so here is an os it was running in my mind for long and thought it to pen down
DISCLAIMER: RUVYA(RUDRA AND BHAVYA) fans stay away from it and bashers too because its purely a content of rumya shivika and rikara
All the workers were running here and there pinky jhanvi and dadi ordering the workers sakthi and tej seeing the preparations and shivka romancing ,rikara doing the important shiv idol and everyone were busy in there works that no one noticed the one who should be the happiest person THE RUDRA SINGH OBEROI is in great confusion
why he should be confused he should be happy right its his marriage with his love bhavya then why he is confused?????? is he feeling jealous of him????? noooooooo right’ why should he feel jealous of the reyaan because he is romancing with his sumo nope his mind warned him she is not ur sumo now she is reyaan’s and he can’t further think of anything has is mind moved towards the past where the confusion has started
it was the time rudra came to know every truth of bhavya he was disheartened he was breaked from inside how can she cheat him she could have told him the truth right but why didn’t she told him abouth this why?????????????? every question was running around his mind when she told him that she used him for the case his mind stopped working there
ofcourse’ he was strong by body but not by heart and it took almost 1 month to clear there misunderstanding and atlast he moved towards his bhabhi room and told bhabhi i am in love with bhavya and his bhabhi’s were jumping and yelling and bhavya parents accepted his everything was fine but everything moved wrong when she arrived
it was the day he is going to claim bhavya as his fiance but his heart was telling him that he is going to meet his solace but he was confused his solace his standing in front of him then why the feeling of meeting his solace his coming
he rubbed every thought from his mind when he find bhavya telling him something ofcourse now she started to share every single matter with him but he wasn’t sharing when he went to ask about this to his brothers they told”IF U ARE GOING TO SHARE UR PERSONAL MATTERS WITH THAT PERSON U MUST HAVE TRUST IN THAT PERSON WITH WHOM U ARE GOING TO SHARE UR VIES” came his bhaiya’s reply. rudra was now tottally confused and as though adding fuel to the already burning fire she came on his engagement day
ALL were selecting dresses for each other when they see shivaay coming with a girl entering the oberoi mansion all screamed at unison ‘SOUMYA” all were asking her numerous question but he was checking out her ofcourse he was she had become pale the spark in her eyes were lost she has become slim and why not she was not cute also any more something was lost in her she was looking like a “A BODY WITHOUT A SOUL”. His thoughts were breaked when he find bhavya asking who is she could he can say that she is ex wife .
All says’ WELL BEGUN IS HALF DONE’ and like that the half day was also gone and it was time for the engagement too when rudra see soumya he holded her wrist she looked at him and he asked WHY ARE U MARRYING THAT REYAAN U HAD A BREAKUP RIGHT and she being she said that”IT MY PERSONAL LIFE MR.OBEROI AND U ARE NO ONE TO INTERFERE IN THAT YES WE HAD A BREAKUP BUT IT WAS DUE TO MISUNDERSTANDING AND NOW WE HAD A PATCH UP TOO” she stated and moved away nor waiting for his reply. he was shocked how could she call him mr.oberoi did she hate him that much his past harsh words came into his minds.
The time for the engagement to arrived soon he was looking at the doorway when his fiance entered and he found his anika bhabhi saying in his ears, “don’t look at her like that rudra” and my trance was broken but she had a misunderstanding he was not looking at bhavya but he was looking at soumya who was wearning a golden colous salwar looking elgant and beautiful and he found mallika di and her husband sidharth saying at chorus”IT WAS NOT LATE RUDRA U HAVE STILL TIME WE KNOW U STILL DON’T KNOW TO TAKE A DECISION BUT REMEBER U ARE MADLY IN LOVE WITH HER ‘ they said. IS HE ???????? he asked to himself.
“i am not in love with her and my family love bhavya more than saumya ” he said
mallika retorted” am i seeing a another version of sso here ur family care more for saumya then bhavya” she said
“why do u think that” he asked
she told”they doesn’t want bhavya to feel insecure because of saumya that’s why”
“no “he said ” do u have any proof for that” he asked after a bit
“i may show u” she said and looked at sid bhai who moved towards a waiter and told something and a looked and rudra and rudra nodded his head.
after a minute a found the same waiter coming towards them with two glasses of juice and he took one and asked bhavya to take one when bhavya holded the glass it breaked into pieces and her palm started to bleed when all the oberoi’s started to scold the waiter for his work.
AND after a while when all were aiding bhavya’s hand he can see a man with a knife moving towards soumya and cutting her palm and saumya screamed”AHHH” all the oberois who till now didn’t finished the first aid of oberoi runned towards saumya and started to aid her and the mens started to beat the waiter ofcourse it was a mere fault and the cut was also not deep has bhavya but before he could react he found his gauri bhabhi crying she was not that much attached with saumya like anika but he came to know that she was looking and take care saumya like a child.
and he found mallika smirking at him it was not finished his confusions were raising only and finally his marriage day also arrived.
The bride and groom were sitted at the mandap and it’s time for the bride and groom to take the wedding rounds and then only it happened he standed he has come to a conclusion that he doesn’t love bhavya it was his infactuation and nothing else he had taken a lot of time but it was not late right he moved towards saumya bhavya looked at him questionly
r-i am sorry it was late but i know i am deeply and madly in love with u
s- but i am not i am loving reyaan and i am going to marry him said saumya with a pitch of attitude ofcourse anygirl wouldn’t accept the boy who left out her hand at the middle of their journey and she wouldn’t because she has some self respect right and rudra mind soon come up with a idea
r- its ok miss sumo wrestler see today at this mandap i am going to propose a girl and she is going to marry me and u are going to see it
s-whatever i don’t care
rudra moving to bhavya and asking
r- i know bhavya i did wrong by getting up from the mandap and u know i am madly in love with u will u be the sun of my life
b- awwwwwwwwwwwwwww
rudra and bhavya was about to hug each other but someone pushed both of them on the ground and there mouth hung open to the ground looking at the person it was saumya
s- then be 122279858079617576 kms away from him because pati ohh mera she said angryily and started to beat rudra with her hand when rudra hugged her she was quite and crying
r- i love u saumya
s- i hate u u dumbell singh oberoi
r- i know it he said
and he looked at bhavya she was smiling at him and said i know u both had a misunderstanding i loved u rudra but do u know u would be happy with saumya more than me be happy she said and moved away
and he looked at his family members who jumped at him at a unision and said we are waiting for this moment only and they had a DIL BOLE OBEROI moment
authors note; i know its quite boring but what to do i love rumya as thought i started to adjust with ruvya they can’t do the magic they did so only thought to pen down my work on rumya


