The Falling Heart


Hey guys.I am viti. This is my first ff. Hope you like it. Forgive me for any mistake. Your suggestions are most welcome.

The falling heart.

“Everyday is a new day, a fresh try ,one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning”

Riya starts her day with such positive thoughts. Daughter of a rich business women. Down to the earth like her mother.. Money means nothing to her. Her father died in a car incident. Riya a girl of 24,full of positively, a girl who would turn the world upside down just to prove her point. Like any other girl,Riya take ages to get ready but something was very unique about her. It seems like the sun rises to wake her up, the wind blows to walk with her, it rains to see the her smile. For raghav she was the most beautiful lady he had ever seen. Riya starts her day with her diary. nobody knows what she writes. She would than check her phone and give the sweetest smile in the world. Every morning a good morning message from Raghav waits for her. ” good morning princess” she smiled and replied “good morning pumpkin.”

She saw the clock ,it was 8. She murmered,”aiiyah,I need to get ready” she wore a pale blue kurti with a jeans. She eye lined her almond like eyes, wore the watch which Raghav gave her and wore a light pink lipstick on lips. With such minimum makeup she would look like an apsara. Her phone ringed. It was raghav’s call.

******to be continued*****

Credit to: viti

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  1. it is different from other ff’s…nice starting..keep going viti..i will read all ur updates

  2. since I am in class 10 it will be difficult for me to update regularly but I’ll try to do justice to the story. thank you so much. your comment means a lot.

    1. whr r u frm viti??

      i also say that concentrate more in study

    2. Gud story viti !!pls cntinu but pls also concentrate on ur studies dear !!!

  3. Heyyy…. Viti…. Nice one….Don’t mind but I want to say that isn’t Riya Little bit older…..

  4. Hi viti who is raghav bf or just friend

  5. Nic start dr. . . And 1 advic, if u r clas 10 stdnt pls concentrt on ur studies more, n updt nly during ur leisur tym. . . Hop u wont mind takng my advic. And u got a gud rytng skil, diff frm othr ff. Tc:-)

  6. Divastooti Mukherjee

    Keep going princess …lovely beginning .U description is even better?

  7. I like it. Wish you best of luck for your future updates .

  8. guys thank you soooooooooo much for your advice. ruby I am from Assam, guwahati.

  9. please ignore my mistakes. since I am typing through my cell it gets autocorrected xD.
    1.full of positivity not positively.
    2.accident not incident.
    3.see her smile not see the smile.

  10. Who is raghav….plz tell me somebody..
    Nicely written ….keep it up… 🙂 ♡♡ 🙂


    1. Thank you honey! :*

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