The Cinderella of Modern era (few shots) By Niyu Shot 4

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Recap : Nayab get job in Faris’s company

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Nayab return from her interview

Mishal : Appi, Allah ka shukr hai aap a gayi warna abhi tak toh humara ammi ke haathon katl ho jaana tha .(Thank God , u came or else I will die from the hands of Ammi(mother) ).

Seerat : Stop being melodramatic Mishi . Noor, She is just making u worried & Ammi didn’t ask about u anything .

Nayab : Mishi…Don’t do these type of jokes with me.

Mishal : Batayein Appi job mili aapko ya nahi.( Tell Appi Did u get job or not)

Seerat : Yeah tell Noor.

Mishal : Appi yeh horror fimo ki tarah suspense badhana band karein aur jaldi bataye.( Appi , stop making suspense like horror films & do tell fast )

Nayab : Relax …I got that job.

They both jump in excitement .

Mishal : Yipee…I know u are that much talented that no one refused to give job to u.

Seerat : Wow,I am so happy for u . Congo Noor.

They both start dancing crazily while she nods her head in disbelief.

Aamna : What is happening here ? Why are u all making noises.

Mishal : Because Appi get job .

Seerat is trying to closed her mouth but her all efforts go in vain.

Amna : What’s the need of job ?

Nayab : Aunty, I thought to help u in financial problems.

Amna : What about ur university ?

Nayab : I will do that job after my university like part-time job.

Amna : You are not going anywhere. If something happen , then who will be responsible.

Seerat : Ammi Ye kis tarah ki behudi baatein kar rahi hain ….Aap hosh mein toh hain.( Ammi , What are u saying ….Are u in ur senses).

Amna : Beech mein bolne ki zaroorat nahi hai tumhe …Mein tumhari Maa hoon tum nahi …Tameez se baat karo.( No need of interfere in between…I am ur mother not u are mine , so talk with some respect )

Nayab : Seerat, Don’t come in between.

Amna : Look Noor, I have to answerable to people & that’s why I never give permission.

Mishal : Ammi , then what do u want that Appi forget her dreams & leave her studies in between.

Amna : That’s I don’t know but ur parents leave u on me as responsibility .

Nayab : But I already signed the contract & now I can’t leave that job.

Amna : You have to think this before hiding from me & it’s ur problem not mine .

She looks on shocked with tears. She rushed from there.

Mishal : Appi..

Seerat : Ammi, Aapne ye accha nahi kiya. ( Ammi, You don’t do this right)

Mishal : Chodo inhe toh waise bhi kon sa fark pad jaana hai humare naraz hone se . Chalo yahan se .(Leave her , she have no effect of our talks . Let’s go from here)

They both move toward her room.

Seerat : Noor, Please open the door.

She said while banging the door.

Mishal : Appi , Ek baar darwaaza khol de na hum waada karte hai ab kabhi bhi tang nahi karenge Seerat ko na Aapko.( Appi , Open the door once . I promise that i never irritate u & Seerat )

She open the door & hugged them.

Nayab : Why are u both crying ? Don’t worry I will convinced Aunty .

Seerat : You don’t have to do that Noor . Let me do that in my way.

Mishal : Koi Allah ka banda mere liye paani le aaye , itne aasoon bahaye hai na kahin dehydration na ho jaye…( Anyone bring water for me , I cried so much for u that maybe I will get dehydration )

Nayab & Seerat give her unbelievable look,

Seerat : Oh no ..Not again, Shuru ho gayi iski notanki.( She start her drama )

Mishal : Lagta hai aap donon allah ke bande behre hai , Paani nahi le kar aaye humare liye.( Seems like you both are deaf , You don’t bring water for me)

Seerat : Tujhe to bathtub mein duba doon agar zyada dehydration ho gaya ho.( I will drown u in bathtub if u feel dehydrated)

Their tom & jerry fight again get started . A smile smile appear on her face while they both messed the room from running here & there .

