The Cinderella of Modern Era (few shots) By Niyu -Shot 2

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Recap : Introduction of main characters ….

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They three looked shocked.

Mishal : Ammi ….Look.Seerat throw a cushion on u ..

She said for adding fuel to the fire.

Nayab & Seerat look at each other cluelessly .

Seerat : Ya Allah ….Ammi,.She is lying .Can’t u believe on me.

Amna( Mishal & Seerat ‘s mother name ) : I have no times to listen ur arguments.

Mishal : Kyun Ammi , Time kahan bhaga jaa raha hai.

( Why Ammi , Where the time is gone )

She & Seerat both chuckled on her statement while Nayab give deadly glare to shut their mouth .

Amna : You both stop behaving like kids . Go & do some work inspite of sitting free here. Noor, I have some work for u .Come in my room.

Nayab nods her head while they both look suspeciously .Amna leave from there while she follow her.

Mishal : Ya Allah ! Now everyone start keeping secrets from us Seerat.

Seerat : Stop behaving like jasoos Mishi.

Mishal : Tum maro yahan…Hum toh jaa rahe hai un donon ki baatein sunne.
(You stay here…I am going to listen their talks).

Seerat : Haan…Jahannum mein jao(Yeah…Go to hell)

She said in rage but start following her.

Mishal : Ab kya Jahannum mein chalogi mere saath.( Now, u will come with me in hell).

Seerat : Leave that….Come fast.

Though they always fight like Tom & jerry but love to help each other .They both start peeping inside the room.

Inside the room –

Nayab : Ya, Tell Aunty….You want to say something .

( Nayab called her stepmother as Aunty as she don’t want to classified a mother)

Amna : Haan….Agli baar se tumhari university ki fees mein nahi de paungi .( I will not able to give fees of ur university next time).

She looked her in shock.

Amna : Now, don’t look like this.Don’t think that I am your stepmother that’s why I saying this. You know how much u have to sacrifice being a single parent of daughters. I don’t have much money to spend on ur university & then on ur marriage.

She feel bad but decided to not say anything as she know her words are true for today’s society .

Amna : I want that Mishal & Seerat both get married but u have to marry first. I just want relief from my all responsibilities .

She is upset for being a girl whose parents think her as a responsibilty .Her face fell down because her stepmother not only consider her but her own daughters as responsibilities .

She walked out from the room & enter in her room.She is lost in her thoughts .

“Ya Allah , Ladki sab ke liye zimmedari kyun rehti hai . Maa – baap ke liye zimmedaari doosre ghar ki , Shohar ke liye zimmedari aur phir apne bacchon ke liye zimmedari …Kyun ? Koi humein insaan kyun nahi samajhta ya phir ye zimmedari ka tag upar se lag kar aata hai “

( Why always everyone considered daughter as responsibility . When she is in her parents home , she is responsiblity of someone else home , She is responsibility for her husband after marriage & at last she is also resoinsibility for their childrens too…..Why..Why Nobody think us as a human or this responsibilty tag on us is given by God)

Suddenly ,Mishal tap on her shoulder .

Mishal : Appi, Aap pareshaan mat ho ye sab na wo pados wali aunty ki karamaat hai.Unhone hi Ammi ke kaanon mein ye fazool batein bhari hongi . ( Appi , Don’t worry.I know this happen because of that aunty who live in neighbourhood . She used to do this)

Nayab : Toh aap donon ne sab sun liya .( So U both listened everything)

Seerat : Haan….Mein toh nahi padne wali is shadi ki janzal mein.(Yeah….I don’t want to marry)

Mishal : Tu kya tension le rahi hai , tujhse shadi karega bhi kon .(Why are u taking tension .Who will marry you)

She start laughing at her both sisters antics .She hugged them.

Nayab : Stop fighting ….Don’t forget we have to go university tomorrow .We have time to think about this problem…Don’t worry .

She said while giving to hope to them as well as to herself .

In morning –

Nayab is getting ready for university when Mishal came with puppy face there .

Nayab : What happen !

Mishal : Mera bilkul man nahi kar raha ko subah jakar us manhoos university ki shakl dekhoon.
( I don’t want to go university).

Nayab : Mishi…Stop being childish . Go & get ready or else we get late.

She make a sad pout & leave from there .They are in the way to go university .

Mishal : I don’t want to go .No one listen this innocent girl request.Let’s have some fun together in restaurant.

She said excitedly looking at the restaurant.

Nayab : Not at all, I don’t bunk classes.

Seerat : Noor,Mishi is right .It’s only the matter of one day …Please .

Nayab nods her head negatively .

