The Cinderella of Modern Era (few shots) by Niyu Shot 3

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Recap : Introduction of new characters

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Nayab is continuously listening their so called fight which is making her irritated.

Nayab : Allah jaane kab aap donon bachon ki tarah ladna band karengi.( When will you both stop fighting like childrens )

Mishal : Humse kya keh rahi hai Appi ….Is chudail se kahiye .( Why are u saying to me Appi. Say to this Chudail)

Nayab : Mishi , Is this any way to talk from ur elder sister.

Seerat : Isne kabhi seekha ho toh jaanegi na.( If she ever learn , then only she know how to behave)

Nayab : Accha chodo ye sab Ghar ke liye deri ho rahi hai humein .Chalein….( Leave that . We are getting late for home . Come …let’s go)

They both nods her heads & trio leave from there . They reached at their house .

Nayab is thinking about Amna’s words & decided to apply for some jobs but she is nervous .

Nayab : Ya Allah, Ab aap hi bataiye ki hum Aunty ko ghar se bahar rehne ke liye kaise manaye aur hum jhoot bolna nahi chahte.( Ya Allah , Now u only tell me how I get Aunt’s agreement for job & I also don’t want to tell lie)

She said confusingly.

Mishal : Appi aap par kya jinnat chadh gaye hai , ye apne aap se kyun baatein kiye jaa rahi hain.(Appi seems like ghost enter in u .Why are u talking to yourself )

Seerat : Tujhe kyun nahi Chad jaate hai ….Kam se kam peccha toh chootega hum sab ka teri jaisi bala se.( Why can’t any ghost enter in you ….At least we become safe from a problem like u)

Mishal give angry look to her .

Nayab : Phir shuru ho gayi aap donon.Abhi ke abhi jaiye humare kamre se .( You both again started . Get out from my room now)

Nayab throw them out & they both make puppy faces.

Mishal : Appi, Let me come inside . Seerat is disturbing element .

Seerat : Don’t behave like innocent soul Mishi . Let me come inside Noor.

Nayab : Not at all….

She closed the door with a thud on their face while they give weird look to each other & leave from there

Nayab : Pata nahi Allah, Aapki marzi kya hai . Humesha humein hi musibaton mein daal dete hain bas is baar sab accha ho ….( Don’t know Allah what’s your consent. You always make me fall in trouble . Hope this time everything happen good)

In Morning –

Nayab is trying to wake them.

Nayab : Mishi , Just wake up now.

Mishal : Kis khushi mein uth jaoon ..Sone de humein.( Why should I wake up ….Let me sleep)

Nayab : Seerat you only wake up .This is impossible to make Mishi understand.

Seerat : Kya ho gaya yaar Noor.Itni subah kon uthta hai.( What happen Noor. Who will wake up this much early)

Nayab : Fazr ki Namaaz ka waqt jaa raha hai , aapko kuch khabar bhi hai.( It’s time for Fazr Namaaz, do u know it)

Seerat immediately jump from bed.

Seerat : Ya Allah How can I forget Namaaz . Shukriya Noor Aapka .

Nayab : How can I wake up her.

Seerat : Thappad laga do isko.( Give her a slap)

Nayab nods her head in disbelief while Seerat run toward the washroom.

Nayab : Enough is Enough Mishi, Now get up or else I will complain to Aunty.

She get up with shock .

Mishal : Ya Khuda , Appi don’t behave like those typical serial stepsisters .

Seerat : Haan waise hi iska gala kyun nahi daba deti Noor.
( Why would’nt you strangle her neck like those sisters)

Mishal : I will see u later Moti .

Nayab leave from there for preparing breakfast . After sometime , they both come downstairs.

Seerat : Let me help u Noor.

Mishal : Appi, I will also help u.

Nayab : Aap toh rehne de Mishi. Kitchen ko kachre mein tabdeel nahi karna hai humein.( You don’t have to this .We do not want to change kitchen into dustbin)

Mishal anoyedly make pout.

Mishal : Huh….You both always make my fun. I never talk to u.

Seerat : Aww…Don’t behave like normal people .We start feeling weird.

Nayab : Yup , We like our crazy Mishi.

Suddenly her phone ring & she pick the call.

P.o.c ( Person on the call ) : Am I talking to Miss Nayab Fatimah.

Nayab : Yeah .

Girl : Mam , ur interview is today at 10 a.m .Make sure u don’t miss it.

Nayab : Of course …I will take care of time.

She said with a slight smile & cut the call…

Mishal : Why are u smiling Appi?

Seerat : Whom u were talking ?

Mishal : Ya Khuda Appi Don’t tell me u have a Boyfriend .

Nayab : Stop talking rubbish Mishi . That’s a call for job interview.

Seerat : Wow ….I hope u get this job.

Nayab : Yeah If this happen then our problems get solved . Can u both do one favour on me ?

Seerat : Tell , We can do anything for u .

Nayab : I have to go for job interview today . You both please hide this from Aunty .I will tell her after getting job.

Mishal : Ye toh humare exams se bhi mushkil hai. ( This is going to be difficult)

She said making them scared.

Seerat : Fizool mein mat darao use Mishi .Tum tension mat lo Noor, hum sab sambhal lenge.( Don’t make her scared .You don’t worry Noor we will manage)

She smile & hug their both sister.

After sometime , Nayab is getting ready for job interview . She picks her documents & leave from there while bidding bye to her sisters.

She take a cab & reached at the place .

Nayab : Excuse me , I am here for interview .

Receptionist : Yes mam , Please wait for some time.

She nods her head & sit on nearby chair.

Receptionist : Mam you can go now in Sir’s cabin in left direction .