Nayab (think) : Ya Allah , tujhse badhkar koi mera raazdar nahi hai phir kyun khushi ek pal mein dekar cheen leta hai. Mujh par rehm farma.( Ya Allah, there is not any secret keeper of mine except u then why did u snatched my happiness in one sec…Do pity on me)

A teardrop fall from her eyes & she wiped away.

Mishal : Appi bachaiye humein Seerat naam ki chudail se.( Appi, save me from this witch (chudail))

Seerat : Ruk jaa ladki , tujhe toh aaj koi nahi bacha sakta .( Stop it, No one can save u )

Nayab : Enough ….I am going to prepare dinner till then u both clear this mess.

Mishal : What ! No way ,Appi I have headache ….Ya Allah , Please save me I don’t want to die in this much young age.

Seerat : Shut up Mishi . Dramebaaz kahi ki.

Nayab : Mishi , How many times I told u that don’t do these type of talks with me . You both are my life. If something happen to u both , then I will die.

Seerat : Noor, Please don’t make me emotional .

Mishal : Ha Appi agar iska makeup utar gaya na rone se toh aap asli chehra dekhkar khauf se behosh ho jayengi.(Yeah Appi , if her makeup got runied then u become unconscious from fear after looking her real face)

Seerat : Mishal….You are gone now.

In Morning –

Trio is leaving for university while Nayab is still tensed because of last night incident.

Seerat : Noor, Will u go for job today?

Nayab : No, not now . I have to make Aunty agree first .

Seerat : Then, what about ur contract.

Nayab : Don’t know….Leave that , we are getting late.

After attending classes, trio are sitting in canteen . Suddenly Mishal phone beeps & her face become pale.

Mishal : Appi, I am going to take order.

They both nods her heads.

Seerat : Noor, I know u are tensed but u are not showing as u don’t want to make us worried . Mishi is immature but I can understand everything clearly . You can’t hide from me.

Nayab : Seerat , Mushkilein toh har kisi ki zindagi mein hoti hai bas Allah kisi ki mushkilein jaldi aasan kar deta hai aur kisi ki der mein kyunki wo jaanta hai ki wo insaan un mushkilon se der tak ladne ki himmat rakhta hai.( Seerat, everyone has problems in life just Allah solve someone’s problems very fast & solve some people problems in long time as he know that person have ability to fight with problems longly .)

Seerat : Jo bhi bola na sab dimag ke upar se gaya bas itna pata chala ki tumhare paas bahut sabr hai.(Everything u said fly over my head but I just get it that u have much patience level).

Seerat : Waise Mishi order lene gayi hai ya banane lag gayi .( Mishi went to take order or she start preparing with them).

Nayab: I am going….You wait here.

Nayab walked from there . She saw Mishal from distance outside the canteen.

Nayab : Ya Allah ye ladki canteen ke bahar kya kar rahi hai…
(Ya Allah,What is she doing outside)

She see Mishal is talking with someone.

Mishal : How many times I told u to stay away from me.

Rahil : Why don’t u understand that I changed my behaviour ….Forgive me Mishi.

Mishal : Shut up ! It’s already over .

He tightly hold her hand in rage.

Mishal : How dare u ? I said leave me now or else I will complain in police .

He leave her with a jerk & she loses her balance but Nayab hold her.

Mishal : Appi , Wo hum….(Appi,I was….)

Nayab : Thodi der aap chup rahiye (Keep silent for sometime .)

She give tight slap to him.

Nayab : How dare u to behave like this with my sister.

Nayab : Agar agli baar se humari behn ka nazdeek nazar aaye toh humse bura koi nahi hoga.( Next time, if I see u near her , then no one is more dangerous than me)

He fumes & leave from there.

Mishal : Appi, Ammi ko mat batayega warna jaan se maar dalengi humein.( Appi, Don’t tell this to Ammi or else she will kill me)

Nayab : Mishi humari narazgi is baat se nahi hai ki aapne ye baat chupayi balki is baat par hai ki aapne humein aur Seerat ko batana bhi zaroori nahi samjha.( Mishi, I am not angry that u hide this but I am angry that u don’t feel important to tell us)

Mishal : Appi , I am sorry.

Nayab : Rona band karein aur chaliye.( Stop crying & Go from here)

She nods her head & move inside. Nayab turn & saw him with a girl while leaving.

