The heart needs what it needs chapter 16


The heart needs what it needs chapter 16
Ishaan stops and luks at Kritika and steps back and goes behind ragini
Laksh: champ r u not gonna hug me
Ishaan doesn’t cum out
Sanskaar sees that and also sees lakshs sad face
Sanskaar: laksh let’s go
Laksh luks at swara and she luks away with tears in her eyes
Sanskaar: champ come out I’m goin nw
Ishaan comes out
Ishaan runs and hugs sanskaar laksh moves forward towards Kritika but she hugs swara and doesn’t even luk at laksh
Laksh gets hurt and walks off
Sanskaar follows him
…..after a while…..
Swaragini and ishaan and Kritika also come back home to the baadi
Everyone is sitting on the dining table
Laksh comes down and sits down
Dp glares at him
He is about to leave the table wen ap stops him
Ap: ji plz dnt leave if u do then even I won’t eat
Sujata: hi jiji it’s so quite without the kids otherwise at this time they would hav made a lot noise and the environment would hav been different right nw
Rp: sujata b quite and eat
Sujata: ji I’m sure ur missing ishaan and Kritika aswell and especially bhaisa cuz Kritika was bhaisas favourite
Sanksaar: mom dw they will be back soon
Sujata: dnt knw chore wen will I be able to see my grandsons face
Sanskaar: mom just go an meet him tommorow
Sujata: na will that hitler let me meet my grandson she won’t even let me inside forget that she won’t even let me come anyway near baadi
Rp: gud at least she will be in peace and so will her neighbours
Sujata: ji
Rp: chup sujata hurry up and eat otherwise just go to sleep
Sujata: ji I am eating
Rp: yes everyone’s heads
Sujata: ji jiji r u seeing ji he’s being rude to me
Ap: sujata
Sujata makes a face and dp nods his head
Sanlak leave
Swara doesn’t eat anything and sumi forces her to
Sumi: Shona plz eat at least not for URSELF then atleast for ur baby
Swara: ma plz dnt force me
Swara then gets up and rushes to the bathroom and pukes
Sumi calls ap
Ap answers the call all the fm r sitting in the hall with ap she puts the call on speaker
Ap: ha sumi ji
Sumi: Annapurna ji I’m very worried for swara
Laksh is also present their and gets shocked listening to this
Ap: wat happened sumi ji why r u saying so
Sumi: actually swara hasn’t even ate anything and neither has ragini but swara she is also puking
Laksh gets restless
Sumi: Annapurna ji I dnt knw wat to do
Ap: dw sumi everything will be alright do u want us to come over
Sumi: no Annapurna ji u plz rest it’s quite late nw u can cum over 2mrw
Sanlak go to lakshs room
Sanskaar: lucky we hav to do smthing
Laksh: bhai let’s go to the baadi
Sanskaar: excellent idea I mean we can go nw let’s go
Both Sanlak leave
@baadi night
Swara is sleeping in her room and Kritika and ishaan r with sumi and Shekhar
Sumi’s room
Ishaan and Kritika r both jumping on the bed
Ishaan: nani tell us a story
Kritika: ha nani tell us a story
Sumi: I will but first get down and stop jumping cuz ur gonna fall Shekhar plz tell them
Shekhar: well since ur nani has given u orders we r gonna hav to fulfill the orders and listen to her
Sumi glares at Shekhar
Sumi: shekhar tum bhi na with kids even u turn as a kid aswell
They all hav a laugh
Ragini is lying down in her room wen dadi enters
Dadi: laddo I’m gonna be sleeping with u today
Ragini: but dadi ma
Dadi: no laddo
Ragini: dadi ma I’m fine I think swara needs u more than me
Dadi: laddo do u think that I didn’t go to swara I did but she refused to sleep with anyone and said she will be alright alone and anyways laddo ur dada ji is not here so I thought
Ragini nudges dadi
Ragini: dadi u miss dada ji ohhhh
Dadi: laddo stop it nw go to sleep after so many yrs I will be sleeping with my laddo
………………after a while…..………
Sanlak reach baadi
Laksh: bhai u go to bhabhis room and I will go to swara’s room
Sanskaar: ok but be careful with the hitler dadi
Laksh: yh u 2 Bhai
Laksh climbs the pipe and enters swara’s room and sees her sleeping
He goes on the bed and caresses her hair
Meanwhile sanskaar reaches ragini’s room and sees someone covered in a blanket and assumes it to be ragini and hugs her
Dadi gets squashed and moans
Dadi: laddo u never do that wat r u doin hav u learnt that from va sanskaar the idiot
Sanskaar gets shocked and quickly gets up and checks an sees dadi snoring
Sanskaar is double shocked and is about to faint wen ragini calls him
Ragini whispering: sanskaar wat r u doin here
Sanskaar also whispers: forget that u tell me wat is dadi doin with u I hope ur not getting squashed
Ragini: sanskaar be quite and go
Sanskaar: no come to the terrace otherwise I won’t go an I will make noise
Ragini nods no and sanskaar nods yes in the end ragini gives up and comes to the terrace with sanskaar
Swara wakes up and is shocked to see laksh
Swara: laksh wat r u doin here
Laksh: I hav cum to meet u
Swara: wat why
Laksh: because the heart needed to
Swara: wat
Laksh: and the heart needs what it needs
Swara: wat does the heart need
Laksh: ur forgiveness
Swara: laksh if u were in my place then would u forgive me
Laksh: if my heart told me to
Swara: even my heart is telling me to cuz it saying to me that U didn’t do anything deliberately but tht slap
Laksh: I knw swara and I’m sorry it was an accident
Swara: just plz go away from here laksh
Laksh:I’m not going anywere until I dnt earn ur forgiveness
He goes to the sofa and lies down luking at swara
Swara luks on

Precap laksh to surprise swara

Thank u for liking ??
Ishaan- shivansh kotia
Kritika- ruhanika dhawan

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    1. Thanx aastha an yh i’ll try adding ragsan scenes and laksh surprise will be gud ??

  3. Very nice

  4. Itz awesome dr…but don’t u think swara s illness s mre imp than swalak fight nw…she s at high risk of gvg birth na…sry I jst thought of episode was super

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  6. Awesome…can’t wait till the next Epi…

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