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Now I must say hello to all of you, I have been aloof from TU for a while, and this particular post is pretty mundane, a thing too normal, but worth sharing.

It happens a lot to me that I find good things in pretty basic things, just like the story, I’m going to tell you all right now.

So today I was watching Doraemon, because I’m still a kid and I don’t have a life, not exactly I do have a life, but Doraemon is good and idiotic at the same time.

So there was this episode, Nobita is missing his grandma, he comes across his Grandma’s gift to him, a doll. Now that doll looks like a human, it’s a hand painted doll, which symbolises the Buddhist Saint, Bodhidharma, the founder of the Zen tradition. These dolls are a sign of Good Luck, and help in achieving goals.

This is a Daruma doll of Okiagari-koboshi type.

And that’s a Daruma Doll or a okiagari-koboshi, a traditional Japanese doll, given to children, to teach them something. Because in Japan, they groom their children from a pretty young age, that’s why they grow up to be some really efficient workers and humans.
That doll has a characteristic, it has a wooden base designed in a way, that when you give it a blow, it stands back, instantaneously, without any support.

That Doll is used to teach a life lesson, stand up when you fall, without any support. No matter how much hard you hit that doll, no matter how many times you hit that doll, it stands back, and the elders use that symbol to teach resilience and perseverance to their children.

And I think that’s pretty same for Karma, the hard you hit, the harder it comes back, hitting you even harder. But yeah just like that doll, stand up again.

That’s it. 😉
Hope it was worth sharing.
Have a good day ahead.

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  1. Ashwinee

    thankyou for this article di 🙂

  2. TUFriendsForever

    It definetly had some message i never knew that but i still watch doraemon as i have lot of time and i love watching it i never knew this fact thanks for letting me know it

  3. Deeyaana

    Nice one with a great lesson of life. And yaa I also am crazy on doraemon

  4. Riana

    Shinchan & Doraemon are one of my favourite cartoons. Dont know but each & every episodes gives us some lessons when we watch it carefully…And that Daruma doll episode was very emotional and cute, Nobita’s grandmom always wanted him to be the strongest and hardest person in life just like daruma !!…?

  5. ItsmePrabha

    I watched only few episodes of Doraemon with my Niece and Nephew’s..It’s a good show..and this Story is Worth reading..

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