Nayab : Who is that girl ? I am sure he is going to do that same with that innocent.

Suddenly someone called her name.

Saif : Nayab Aapi, Aap bahar kya kar rahi hai.( What are u doing outside)

Nayab (smiles ) : Nothing….Actually I am going inside only . Do u want to join us then come.

They both move inside while Seerat annoyedly look at her .

Seerat:( whisper ): Isko saath lekar kyun aayi hai tu.( Why did u bring him with u )

Nayab : Seerat , Why are u behaving weird . He is our friend .

Mishal : Saif bhai , Toh ab aap hi payment karna . ( Now , u have to do payment)

Nayab & Seerat give weird look to her.

Saif : Ha Choti…Kyun nahi( Yeah ….Why not)

Nayab : Saif , You know na Mishi has a habit of joking . Don’t take her seriously.

Mishal : Ya Khuda Appi , Aapne bahut bada gunah kar diya apni choti behn ka dil dukha ke.( Ya Khuda Appi , you commit a big sin as u hurt ur small sister)

Seerat : Chup ho jaa yaar Notanki.(Shut up u dramaqueeen)

Trio start laughing.

On the other side –

Ayaan : Where is ur new employee Bro. Look how irresponsible she is ?

Faris : Ayaan , Why are u making me irritated . She might be coming. Let me do my work.

Ayaan : If she don’t come then…

Faris : Dekh mujhe tang mat kar warna agli baar se Biryani banane ke liye mana kar doonga Ammi ko.
(Don’t make me irriated otherwise I told Ammi to not make Biryani for u)

Ayaan : Yaar tu serious kyun ho raha hai Bhai …Biryani kahan se aa gayi beech mein.(Why are u taking it seriously….From where did Biryani come in between).

Faris : Notanki.

Faris called in Reception .

Receptionist : Yes Sir , Do u need anything ?

Faris : Tell Nayab to come in my cabin.

Receptionist : Sorry Sir, but she didn’t come yet.

Faris : What ! Call her & inform her if she become irresponsible like this , them she maybe lost her job.

He said while cutting the call.

Receptionist told same Nayab on call while she become worried.

Seerat : What happen Noor?

She asked with concern.

Nayab : Seerat, this is call from company where I get job. They say
if I don’t go , then I will lost my job.

Seerat (think) : How dare they to make my sister worried.

Mishal : Appi, Everything become fine soon.

Seerat : Noor , Can u give me ur phone . I have to call someone.

She give her phone to her while she call the receptionist & ask the Company’s name.

She came back .

Mishal : Kahan gayi thi ? (Where were u)

Seerat : Nowhere ….You guys go home , I will join u later .

Nayab : Why ….What happen Seerat.

Seerat : I have some important work…

They both nods positively & leave from there without knowing what is going in her mind .

She take a cab & reached at the company.

Seerat : I want to meet ur boss .

Receptionist : Mam, first tell who are u & you can’t meet without appointment .

Seerat : Shut up ! Appointment….my foot. Ghamand mein choor tumhare boss jaise insaan mujhe bilkul pasand nahi.( I don’t like egoistic humans like ur boss)

Faris come outside after listening noises.

Faris : What’s happening here ?

Receptionist : Sir, this girl want to meet u without any appointment.

Seerat turn toward him & get shocked.

Faris : Aap phir aa gayi mujhse ladne.( You again came for fighting)

Seerat : Tum…(You…)

Screen freezes …

Precap – Seerat fight with Faris while Nayab tried to solve the misunderstandings between them

Here are the actors who played characters here in this fs –

Minal Khan as Seerat Fatimah ( left)
Aiman khan as Mishal Fatimah (right)

Sajal Ali as Nayab Fatimah

Imran Abbas as Faris Siddiquie

Bilal Abbas as Ayaan Raza

Zahid Ahmed as Rahil

Kinza hashmi as Aima Siddiquie

Hope u guys like it . Kindly ignore grammatical & spelling errors . Do share ur views . Keep smiling & Be happy .

Niyati (Niyu)

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