Mishal : Aur waise bhi kya ho jaana padh ke .Ammi toh kisi bhi ghar mein humari shaadi kar dengi .Suni nahi thi kal ki baat.( Nothing happen if we get educated because Ammi make us get marry to anywhere. You don’t listen which she told yesterday )

Nayab : Mishi Kisne kaha hai Jo humse kaha jaye , wahi hum karein .Apne haq ke liye ladna bahut zaroori hai.( Mishi , Who told u that we have to do same as everyone told us .This is very important to fight for ur rights )

Seerat : Ho gaya….Apna Phalspha band karo aur chalo yahan se.(Done …So, now please stop ur philosophy & come)

They both said & start moving toward restaurant while She is still standing there & thinking what to do.

Mishal called out her name & she move toward them but suddenly a car slightly hit her. She fall down & her hand get bruised .They both get shocked & shout Noor/Appi. Seerat & Mishal run toward her direction & help her in standing. Seerat knocked the glass window of car .A boy came out.

Seerat : Andhe ho kya ya khuda ne aankhon ki jagah batan diye hai tumhe.( Are u blind or God give u buttons inspite of eyes ).

She said angrily .

Boy : Excuse me , Tameez se baat karein aur mein apni galti maanta hoon.I am sorry .(Talk with some respect …I accept my mistake )

Seerat : Tumhari sorry apni jeb mein rakho . Tumhari toh complain karungi ki tumne meri behen ko apni gaadi se takkar maari hai.(Keep ur sorry in your pocket .I will complain that u hit my sister from ur car)

Boy : Look miss, I accept my mistake & by the way ur sister come in between .Hope she don’t get any injury.

Seerat : Dikh nahi raha tumhe use chot lagi hai.( Can’t u see that she get injury)

Nayab : Seerat Chalon yahan se .. Tamasha karne ki koi zarrorat nahi hai .( Seerat , Leave it…There is no need of doing drama)

Seerat : I don’t do any sort of drama here.What the hell these people think of themselves , they can hit anybody from their so called car.

After some time another boy of same age come outside the car who is watching the scenario from starting .

Boy 2 : What’s ur problem . He is guilty & accept his mistake then why are u creating scenes here.

Seerat : Who told u to interfere in between?

Nayab : Chup ho jayein Seerat.(Stop it Seerat)

Mishal : Are Appi kyun rok rahi hai …Ladne de na inhe …Accha entertainment ho raha hai bas popcorn ki kami hai.( Why are u stopping them Appi…Let the fight .I get entertainment in free . Wish that Popcorn is also there)

Nayab : Shut up Mishi ! Can u become serious for some time.

Seerat : If u do this next time, I will turn ur car in ashes ….Get it.

Nayab : Enough …Come with me .

She drag her inside the restaurant .Mishal also follow them.

Boy 2 : Huh…What happen to u Faris ?She is speaking too much.Why didn’t u take stand .We already say sorry but that girl is uttering rubbish.

Faris : Leave that Ayaan….Come, We are getting late.

Ayaan : I can’t believe this bro.You are such a fool & that girl is ill mannered .

He nods his head in disbelief .They both sit in the car & leave from there.

Inside the restaurant –

Seerat : What’s all this Noor ? You are too innocent .I am telling u that I will surely kill them if something happen to u .

Mishal : Haan Appi…Seerat is chocolate crusher ki tarah un dono ko crush kar deti .( Yeah Appi …Seerat crush them both like this chocolate crusher)

She said & trio start laughing.

Mishal : Appi, u know what that maybe he is ur prime charming . He is handsome also. I am sure he will help u but this moti change the fairy tale into a war scene .

Nayab : Can u shut up Mishi …..This is not fairly tale . So, please stop daydreaming.

Seerat : Ise Aise kahan samajh aata hai….Jootiya khaani hoti hai ise .(She didn’t get anything like this ….She want flying chappals )

She said annoyedly & they both again start rhe argument while Nayab patted her own forehead in disbelief.

Remaining Characters –

Amna(Supporting character) : She is the mother of Mishal & Seerat An old minded lady . She don’t like Nayab & think her as a burden.

Faris Siddiquie (Supporting Male lead) : He is very genuine & caring person .He is mature , confident & a well mannered guy who respect his mother very much.

Ayaan Raza ( Supporting male lead ) : He is friend of Faris & love him like his own brother .He is cute but lil bit outspoken .

Rahil (Supporting character) : Mishal’s ex-boyfriend .He is stalking her while she & her sisters are unaware about him.

Khadija ( Supporting character) : Faris’s mother who love his son very much.

