The Game of Cupid -OS

character sketch:-
Laksh Maheshwari:- owner of Maheshwari constructions. only son n haier of Maheshwaris. husband of ragini n father of ragya n raksh. treats ragini as his best friend n loves her alot.

Ragini Maheshwari:- wife of laksh. owner of a fashion brand “Ragzy’s”. mother of ragya n raksh. a woman with modern thoughts but also follows all the traditions.
Ragya laksh Maheshwari ( ruhanika dhawan):- daughter of raglak
Raksh laksh Maheshwari (divyam dama):- son of raglak.
DP-AP:-parents of laksh
Shekhar & Janki:- parents of ragini
Parvati Gadodia:- raginis dadi

It was a blissful morning.

Whole MM was filled with hustle-bustle.
A young couple in its early 40’s was descending the stairs. the lady had a big baby bump, she was in a orange light weight net Saadi & the man was in a blue formal shirt with black pant & coat. He was bringing her down carefully with one hand on her shoulder & other holding her hand. They settled on sofa & a lady in her 70’s came & gave aarti to them.
She kissed both of them on their forehead wishing them “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY”. The lady n the man are reveled to be raglak n the old lady is AP.

Laksh bend and took blessings from her n ragini was was about to get up but AP stopped her n said,
AP:- Ragu no more work. its your final month now n the delivery date is near. so no more stress or work all others are there to work.
R:- but maa….. she said bit annoyed n sad
L:- Ragu maa is right. come we need to go for your final month checkup or else your chamchas won’t allow us to go.
AP n ragini smiled to it n both raglak left to hospital.
It was in afternoon when raglak came back n suddenly 2 kids came towards them n the boy hugged ragini n the girl hugged laksh. they were reveled ragya n raksh.

Later in afternoon Raglak were in their room resting on bed in sitting position. raginis back was rested on laksh’s chest.
R:- laksh this all is so beautiful na? we have completed 8 years together. parents of two children n one more to come.
all this seems to be a dream. she looked at laksh turning her head.. I love u laksh for giving me all this.
L:- I love u too ragu n we were selected by the cupid so we are together and will be always. saying so he back hugged her tightly.
Both of them were remembering their past.

Raglak were besties from childhood as their parents were friends as well as business partners. both raglaks were very close to eachother or can say loved eachother to core but didn’t had guts to express it to eachother n parents. their parents too knew it but wanted their children to express it by themselves.
Ragini was a modern girl who preferred to b independent but was also grown up with all traditional values by her dadi so respected all her elders. Her dream was to open a fashion brand of herself as she was a good designer n had completed graduation in fashion designing.
Laksh where as was a reserved type of person. He rarely opened his heart that too in front of ragini only.
It was 3 days before raginis 24th birthday Shekhar declared her engagement with one of his friends son without declaring the boys name. It was actually raglaks parents plan to open up their feeling’s for eachother.
raglak were disturbed by this. so ragini confront laksh after realising her feelings for him. laksh rejected to stop her engagement. So laksh’s engagement was also declared on the same day. both were very sad but stubborn. every day was passing like a year to them.

ragini left hope now. whole family was very sad watching them sad but dadi said that its for their better.
Finally on engagement day morning laksh said to all that he loves ragini n wants to marry her. all elders burst out in a laugh after hearing this finally. raglak were shocked n then dp n Shekhar reveled truth to them of their engagement.
raglak were on cloud nine now n took blessings from their elders.

Ragini was in a beautiful sky blue lehenga n silver kundan jewellery where as laksh was in a golden jardosi work kurta with cream color pajama. during ring ceremony laksh was mermerised to see ragini n his gaze on her was making her blush. later they addressed media n laksh declared to open n new jewellery n dress designing brand for ragini soon before their marriage. ragini was overwhelmed by his love n tears of happiness filled her eyes blurring her vision. laksh side hugged her nodding in no indicating her not to cry.