She nods her head & move toward the direction. She bumped on someone in the way.

Faris : Aap yahan….Ab aap bhi mujhse yahan ladne aayi hain.( You here ….You also come here to fight with me)

Nayab : Nahi, Aap galat samajh rahe hai. Seerat humein lekar thodi si possessive hain isliye overreact kar diya. Agar aapko bura laga ho toh maafi chahte hain.( No, you misunderstood me. Seerat is lil bit possessive for me that’s why she overreact on that time. If u feel bad, then I am sorry for that).

Faris : Galti toh humari bhi thi. Waise aap yahan kar kya rahi hain.( It’s fine ….My mistake was also there . By the way how u came here)

Nayab : Kyun Humara yahan aana mana hai kya .( Is this area is restricted for me)

Faris : Nahi humne aisa kab kahan. Agar aapko koi kaam hai toh bataiye hum karwa dete hain.( No, When did I say that.If u need any help , u can ask me)

Nayab : Hum yahan interview ke liye aaye hain aur humeim sifarish ki koi zaroorat nahi hai.( I am here for interview & I don’t need any favours for my job from anyone)

Faris : Toh phir chalein interview ke liye.( Then come for interview )

Nayab : Aap kyun chalenge humare saath.( Why will u come with me)

Faris : Kyunki ye company meri hai.( Because it’s my company )

He said entering the cabin.

Nayab look at him with shock.

Faris : Kya hua….Baithiye.( What happen…Sit)

Nayab silently sit on chair while he is checking the documents.

Faris : Nayab Fatima….right.

She nods her head.

Faris : Isn’t your name sound weird.

Nayab : Isme weird kya hai

Faris : Nothing….I just want to say that it’s unique . Do u have any experience ?

Nayab : No, But if u don’t give me chance then I never get experience of working.

Faris : Well , I don’t take any risk for company but still give u a chance to prove yourself .You can join from tomorrow .

Nayab : I will come after university if u don’t have any problem.

Faris : If u are studying , then why do u want to join part time job.

Nayab : Some personal issues . I don’t want to tell.

Faris : Fine , I understand . You can come after ur university but u have to cover that gap as I don’t want any loss for my company.

She nods her head & leave from there.

Ayaan ( said while entering in his cabin) : Why did she come here?

Faris : Who ?

Ayaan : Really….You don’t know. I am talking about that girl .

Faris : Ohh …She want job. I just tell her to join.

Ayaan : Bro, How did u forget her sister who behave so much rudely with her?

Faris : What do u want that I don’t give her chance because of our personal fights . She is impressive & we need these type of employees.

Ayaan : But Bro…

Faris : Let’s go Ammi is waiting for us . She prepare Biryani for u.


Nayab slap Rahil & warn him to stay away from Mishi….Seerat get to know that Nayab is working in Faris’s company .

Hope u guys like it.Sorry for late update .Do comments & like/dislikes. Be happy & Stay safe .Kindly ignore grammatical & spelling errors.


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  1. Riana

    Superb episode Niyu ???…Wow Nayab had joined Faris’s company and she successfully even passed the interview well thats good…?…Precap is good and imteresting waiting…Niyu your this writting style is superb and clean…Use to do write in this style in Dastaan also…It looks really good ?…loveyou?

    1. Niyati

      Thank u so much di for ur comment. Yeah, my writing style is same in Dastaan too. Glad u liked it . Yeah, will update soon & love u ? ?

  2. Reebamathew

    wowwwwwwwwww dear its so beautiful so realistic. I really Loved it a lot. Nayab is really a sweet girl like me :p hahaha. I Love You a lot. Keep writing more and God bless you.

    1. Niyati

      Thanks di . Glad u like it . Yeah, will update soon & love u ? ?

  3. Neha.love7873

    It’s realistic and bang on . Keep writing dear

    1. Niyati

      Thanks a lot di & love u ? ?

  4. Silk-KeedaDas-Ki

    Niyu. Yaar awsome dear. Kya maja aagaya padne mein. Ek dam mast hai update. Sorry vo mein thoda late ho gayi but I enjoyed this a lot. Especially the trio sis is making me laugh so hard. ??????. Just awesome update and outstanding crafting of story. The format is very nice in terms of understanding. Do continue I want more of this.

    1. Niyati

      Thanks a lot di . Glad u like this . Ya, will update soon & love u ? ?

  5. TUFriendsForever

    The sisters bonding is just awesome superbb cuteeee Faris seems to be a good one ayaan is like me childish and briyani yum????run ayaan run and nayab is again unique aunty is quiet irritating for me I even don’t want to read her name mishi and seerat cool sisters and precap pretty schooling and exciting on the same time

    1. Niyati

      Thanks a lot dearie for ur comment . Glad to know u like it .Lots of love ? ?

  6. Hania

    Fabulous as always dear . Dialogues are very realistic . update soon

    1. Niyati

      Thanks dear & lots of love ? ?

  7. Pavithra1616

    So superb di!! Keep it up! U rocked it! Good concept! Update soon?

    1. Niyati

      Thanks Pavi …Glad u liked it .Lots of love ? ?

  8. Priyu

    It’s awesome niyuu. I hope nothing happens between nayab n Faris ?? waiting for the next part ?

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      Thanks a lot Priyu. Glad that u like it & let’s see what happen.Lots of love ? ?

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    Niyu….This is awesome…Loved the bond between the sisters…Nayab in Faris’s company…Waiting for the next update…Keep rocking dr…Love u loadz…

    1. Niyati

      Thank u so much di….Glad to know u like it….Lots of love to u ? ?

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