The Dawn (intro)


Hi guys. This is saya here. Well, I like watching CAS. But day before yesterday i.e. 20 april, what the f**k it was??? Seriously. I left it mid-way only, before the first break and after watching the precap, as I was unable to watch so much negativity and such a treatment meted out to Ashok even in precap also. I came here on this page just to view the precap so that I could watch if it was fine enough. A befitting reply… well I continued watching it and I loved it to the core. It would have been better if it would have been purely fictional rather than showing it under historical show and distorting everything up to a great extent.

Now I love to write fictional stories. And after watching Bindusar’s reply to what ashok said and poured everything that he had in his heart I was just shocked. Everyone in this world understands him except his own father. God, what all he said to ashok. I just felt so disgusted and I felt writing something.

DISCLAIMER: the following is purely a work of fiction. Everything is fictional so please I request you all not to link it with history. The story revolves around four brothers…ashok, sushim, shiamak and drupad (I loved his character but the writers… Argh!!!) so in my story ashok’s role will always be played by the sid (I just love this wonder child… his skills are just fab). You may think that I’m crazy as I’m keeping sid also as grown up ashok…but still…sid all the way?

Here we go…

The clanking of the metal swords could be heard of till a great distance. So was the force and effort poured into it that everyone watching it just prayed that the other one is not injured. One final masterstroke and one of them lay on the ground with his sword laying at a considerable distance. ‘Bhrata Ashok,’ he uttered with a smile on his face as he looked up at him. Sweat droplets were still clinging on his forehead as he removed his sword from Drupad’s neck. He extended his hands as Drupad held his brother’s hand and was pulled up by Ashok.

‘Today’s training was great bhrata. I enjoyed it.’ Drupad said with excitement beaming in his face as he wrapped his arms around Ashok’s waist and hugged him. Ashok broke the hug as he bent on his knees and passed on an ever beaming smile at Drupad.

‘You’ll see bhrata one day I’ll win over you in this.’

‘Oh yes!!! You have been saying this from the past two months.’

Hearing him say this, Drupad crossed his arms in front of his chest as he looked away from him and acted to sulk. Ashok held his nose between his fingers as he filled it a bit. Both exchanged a friendly banter between them as they began playfully hitting each other.

Their brotherly bond was witnessed by Sushim from behind one of the pillars in the balcony. Whereas, Siamak was also a witness to this. Evil plans were taking shape in their evil minds as they started scheming in order to separate them and to denounce Ashok from the race to be the contender of the next heir of the crown.

Thank you guys for reading it. I just need your support, love and comments. Whether I’ll continue or not depends on your comments and every type of comment is welcome. So do comment guys because only that will decide the fate of THE DAWN. If I continue, then the next epi will be on 1 or 2 may. Love you all. ?

A final note to all those who liked even a bit of it and love reading more stories: MY LAYERED DEMEANOUR… tis the name of the other story I’m penning down and is being posted on TU. You can enjoy reading it and I’ll be glad.


Credit to: saya

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  1. Interesting story, i like it so far. Just when it comes to love interest dont listen to others nust do you and please no kauri bashing. I like both girls and i hope sushim falls in love and stop his evil ways lol

    1. Hi kanie. Thanks. Sushim in love?? … I’ll think about that

  2. Hey saya, it’s too good, awesome ….I’m also not into so much negativity…I also watch CAS along with my family. …n my kids so fond of this show….i go wonder how? ……they don’t know hindi, just as we talk in home, just that they know being in USA…but they watch this show n understand shudh pure hindi…sometimes I translate some words to them but they enjoy this show a lot…I loved your storyline n plot. ..will wait for the next episode. you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh …I also start reading your new love story at wordpress “Tender pearls of my love”…its really superbbbb. …bye take care sweetie

  3. Hay finally someone wrote a fanfic about this good show. I’m also going to write a fanfic about Justin/ Noor. How their love started and it end. I know their love was wrong but i want show their side of story too. Best wishes for your story

    1. Hi priya…best wishes for your story too. I’ll try to read when i get time ?

  4. CAS rock the world!

    Finallyyyyyyy SOMEONE thought of making a fan fiction for this.
    Please try and upload every weekend at least.
    And pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee make ashoka and Kaurvakis love story amazingly amazing.
    Please add many ashok-kaurvaki scenes.pleaseeee

    1. hey…well, I’m really crazy. I know I should be regular but in spite of knowing that i will be irregular i started writing this story. actually, i have my practical exams from this Mon and then i’ll be appearing for my end semester exams. But as soon as everything ends, i’ll be regular. just need your support ?

      1. CAS rock the world!

        Yeah that’s okay. But please add ashoks and Kaurvakis scenes long and nice okay

  5. Hey why don’t you write your story in wattpad ..people will like it..

    1. Thanks dear. wattpad…well, my stories are only on TU and wordpress. i haven’t thought about it yet.

  6. plz continue.super sid as grown up .i wish it to be in the serial also.plz add ashokand kaurwki ‘s love story .its just request .thank u for this ff.lovd it alot

    1. Hi appu … thanks dear ?

  7. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, nice story… I wish you continue writting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi dear. Thanks a lot… you’ll get to know soon ?

  8. hi appu … thanks dear ?

  9. Superb saya 🙂 i love this show i am great fan of sid 😉 :-* and thanks for this amazing fanfic

    1. Hi Emz. Thanks a lot dear

  10. ur way of writing is too impressive n attractive dear….plzzzz do continue… for the sake of all CAS lovers dude!!!!!….. negetivity kuch zyada hi ho gaya…ab thoda accha lag raha hai after reading ur ff….gud work saya..carry on!!!!…v l support u dear…

    1. Hi cookie… Thank you so much dear ?

  11. Soooooo nice and pleeeeeeeeeeese continue your writing is so good.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks dear. May i call you hersh?

      1. sure u may

  12. ashoka the great

    pls pls continue but with a bigger story plssss

    1. Yes sure. I’ll continue ?

  13. BTW I have 2 names

  14. A final word to all those who wanted me to continue The Dawn- I’m really sorry guys, I’ll be unable to continue here. I had written here because I was fed up with all the negativity shown in serial. Even though, I didn’t receive any bad comments, yet I read all those under Abhinav’s story by chance and I am really disappointed by all these. I have decided not to continue it here. I had started writing the next epi for you all but I won’t post it here. I might post it on by blog if I want to.
    Thanks to all those who supported me.

    1. Thanks for supporting me but i am thinking of creating a page on fb for CAS fanfic would you like to post there here i don’t think they will support us.

  15. hey Abhinav. you can send me the link of that fan fiction page, whenever you create. I would like to read your story there as soon as I get time? I would think about posting. need some time.

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