The Buddy Project 9th July 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 9th July 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 9th July 2013 Written Update

Police catches JJ-Tika. JJ ka full KLPD hojata as he realizes Tika is KPD. RWP says something like if the teachers are like this, no wonder the students are involved in drugs and stuff. He takes them down.

Mr.D sees KD there and realizes that Shubh must’ve taken him out of the locked door. Mr.D says he’ll deal with KD later, right now his duty matters more.

ViChi are going and they see two people getting cozy with each other. They get curious and go there to see who it is but are shocked to see VeeNi. RV notices them in a totally talli way, greets them and says it’s the best party ever and goes to hug Avi. Avi holds him and informs Panchi that RV is high. Panchi says but there was no alcohol in the party and Avi says it’s not the alcohol induced high but something

else. Rukmini is embarrased to get caught in such a situation. Just then, they hear police sirens. Avi tells them to sneak away from back door and says he’ll go out to check what’s happening. Panchi tries to stop him but Avi says that he has to check on Tika as well. Rukmini and Panchi hold RV who is too high to even walk straight and go out of there.

JJ-Tika come in the foyer where police has gathered everyone. Buddies are surprised seeing JJ-Tika together. RWP is all stern and says that it’s a college for rich people, such things are bound to happen! A policeman confirms the presence of drugs in the party and Piddi blurts out that they aren’t drugs but something herbal as he himself got it. RWP starts scolding and hitting Piddi at this lie and JJ asks RWP to stop as he knows his students can’t do such a thing. RWP turns to JJ and says he’s the one to talk! It was disgusting for RWP to see a student kissing a teacher. Avi hears this as he’s coming down and goes to Tika, demanding an explanation. He gets an FB from before the party where Tika tells him that she will officially set things straight today and then tell Avi everything. Avi is extremely agitated and Tika tells him to cool down saying JJ ain’t at fault, she is. JJ didn’t even know who he was getting involved with. JJ seems too stunned to even properly react to anything.

Rukmini-Panchi are trying to sneak away when Mr.D catches them. He is surprised seeing Mini there and says he didn’t know she would be doing such things. He had helped her because she wanted to study in this big city. Had he known she was also spoiled, he would’ve sent her back to her village. Mini begs and says she didn’t do anything and it’s the first time she’s at such a place. Mr.D says he’ll help her again and tells her to get away quietly. The girls move to leave but Mr.D tells Panchi to stay where she is! Rukmini says her friend is also oblivious to what is happening and irritated, Mr.D tells the girls to leave before leaving himself. Mini is tensed and Panchi tries calming her down saying everything will be fine, right now they need to take care of RV.

RWP sends the drink for testing to lab and asks the doctor to come there and examine each student. Piddi mumbles to KD that he had no clue about drugs, it’s all these Chillars fault for being so high! When KD was involved, he got saved but Piddi has confessed…how will he be spared?! Kiya asks KD to do something and KD says only a miracle can save the college, themselves and specially Piddi. Omi comes there, all dazed. Police notice him and tells him to be in line. He goes and stands with KiShaPi. KD moves closer to Omi and tells him everything.

Rukmini, RV and Panchi manage to escape and are on the way to their homes in a car. RV is totally high and being all crazy. Panchi tells him to shut up but he just looks at her and says Panchi is really amazing and he missed her at the party. He tries to hug her but she pushes him away. RV notices Mini on his other side and gets excited seeing her. He tells Panchi he danced with Mini who is a fab dancer and he really likes her. He danced with her and did something else too but he doesn’t remember. Anyway, Mini is a nice girl and Panchi is his bestest friend so he should hug her but Panchi pushes him away again, getting irritated. RV continues that Mini is a straight girl, tough on the outside but from within, she’s just like Panchi – a softie. Just like Panchi, Mini is humble and kind and Panchi is his best friend so NOW she has to hug him! Mini slightly smiles seeing them.

Avi demands from an explanation from Tika who doesn’t say anything. So he turns to JJ who is still dazed and confused. Tika tells Avi to cool down but he’s far too irritated for that. Omi is moving towards his Cs and ends up bumping into Avi. He gets an FB from the last moments of the dance, not seen yesterday, where Panchi tells him that she likes Avi hence she chose this last dance with Omi. Omi wants her to stay but Panchi goes away. In present, Omi tells Avi not to bother him as he’s going through a bad day and Avi says he ain’t the only one. The rivals get instigated seeing each other and end up hitting each other. There’s chaos all around and Tika begs JJ to break them apart but JJ doesn’t move.

Precap – Media attacks ICC regarding this student-teacher scandal. Dean announces no one will say a word to the media about anything. Avi comes there, really mad, and says media circus won’t end till this matter gets it due closure which is that JJ be removed from the college and punished. People like JJ are a stigma to this college. Buddies are shocked hearing this.

Update Credit to: spicysugar

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