Raglak danced on mehendi lagake raksh na from DDLJ n Maahi ve.
Ragini sang Miley ho tum humko for laksh n the engagement ended with a happy family photo of Maheshwaris n Gadodias…..

@night in raginis room,
Ragini was very happy for all the happiness she got within a day.
she was wearing a thigh length white hot pant n strapped sleeveless orange crop top with her hairs in a messy bun n was lying on bed.
suddenly she heard laksh calling her name. she went near window of her room n was shocked to see laksh hanging to a pipe near window n helped him to come up In this process she slipped n fell on ground with laksh over her. both were lost in eachother. laksh slowly removed the hair strands which were coming on her face n tugged it behind her ears. her heartbeat was racing due to his touch. laksh smiled watching her nervousness n slowly woke up n helped ragini too. their was a pin drop silence for sometime n then ragini broke it.

R:- what are u doing here at this time?
L:- came to meet my love n would be wife.
Ragini smiled a little at his words n lowed her gaze blushing.
Laksh pulled her in a bone crushing hug. ragini rested her head on his chest. later both broke the hug n had a passionate eyelock. laksh started moving towards her n she started moving back till she hitted her bed n fell upon it on her back. laksh locked her between his arms n leaned towards her lips but stopped n looked in her eyes for permission. she closed her eyes in acceptance n within no time he smashed his lips on her. his one hand was near her head n other was onher slightly visible waist caring it under her top. ragini was holding his T-shirt with one hand n another was in his hairs caring them.

after 10 min they broke their kiss due to lack of oxygen. Laksh joined his forehead with hers. she hugged him tightly in shyness n laksh hugged her back. after sometime both were on her bed with lying straight on their back n ragini hugging him with her head on his chest n laksh holding her waist from one hand n other hand fingers playing with soft skin on her cheek. laksh was staring at sealing n ragini was hearing his heartbeat with closed eyes.
L:- I love u Ragu
R:- I love u too
L:- I have something for u. said he n both satup on bed in a way that they both are visible in the large mirror of raginis wardrobe.
R:- what is it laksh??
L:- close ur eyes.

ragini smiled and closed her eyes. laksh smiled to see how much she trusts him. he made her face mirror n she felt something on her neck.
L:- now open ur eyes Ragu.
ragini was beyond happy to see a platinum chain with two pendants of alphabets “R” n “L” studded with diamonds.
she turned to laksh n smiled between her tears n hugged him n he too hugged her back.
L:- for my love
R:- I love u laksh….. love u soo much
L:- love u too

n they dozed off hugging eachother.
laksh left early morning before everyone woke up n left a chit for ragini saying so.
few days later raginis brand “Ragzy’s” was inaugurated n she became busy in it. laksh supported her fully still managing DPs company which he joined as a CEO after completing his MBA.
The marriage was after 6 months of engagement as it was raglaks wish to focus on their carrier before marriage.
Raginis brand became famous among youngsters very soon but their are always some hurdles in success but laksh always supported her. ragini too was always beside laksh whenever he needed her in all times either good or bad.

3 days before marriage was raginis mehendi, then next day haldi n sangeet n finally marriage.

On marriage day the mandap was ready with groom in it with red heavy kurti n golden pathani waiting for his bride. soon ragini descended the stairs in red lehenga with golden work n golden jewellery adorned on her whole matching with laksh’s attire. both were looking as perfect marwadi bride n groom. all the girls present their were jealous of her beauty and fate of getting married to a handsome and rich businessman like The Laksh Maheshwari…….
The rituals were done( I won’t go deep in it)

it was bidaai time,
raginis dam of tears broke n she hugged her mom-dad n dada-dadi sobbing bitterly. but they assured her to meet her whenever they can.
Ragini was like daughter to DP. he loved her more than laksh as he always longed for a daughter. so, gadodias were too happy for her to get laksh as a lifepartner n in-laws like Maheshwaris who loved her so much but on other hand were sad too as the only shine of their house will go away from them. their house will be empty.
Laksh made ragini sit in car after all bidaairituals.
all the cars headed towards MM.
ragini was still sobbing with herself in laksh’s embrace n her face burried in his chest. laksh consoled her n till then they reached MM.
ragini was welcomed grandly in MM….
she was overwhelmed by the love shown by all to them. raglak after Grihpravesh took blessings from AP-DP n laksh’s bua who was there for marriage.

