The Falling Heart (Part 4)


The falling heart (part 4)

Riya: raghav say na…

Raghav: Have some patience riya!! Acha tell me what should I order for you?

Riya: aah!! Nothing!!

Raghav : ohh sad! (looking at the menu)

Riya: what?

Raghav: man!! Patience is not there in the menu.

Riya: is that suppose to be a joke?

Raghav: Finally. Here they are!

Riya turned back and saw their childhood friends. They all greeted each other.

Riya: okay that’s the reason I can see 8 seats.

Raghav: thank god. Atlast you noticed!

All of them took their perfectly reserved seats. Riya and Jessica sat beside each other for the gossip they had to share. Jessica was a cute girl. Straight hair, round eyes…. Riya and Jessica were childhood besties.

Raghav stood up and said.

“ guys attention please! I need to make an announcement! Ahem ahem .

All of them burst out giggling.

Riya: finally!! Uff!!

Imran: announcement? What is it? Come on!

Raghav : I am getting married!

Everyone in chorus “what!?”

Raghav :joking! Ahahahahahahaha..

Jessica :loser!

Raghav: okay sorry,listen guys. As you all know since the last 4 months I was trying to achieve something.

Riya: yes,an internship under ‘the Jay Malhotra’. Raghav doesn’t even like it if a call that fellow mr.malhotra or jay. With all my respect I have got to address him, you see!

Raghav: I don’t get it. Why go you hate him so much?

Riya : because I met him. I have heard about him. He is a corrupted person.

Raghav: riya stop! You cant just believe things alright.

Neha: guys stop your mahabharat! And raghav what announcement?

Raghav: I got an internship under “the jay malhotra” for 6 months!

Congratulations! ( everyone shouted in togetherness)

Raghav : thank you!

Riya: where will the internship be held?

Raghav: delhi

Riya: okay, good. Not too far from Mumbai.

Imran: so when is your internship beginning?

Raghav: next week onwards but I’ll be leaving tomorrow itself. I have some work there.

Riya: tomorrow? how can you? Tomorrow is my birthday raghav!

Raghav: riya, I know but I have to go.

Riya was going through a mix of emotions. She was genuinely happy for raghav but she could not accept the fact that raghav,her bestie will not be beside her on her birthday party. Riya stood up and started walking.she suddenly stopped near the swimming pool,which looked glittery by the reflection of lights hung above.

Raghav stood up but Jessica stopped him.

Jesscia :raghav you wait here. I’ll talk to her.

Why is it that a girl can understand another girl so easily.

Jessica went to talk to riya. She was sitting near the swimming pool gazing blankly at it.

Jessica: riya,I can understand . its really tough to be so happy for him as well as to let go of him.

Riya gave a scary look to Jessica.

Jessica: don’t look at me like that. It’s damn scary!

Riya: why are you talking as if raghav is my boyfriend and he is going out of this country? Jessi I am sad because raghav never missed my birthday party. Now who will select my dress, my stilettos and…….. no yar! He cant go!

Jessica: what will you do now?

Riya: jessi, please bring a knife!

Jessica: wh.. wha..what? What are you planning to do? Suicide?

Riya: Jessica please bring a knife for me. No more questions!

Jessica: okay but promise me you wont hurt yourself.
Riya: I wont, promise!

credit- viti

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  1. Is jay is the hero here…

    1. maybe no! hahaha

  2. Lovely …I can see some emotions for raghav

  3. Toooo gooooddd ….

  4. Regularly updt kiya karo yaar. , .

    1. sorry, my exams are starting from 18th so I can’t update regularly

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