The heart needs what it needs episode 12


The heart need what it needs chapter 12

Swalaks room
Swara is fixing the bed and laksh is on his laptop doing some office related work
Kritika comes inside
Kritika: mama wen is our new baby comming
Swara gets shocked
Swara: Kritika baby why do u need a new baby u hav ishaan to play with
Kritika: no mama I want a new baby
Swara: Kritika enough go and play
Laksh goes upto swara and holds her shoulder
Laksh: swara relax she’s only a child so obviously she will hav such a demand
Swara: but laksh she should understand that this cannot happen and that every demand of hers cannot be fulfilled
Laksh: ok relax and even if she does then we should try and at least help her and he winks at her
Ragsans room
Ragini is arranging the clothes in the Cupboard sanskaar comes in and shuts the door from behind and hugs ragini
Ragini: sanskaar u never keep ur cupboard clean it’s always messy
Sanskaar: ishaan is clever like me
Ragini: how
Sanskaar: well mrs maheshwari ishaan wants a sibling and even I want a daughter so let’s fulfill his wish he pick ragini up and places her on the bed
Mere Haath mein tere haath ho song plays at the bg
Sanskaar covers ragini and himself with the blanket and they both make love
Swalaks room
Swara: I should forget everything and give my daughter her happiness even the whole family has expectations from and so does laksh
But by not telling him I will be breaking his trust no if I tell him then he will break down and he won’t let me take that step but then will Kritika understand me she’s to young to understand I dnt want my daughter to hate me wat shall I do I think I should take that step for my daughters happiness and everyone else’s anyways ragini is back so I’m not worried about the family anymore and she’ll also take care of Kritika
Laksh comes inside the room
Laksh: swara wat happened
Swara: nothing where is Kritika
Laksh: she is sleeping with mom and dad
Laksh walks upto swara
Laksh: vaisa swara poor Kritika she is drying to hav another sibling and we need another member to complete our family right
Swara let’s out a smile
Laksh picks swara up and takes her to the bed and places her on the bed
Mere haath mein tere haath ho plays at the bg
And they also make love
Next morning
Ragini Wakes up and sees sanskaar and caresses his hear
Ragini: thank u for comming Into my life sanskaar
Sanskaar: no thank u for comming into my life and giving me and my family ishaan
Ragini smiles and gets up to get freshened up
Sanskaar pulls her toward him
Sanskaar: not so soon
Ragini: sanskaar plz I need to get ishaan ready for skwl aswell and if u dnt let me go nw then I will tell ishaan
Sanskaar: oo I’m so sorry I got scared plz dnt tell ishaan and he starts laughing
Ragini runs to the bathroom and gets ready
She come down and sees ishaan half ready and ap and sujata r helping him
Ishaan: mama plz help me can u tie this tie for me plz
Ragini ties the tie on Ishaans collar and helps him get ready
Ragini: ishaan where r ur books quickly put them in ur bag
Ishaan: ok mama
Sanskaar comes downstairs and sees ishaan ready for skwl
And Kritika who is getting her hair done from ap
Sanskaar: Kritika where is ur dad does he not knw that we hav a Important meeting I think dad and bade papa hav already gone
Ap: yes sanskaar ji and ram hav already gone
Swalaks room
Swara wakes up and rushes to the bathroom and cries
Swara: I’m sorry laksh
She gets ready and comes out and sees laksh sleeping and gets teary eyed
She goes out downstairs and laksh wakes up and gets ready and joins everyone downstairs
Sanskaar: lucky how cums u woke up late
Laksh: sorry bhai and he luks at swara and says I dnt get how I woke up so late
Swara luks down whilst ragini nudges her
Sanskaar: let’s go and drop ishaan and Kritika to skwl and then we will go to office
Laksh: ok bhai let’s go
Both of then leave with ishaan and Kritika both ishaan and Kritika wave bye to the family members and they leave the ladies go to the kitchen whilst swara stands in the hall with tears that r just comming out of her eyes

Precap one month leap and swara’s secret to be revealed

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Dangerous ishq – by pushpa
Chand ka dusra chehra by Halima
Ishaan- shivansh kotia
Kritika- ruhanika dhawan

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