The Falling Heart (Part 2)


The falling heart(part 2)
Story continues…
Raghav-Good morning princess. What’s up? Sleeping?
Riya- No. Do you think I am sleeping beauty
Raghav- Haha no. You are sleeping beast.
Riya-shut up!
Raghav-shut up( quite in a girly way)
Raghav- Raghav!!!!
Riya- stop copying me!
Raghav- stop copying me!
Riya-fine. Bye.
Raghav-fine.. b..oye oye. Wait. Acha sorry.
Riya-its okay.
Raghav- If you are free can we catch up for dinner?
Riya- no. Not dinner. Can we make it to lunch?
Raghav- why not dinner?
Riya- because I am busy rags.
Raghav- okay. Busy lady!
Riya- listen. Pick me up sharp at 1pm.
Raghav- Jo hukum mere aaka.
Riya- haha. Bye

Riya took her bag and went downstairs. She saw her mother reading a novel. Riya’s mother is as beautiful as Riya. Soft cheeks, pretty eyes,elegant,kind hearted. These are some qualities that none can ignore about them.

Riya’s mother was as elegant as a swan. Mrs.Mira Baruah was known for her wise decisions. She was never dependent on anybody. Though she was quite tough and nobody dared to speak a word against her decision but everyone knew that Mrs.Mira Baruah was also the owner of a kind heart. No matter how strong a person she is, she was shattered when her husband passed away. She believed, Riya was a priceless gift from god to her. Maybe that is the reason why she named Riya ” Prisha” which meant God’s gift

Riya- good morning mamma.
Mrs.baruah- good morning Prisha.
Riya- mamma, I have an idea.
Mrs.baruah- what idea Prisha.
Turning her face towards riya.
Riya- we both will cook dinner today.
Mrs.baruah- oh no. No Prisha! No cooking please.
Riya- come on lazy bones. We will cook together! Now bye I need to go somewhere.
Mrs.baruah- but where? Did you had your breakfast?
Riya- yes,I drank water?
Mrs.baruah- is water your breakfast Prisha?
Riya- yes,bye and I am going out with Raghav for lunch. Don’t wait for me!
Mrs.baruah- okay bye. Enjoy your lunch and ask Raghav to call me. We need to gossip. I can’t miss the fun
Riya- uff ma. Hahahah okay.
Riya sat on her car. She prayer to god to help her as today was a BIG day for her.
She messaged Raghav.
“Rags. I am going to hotel Royal. Pick me up from there sharp at 1pm.
Raghav was playing tennis when her message beeped in his cell phone.
He wondered what Riya was doing in the hotel
****** to be continued******

Credit to: viti

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  1. suspense….hmmm gd

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  2. I love this part.

  3. hey nice viti…nice episode is this bases on any seriel ?????

    1. No Valli. I am trying something different


  5. Wow yaar viti !! Suspense huh !!
    Oh shoot I m jus waiting 4 d nxt chappy !!! Pls update soon !!☆☆☆

  6. Luvd ur ff. . Keep going lik dat:-)

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