ragini noticed an old servant in corner of hall n dragged laksh towards him. raglak took his blessings too. he was overwhelmed by Raginis respect towards him.
laksh, AP N DP were proud of raginis simplicity n respect for all.
@night in raglaks room,
it was whole decorated in pink n white ribbons, scented candles, red roses n orchids all over. ragini was standing near big glass wine of their room lost in her thoughts when suddenly she felt someone’s hands wrap around her waist n chin on her shoulder. she flinched at first but then guessed the touch of her love n rested her head backwards.
L:- tired
R:- a bit
L:- go get changed.your attire is heavy.
ragini was happy after hearing this as laksh has sensed her moodoff n she turned towards him. she kissed him on his cheek n was about to go but then again turned to him n was going to say something but was intrupted by laksh,
L:- you can wear whatever you want no need to ask me. he said smiling.
ragini smiled and again stepped to go but then remembered about her luggage. laksh sensed it n said,
L:- it’s already sharing some space in our wardrobe.

ragini took her sky blue front opening gown n came out after changing in it. laksh till then have changed in his nightdress. laksh lied on bed n ragini lied beside him cuddling him.
their was pin drop silence for sometime.
R:- laksh I m ready for it.
L:- but Ragu…..
R(cupping his face):- I said I m ready.
laksh smiled at her innocence…..

slowly he made ragini lie on her back n they shared a passionate eyelock.
slowly he made ragini lie on her back. soon their lips mate n they kissed eachother.the broke the kiss after sometime due to lack of oxygen.

he nuzzeled in her neck giving her wet kisses over their n open the threads of her gown. her whole front was visible to him now. he again started giving wet kisses on her neck, shoulders n cleavenge. he removed her gown sleeves from both sides n kissed her their. she was equally responding to him with her one hand on his back n otherone caring his hairs. he removed her gown completely n then his T-shirt too. he again Nuzzled in her neck giving her a love bite n she moaned his name in pain.
R:- laksh
Laksh kissed the bite to sooth pain.
she was feeling shy as she was only in her undergarments now n laksh’s bare skin was touching hers. laksh slided down kissing her clevenge n then Nuzzled in her stomach n gave their a slight bite.
raginis one hand was in his hairs n other was clutching the bedsheet beside her tightly.
R:- laksh plz….. said ragini panting n laksh moved up. he kissed her forehead n made her wear her gown again n they both dozed off hugging eachother…..
After few days raglak had a honeymoon to Maldives for 15 days…..
After 6 months of raglaks marriage Shekhar, janki, dp n AP mate with a serious accident. in which AP was injured badly but still saved but Shekhar janki n DP passed away. all were shattered n over it dadaji too died due to a major heart attack in the shock of loosing his only son. Dadi n AP were in shock whereas laksh was depressed. ragini too was broken from inside as she lost half of her family but kept herself strong for all n swallowed her pain keeping it till herself. she started a free nursery on jankis name for AP n dadi for the children of their site n company workers which made them mingle easily. n her love was enough for bringing laksh back to life.

