The Buddy Project 9th May 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 9th May 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 9th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode begins with PiddhiTika meeting each other in the Lift. . while Piddhi is excited to see Avantika. .Avantika greets him in her usual ” Tinku Jiya” way. . . n as shown in the Precap. .Kiya. . Jams the Lift in the middle of nowhere. .. PiddhiTika have their share of sweet convo .. .
Scene shifts to Panchhi. . who is stuck in her own inner Turmoil. . She isnt able to understand her behavior whenever she Thinks of VeeNi . .she’s tensed if this goes on. .. how will she prepare for Miss. Vista contest . .thats when she receives a call . . She wonders who could it be at this Hour. .. its Avi. . . .he politely asks if it was too late n informs her that he talked to Victoria Clg’s GS n knew The Judges name for Ms. Vista contest. . . He’s abt to

tell her thye names. . but Panchhi politely Declines it. . .. they have a casual convo wherein Pancchi Admits That she’s hell nervous abt the contest. . . Avi attempts to sooth her. . n in the process. . Slips the Word PRINCESS for her. . . (N HERE MY HEART IS FLUTTERING. . NOW U KNOW WHY I USED THIS COLOUR . .VICHHHIII) he apologizes immediately but Panchhi isnt at all Bothered . .in fact this in turn leads to a sweet ,friendly conversation between ViChi. . where they share their own Secrets .. like Panchhi who had once given RV dog biscuits . .. n he actually found them tasty ofcourse he doesnt know that . .n Panchhi takes a promise from Avio that he’d never say that to RV. . while Avi on the other hand shares his memories of Titli n Him. . . in short they a some awesome convo. . n tym ( N I M SMITTEN. . . BIT BY THE VICHI BUG. . MAIS WAITING FOR AVIS)
Back to the lift. . PiddhiTika. . Piddhi tries his level best to entertain Avanti. . while Avanti is in a no nonsense Mood. . . though It was a site to watch when it finally dawns upon him that they were stuck in a LIFT n Avanti very sweetly Calms him down. . .
Outside .. Kiya is lazily looking at a magazine . . she looks at the tym. . .calls the Camera n says. . she should give them more tym. . .its too early
Inside Lift. . After a lot of jalebi talks. . finally Piddhi says that its okay. .. even if they couldnt reach the Dinner Venue. . .They can Date in the Lift itself. . .he doesnt mind. . .
thats when It strikes Avantika that Piddhi is taking her to be his Dinner Date. .n clarifies that she finds him cute. . n considers him a friend n thats abt it. . . yes she’s here for a date but with someone else. . Piddhi is at a brink of Crying. . .( n I m Heartbroken along with him)
Outside. . . Kiya finally Restarts The Lift. . Avantika Makes an Exit. . Pidhhi’s Heart broken. .
Avantika is abt to Leave but Goes back Inside the Lift. . . n Apologizes . . she in no ways wanted to hurt Him. . but they aren’t Meant to be. .not only today. . . but NEVER

an upset Piddhi Leaves. .
In clg next day . .KD is following Piddhi. . trying to know what exactly Happened . .Piddhi stops only to say .. . that All he really knows is that He doesnt want to share his seat wuth Kiya. .while Kiya on the other hand. . tries .. reasoning out with Piddhi. . but is shut by Piddhi’s Words ” Thanks for reminding him. . that he’s not Worth any girl in the world”. . while Kiya is still Apologizing. . KD is stunned n confused ( I felt so bad for KiPi. . they were such sweet friends. .n now KD’s gonna be stuck between his Brother n Love. . . . CVs. . whats on your mind? )

Update Credit to: blue_Orchid

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