The devil and his angel……prologue


Hi guyzz, how are u all. I can’t believe my self that I am again writing an ff(unbelievable). Its me mineey or u can call me mishti(If u like this name). This is for my friends who have always encouraged me to write. This is entirely different from the original story. There is no pathetic pandey family in my ff except bihaan and vasu. And their relationship is totally different. The one which I have always wanted to see in original show. I can’t reveal much about the rest of the characters…..u will eventually find out. Hope u enjoy it……
Happy reading!!!.

“mam please take some rest” “he will be back soon” The girl in uniform advised only to find her master pacing down the hall more hurriedly.
“let him come back” vasundhra pandey retorted back as her eyes moved back and forth between the clock whose hands were fixed at 1 and the main door which was opened to welcome her only son.
She picked up her phone again to call her son.

“you’ve got nice lips” he leaned on the girl who was smiling showing her plump lips more feeling proud of her self.
“umm……thanks” she raised her fingers and Trailed it over his face and finally rested over his lips. “you too……” she whispered looking in deeply in his eyes with lust. He smiled and leaned more to kiss her. While she rested her hands on his waist.
“why are u shaking me” he asked and was about to kiss her when she moved back and said “ umm…I think its ur phone”
“what” he jumped back in shock and took his phone out of his pocket.
“what happened honey” She asked as she saw color drained from his face.
“ssshhhh……ssshhhh stay quiet”. He looked around the bar nervously, the music blasting over his ears, trying to figure out where his friends are.

He came out of the bar took a deep breath and picked up the phone.
“where the hell are u” the phone screamed at him.
“mom.…mom..umm actually”
“what mom” “this is 37th time I am calling u” “at least pick up ur phone”
“mom. Rahul was alone at home so I thought to accompany him. U know his family has gone out” he stopped as he didn’t got any reply. “mom u know rahul, fat boy, round face, tanned skin” he explained.

“he is ur cousin bihaan. I know” said vasundhra pandey to her only son bihaan pandey she knew he was lying. He and his cousin are such a spoilt brat. And she knew it very well.

“ohh.…yeah I forgot” he smiled sheepishly as he knew he was caught and there is no use of further explanation.
“come home right now. And bring ur cousin too” She ordered and hung up.
He sighed in relief. “hey devil what happened” He heard rahul calling him. And turned around to find his cousin and the girl he was flirting with. Approaching him. Devil is the name given to him by his girlfriend or u can say girlfriends. His character perfectly matches with the name. He changes girlfriend like one change underwear.
“mom called and asked both of us to reach home right now” he said and quickened his steps towards his car.
“whoa……whoa why me” rahul complained any one can tell by his expression that he was scared.
“because she wants to meet u” he teased him and tugged himself in the driving seat and motioned him to come inside.
“and what about me” the girl crossed her arm in her chest throwing a cold look at him.
“catch u later baby” he winked at her and drove off.
“u are such a blo*dy bastard” she stomped her foot and shouted at him.
Both brothers high-fived and laughed at her.

Guyzz I know here bihaan is totally different and if u want me to continue plzz do tell me. I would be glad to hear ur response.

Credit to: Mineey(mishti)

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  1. Ofcourse you continue dear 🙂 such a nice ff this is i will never miss it 😛

  2. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    Hey Mishti it’s awesome but why is it not published in TPK page?

  3. continue it’s really great

  4. hi mishti… its quiet different… so plz continue dr… I am a huge fan of you!!!

  5. I would like to call you MINEEY…welcome back and its really interesting one.

  6. Hi mishti. ..I love ur writing…it seems very interesting ff….plz update next part soon and make it lengthy one….plzz dear…Good luck. ..

  7. Hi Mineey/ Mishti 🙂 First of all your ff is nice, and please continue with it! Secondly, I was wondering if you watch Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi……? If yes, could you pleasee do an ff on that or an os based on its ongoing track? Since you’re an amazing writer, I thought of asking you……

  8. my dear mineey love ur work

  9. mineey(mishti)

    Thankyou my friends Emz…fatarajo…sweety…tara…vinlora…juggu…pooja. I am So overwhelmed with ur response. I will definitely continue. and yeah ayushri sorry dear i don’t watch that show. I only watch tpk and sometimes kasam and swaragini But not that one.
    but i am soo honoured that u asked me to wirte. Thankyou dear.

  10. Mishtiiiiiiiiiiiii. …when u are updating next part??? I’m eagerly waiting yaar…

  11. Prtibha(a Swasan n Thahaan Fan)

    Wow yr u back with a blast mineey….i don’t have words to praise ur writing n imagination skill…just superb …do continue n please update soon .i can’t wait anymore….bihaan is entirely different here..n his bonding with vasu also different…m eager to c thapki….all the best

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