The Dark Tunnel (Episode 1)

Sanskar was stabbed by someone on his heart.. the knife pierced his heart and he was pushed from the cliff.leading to the end of maheshwaris clan…
A boy around the age of 25 can be seen running with the speed of light …in the woods..he saw a man falling from the cliff..he smelled the blood smeared on his body..he recognised the smell very well..all these things made him hell angry.
From the scent ..that was dispersed in the atmosphere of the forest … lakshya the new born …easily come to know ..that he brother is also killed ..just like he was two years ago…
Lakshya maheshwari was dead…the blood in his veins was frozen…he didn’t had the pulse change ..and the heart beat…his eyes ..had developed a blue pigmentation like rest of his clan…he quickly jumped in air and hold his brother’s the Nick of time…his brother had already lost the breath..and now like a good dead body…he was turning blue…and black….
Lakshya ..didn’t cry or felt pain holding his brother dead in his arm..what most he was disgusting at that time …that his brother’s blood was provoking him to treat him as his prey ..and quench his thirst of blood ..from someone of his own dried blood….
Reality striked lakshya..and put his brother on the ground. …and he bite him on his hand …and then put it back on his chest…he tried to read his thoughts ..but he won’t be able to retrive any knowledge from his dead brain…
He throw his brother on his shoulder like a potato sack…and again got dissappered in woods….
The sun rays always irritate him….and he needs to avoid it …his brother is wounded badly ..he himself don’t know that his brother will respond to this change or not….
But as usual maheshwari’s don’t give up easily…..
Swara and ragini gadodia ….both are twins by birth ….were completely heart broken….Sara was not able to breath properly ….he had lost her love …sanskar…though they shared always a boss employee relationship ..but Sara was in deep love with sanskar…sanskar was unaware of her feelings….but still heart is always everyone ‘s weak point ….
Ragini who was now wishing only to die …can’t stop herself from crying….fate has this time played with her sister….
Two years back…lakshya’s parents fixed marriage of lakshya with ragini…though marriage was arranged by their parents lakshya and ragini …didn’t know each other…
According to Swara …it was love at first sight for lakshya…his gaze on ragini always make her more nervous.. she dropped her eyes more when he shamelessly check her out infront of everyone ..ragini like his gaze on her …but this new feelings…new attraction..newly appearing immense blush on her body was always stopping her to look into his eyes.. .he didn’t talk to her very much…but she know that he didn’t like her chatting with some other men.. sometimes not even his own handsome brother sanskar …
He was pretty possessive about her… …..
Ragini well remembered ..that when they were always left alone to talk ….he used to take her to his favourite place….and he used to continue blabbering …and she only nodding …and smiling…..
She remembered very well ….that once he hold her waist…his hand were on her bare belly ..and he pushed her towards him all of a sudden and planted a deep kiss ….yeah it was forced one he was hell angry when he found her dancing with some other handsome hunk ..who was her college friend…and she was also laughing at his silly jokes…his gaze was fixed on both of them at that time…after that he dragged her and kissed her hard …until her lips oozed out blood …she had started crying because of pain….and then he quickly hugged her to console her and only muttered …few words…”if iam alive or dead …don’t you dare to get close to any other man…you are only mine”.
She got scared a lil..but she was liking his possessiveness towards her…
But fate cheated her ..he was killed on the day of his engagement with her…she was not able to get even engaged with him…
Ragini came back to present .. and swara …she was not moving at all …frozen …completely.. because of the shock…

Precap:-sanskar opened his eyes….and brothers hunt…

So guys do comment…should I continue or not…

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