  1. Liya


    |Registered Member

    Loved it😍😍😍 I miss rumya soo much 😭😭😭thankyou for this sweet OS

  2. Neha

    Bhavya character s good….CVs have even given her good scenes and dialogues but Mansi Srivastava as Bhavya has failed to impress….Mansi lacks expressions….She just has 2 expressions..1 shocked expression and other that she carries in every scene…. Leenesh Matoo s awesome as Rudra….Rain scene Of Rudra was so dull due to lack of expressions on Mansi ‘s face…Coming to Cop part Dialogue delivery is very poor..Lacks energy….

  3. Fahiiazeez

    I wish these scene will be onscreen soon avd u know what dii 99% people still loves soumya and rumya jodi alot I want them to be back

  4. AMkideewani


    |Registered Member

    Love it mossing Raumya a lot, really you are a great writer😍😍😍❀️❀️❀️😭😭😭😭

  5. AMkideewani


    |Registered Member

    Love it missing Raumya a lot, really you are a great writer😍😍😍❀️❀️❀️😭😭😭😭

  6. Nilash


    |Registered Member

    Ishu it was awesome and not at all boring. We all miss RUMYA like hell but there is no hope of getting them back. Thank You so much for this lovely OS. It was really a treat to read. Please keep us gifting this type of RUMYA OS.
    It was amazing dear

  7. Fenil


    |Registered Member

    Love Rumya Missing Rumya And Ishkara.
    Such sweet OS.
    Liked the way Mallika and Sid try to explain Rudy.
    U know what i m missing old Omkara and Old Rudra also.
    Confusion hi confusion hai solution ka pata nahi ….:P:P:P:D:D

    Great writing WalkyTalky.
    Write more.

  8. Sakash.


    |Registered Member

    Hi ishu i am Sakash.Superb.It’s not boring Ishu.U create magic in it.I loved to the core.U rocked it.🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  9. Vigan

    How could you said tat it’s boring yar it’s awesome, I love rumya more than ruvya, actually I don’t like a bit of ruvya pair I dnt knw y they change rumya pair I really miss rumya moments a lot.. 😟😟 miss them so badly and really hate to see rudra love story with bhavya now… 😠😠😠 but it’s was awesome ff dear I love it and thank u to make tis pair united in ur ff.. love u yar.. 😍😍😍😘😘😘

  10. Mahi-IshKara

    OMG… It was soooooo cute. Loved RuMya. Missing them a lot. I hope Soumya comes back. In my POV both RuMya nd GauRa don’t have da magic which had RuMya nd IshKara(sorry if I hart any RuVua or GauRa fan). Hey Ishu u also like both IshKara nd GauRa right?

    • Ishuyamjha



      yep asthough ishkara was a magical couple i adjusted with gaura but speaking about ruvya literally i am still hating them and if it come for ishkara are gaura i will definitely choose ishkara only and thank u for reading it dear

  11. UF


    Hey ishuyamjha
    Iam missing RuMya very much😭RuMya ko wapas laane ka ek option Mila hai aap ishqbaaz ki 7 July episode ka written update ki comment main swathi ne ek link diya hai.rumya ko wapas laane ke liye ek petition hai.uss main sighn karna hoga aap jaldhi se wo check karo.tho aapko samajh aayega😊

    Take care

  12. JhanviPatel


    |Registered Member

    Omg nishuuuuu…u are such a great writer… 😍😍…
    And how dare u calling this ff boring?… This is just Amazing… I just loved it…😍
    Missing Rumya so badly…πŸ˜₯…
    But thanks to you nishu… In this ff I got my all favorite characters of ib… SIDDHATH, MALLIKA and Especially RUMYA😍😍😍😘😘… And my dream scene of ib RUMYA CONFESSION AND MARRIAGE πŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜… thanks nishu for this brilliant ff… I just LOVED IT…😍😍😘😘

  13. Gayathri.visu


    |Registered Member

    Awww!!! Awesome… Missing Sowmya/Rumya like hell! First they did it with Ishana/Ishkara…….now Rumya! Very very bad CVs…..very bad!

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