Aima (Supporting character ) : She is sweet bubbly girl .Faris’s sister who is current in relationship with Rahil & her family don’t know about this .

Saif Ibrahim( Supporting character) : He is sweet ,simple & caring guy who study in Seerat’s university & secretly admire her a lot .He loves her while she don’t know about his feelings .

No precap

Here are the intro of remaining characters , who introduce in story according to storyline .Most importantly don’t think this story as a love story & it’s ending is not typical happy ending .So, If u don’t like sad endings, then it’s ur choice to read or not .Kindly ignore grammatical & spelling errors .Stay tuned & Keep smiling.

Lots of love


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  1. ImRagela

    Wow di ..I am just loving it ..Nayab is so polite ..And Mishi is too cute and funny ..And Seerat is a fighter ??????..Loved the trio..And Faris and Ayaan entry was good…Just felt bad when Amna saw her daughters as burden ..And new characters were so interesting di ..Really excited for the u ???????????

    1. Niyati

      Thanks Reji . Glad to know u love it .Lots of love ? ?

  2. Somya13

    Lovely niyati….Mishal is such a sweetheart….Nd seerat….Full of aggression….nayab is such a nice girl….Post soon…Lots of love…

    1. Niyati

      Thanks Somu .Glad to know u like it . Lots of love ? ?

  3. Pavithra1616

    Too exciting and interesting di??!! You rocked it!! Mishi is so funny!! Seerat!!! Fighter girl!! News characters are also superb! Waiting for the next?? update soon .. Luv u??

    1. Niyati

      Thanks Pavi . Glad to know u like it .Lots of love ? ?

  4. Neha.love7873

    Nayab is always for justice . That’s the thing I like about her character . Then Mishal is also funny and bubbly always wandering around . Then Seerat is also a little stern but is a ok character .I didn’t like Amna’s perception .
    Overall the whole chapter was bang on and really interesting . The upcoming new characters were also something to read for . Keep going .. keep Writing .. keep it up and I’ll keep showering my love . Take care ….

    1. Niyati

      Thanks a lot di for reading .Glad to knoe u like it. Lots of love ? ?

  5. Priyu

    Wow niyu again I’m speechless. Such a wonderful story. Every dialogue make a sense in your story niyuu. Nayab is too innocent. I think that boy might be his love interest! An I right? ? I kinda don’t remember names much niyuu ? that girl who was blaming the boy ? too much I think ?
    Niyuu you are doing awesome by explaining every detail of their characters. Such a mature storyline niyu. I’m so delighted.
    Good luck. Jeep writing niyuu????

    1. Niyati

      Thanks Priyu for ur comment & let’s see what happen next . Glad to know u like it .Lots of love ? ?

  6. Reebamathew

    Dear, it’s so beautiful, Mindblowing… every time you make me speechless it’s so interesting dear. I really don’t know how to express my emotions after reading this oh God its so difficult trust me. An about sad ending and all its all up to you dear so don’t worry about the ending u write the story further then let’s see about ending afterward:-p Eagerly waiting for next update and Love You a Lotzzzzz

    1. Niyati

      Thank u so much dI .Glad to know u love it. Love u infinity times ? ?

  7. TUFriendsForever

    I don’t see him as love interest if we find a guy have a fight he becomes soulmate not at all it doesn’t happen in life like movies I feel movie gives a bad definition of life and especially of love(personal oppinion) they show many things that won’t happen till many of the people watching it feel it will happen hmm lets get into the epi Nayab is the mature one and what her step mother told is absolutely wrong I guess nayab can join in a part time job or work online if I was nayab I would do that fighting for yourself is also important and nayab thoughts on responsibility was damn true u nailed it mishaal and seerat are rockingggg I think u should type a line “not a fairy tale” in the title they way u talk about the ending makes me think so
    Will be waiting for the next I think u should make it a bit fast

    1. Niyati

      Thanks a lot dear for ur comment. Glad to know u like it & Yeah will update very soon. lots of love ? ?

  8. Chandramukhi

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    1. Niyati

      Thanks a lot di . Glad to know that u like it .Lots of love ? ?

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    1. Niyati

      Thank u so much di for reading .Glad to know u like it .Lots of love to u ? ?

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    Girl ….u get a amazing talent to write dialogues on point .I am loving it .Well, I too don’t feel that boy is Noor’s love interest as u say it is not a fairy tale . I am always be ur fan for those Hindi dialogues .Story is very relative to everyones daily life .Looking forward for next part .

    1. Niyati

      Thanks Hani for reading . Glad to know u like it .Lots of love ? ?

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