh
Inside the OT
Swara has worn an oxygen mask and is breathing heavily
Outside laksh is sitting lifeless and reminses the time wen he used to scold swara the past couple of days and also remince their romantic moments meanwhile Gadodia family also arrive
Dadi comes rushing to ragini
Dadi: laddo r u ok u sit
Ragini: dadi ma swara
Dadi: dnt take any tention and dw that chori will be fit and fine soon
Doc comes out
Laksh and all rush to the doctor
Ragini: doctor swara how is she is swara ok she will be fine na
Doc: we r gonna hav to do an operation and we may be able to save the child but I dnt think she has much chances to survive
Laksh: plz doctor dnt say tht just save swara I dnt want the child
Ap: laksh wat r u saying
Dp: yes laksh u r taking this decision emotionally
Laksh: no dad if this baby will cost swara’s life then no I dnt want it we already hav a child so
Doc: well mr maheshwari it’s too late nw……..well all I can say is that let’s hope for the best
Doc goes back Inside and starts the operation outside all the family members r praying
Ragini: plz god save swara she is my life
Dadi: laddo drink smthing at least some water
Ragini: no dadi ma until swara is not saved I won’t eat or drink anything sanskaar gets shocked and rushes to ragini
Sanskaar: wat the hell ragini wt kind of obsession is that
Ap: ha ragini u haven’t had anything since lunch
Sanskaar: wat ragini how can u do this come quickly eat something
Ragini: plz sanskaar leave me To my decision
Sanskaar: fine but do u knw that becuz of ur stupid stubbornness our baby is gonna hav to pay the price for it
Sanskaar leaves angrily
Laksh is on his knees crying and praying
inside the operation is being done
The operation takes 2 hrs
Outside ragini is sitting down and she feels kinda dizzy and she prays for swara’s well being
Inside the OT
The operation is done but
Swara breathes heavily and the doctors get worried
Outside ragini is sitting on the chair and she falls on dadi’s lap dadi shouts laddo
All rush to ragini and sanskaar breaks down Info tears
Swara breathes heavily and the doctors give her an injection to see if her health Improves and they r shocked
Sanskaar sprinkles water on ragini and she gains conscious
Ap: ragini already swara is and even u wanna aswell nw I dnt wanna hear anything sanskaar go and get something to eat
Ragini: no badi ma plz
Just then the doctor comes out
Laksh rushes to the doc
Laksh: swara
Doc: mr maheshwari first listen to wat I’m gonna say ur wife has given birth to a baby boy congrats for that
All others get happy but then sad thinking about swara
Laksh: doctor forget all that wat about swara
Doc: she was breathing heavily and he heart beat was very fast we hav her an injection to see if her health improves and……………

Sorry guys for the late and boring episode I knw it was really boring
But plz bear me

Thank u for liking and thank u to all the silent reader if possible plz comment so that I knw if ur liking it or not

Ishaan- shivansh Kotia
Kritika- ruhanika dhawan

Plz read or u may have read an if u hav then plz continue to read if u read any other ff’s plz share even if u write ff’s plz also share the name

-Ragsan dastaan by Halima ???❤️❤️❤️?????⚡️⚡️????
-love happens by kasam ??
-Rahul: papa lavanya: mama (raglak)by dafsi ?
– pyar tune kya kiya season 2 by Riya kapoor ??❤️????
-swaragini a passionate love story ??❤️??
-ragsan ff but nusz which has a different title in each episode ????

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