after one n a half year of marriage ragini was pregnant n this phase of 9 months was like a rollercoaster ride for dadi, AP n laksh. dadi too shifted with them after dadajis death as she was alone now n laksh took over Shekhars business too. the first sonogtaphy was like a surprise to them as it detected twins. Raginis carvings n tantrums were like punishment to laksh but he enjoyed it. he had to sacrifice his sleep due to her stupid carvings many a times they even had arguments whether it will be a baby boy or girl.
ragini had a grand Godhbharai in her 7th month with whole Kolkata press present their. laksh gifted a kids room to ragini with many toys for boys and girls in it n also raglaks pics from marriage till now.
during raginis 9th month laksh was in Mumbai for some important deal n he cracked it. on the day of his return ragini started to have labour pain. AP n dadi took her to hospital n tried to contact laksh but their all attempt were in vain. laksh till then reached home n came to know about it from kaka so he rushed to hospital.
dadi n AP were releaved to see him but laksh’s whole attention was towards labour room where ragini was screaming in pain. 3 hours later doctor came out smiling with the babies n handed the one in his hand to laksh n the nurse handed other to AP.
Laksh was smiling among tears with the tiny figure of his baby girl in his hands. n then
L:- doctor how is ragini?
Dr:- she is fine Mr Maheshwari. just weak due to boodloss. she is resting now. u can meet her within an hour once we shift her to normal ward.

nurse took babies back to clean them.
Ragini was shifted to a room with babies n then laksh, AP n dadi mate her when she gain conscious. AP n dadi praised her n kissed her forehead and left to give raglak some privacy.
as they left laksh kissed raginis forehead n sat beside her as she was lying partially n he held her hand delicately in his hand n kissed it.
R:- laksh our babies( said ragini in a cracking voice among her tears).
L( nodding in yes n wiping her tears):- ragu OUR BABIES…..
the babies were welcome grandly at MM.

Ragu used to miss janki but APs love forced her to divert her mind. she pampered ragini a lot.
the babies were named ragya n raksh. they were lifeline of MM now. all were behind them from morning to night.
ragini again joined her designing ferm when babies became one year old. till then her best friend n pa vidya handled it n if her involvement required she used to handle the matter from home.
when ragya was 5 she mate with an accident during returning from school. this shattered ragini to core n she fainted due to shock. the accident was not a major one but the pain compressed by ragini within her during death of Shekhar, janki n DP came out shattering her deeply. the fear of loosing her loved once again engulfed her. it took many days for laksh to make her normal.
after 7 years of raglaks marriage ragini was again pregnant n now they were celebrating 8th anniversary of their marriage.
Laksh kissed raginis forehead n then her baby bump. just then AP called them as dadi who went to their village had returned now. so laksh helped ragini to getup n they went down while laksh carefully made ragini descend staires . dadi blessed them. laksh bowed down to take her blessings but she stopped him n kissed on their boths forehead. the kids who were in room came out n hugged their badi naani.
suddenly ragini screamed in pain taking laksh’s name holding her stomach. laksh got that its time for new member to arrive.

laksh picked her up n rushed towards can for going to hospital. ragya n raksh were hell scared to see their mom in such condition crying and screaming. AP n dadi consoled them.
after 2 hours doctor came out with a baby boy n gave it to laksh. ragya n raksh were peeping to get a glance of the baby so laksh took baby to a height by which they can see it.
later as ragini gain conscious ragya n raksh hugged her crying n ragini understood that they were scared for her. ragini took the baby from laksh’s hands n kissed its forehead. she asked ragya n raksh for baby’s name to distract their minds to which they replied ANSH in a chorus n all smiled at them.
after 3 days of Ansh’s birth laksh was declared as the youngest successful businessman of the year. all were happy for him n gave its credit to Ansh.

one month later during award function ragini n dadi were at home as Ansh was too small for taking outside n ragini was weak still. so laksh was accompanished by AP, ragya n raksh to the function.
Laksh was called on stage to receive award n after receiving it he gave its credit to ragini who cried watching it on tv n dadi consoled her.
at night all had happy family moments during dinner.
Next day evening a big party was thrown by ragini n kids on laksh’s success.

@night in raglak room,
after changing ragini made Ansh sleep in cradle n ragya n raksh were with AP n dadi. ragini was wearing a plain sky blue Saadi with cream colored floral blouse.
laksh backhugged ragini n kissed her neck. she turned towards him n they shared a liplock. he picked her up in bridal style n made her lay on bed n the screen gone blurr…….
This was the new beginning of their life with their symbols of love…….


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