The Buddy Project 8th October 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 8th October 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 8th October 2013 Written Update

RV is thanking all his supporters as they congratulate him. When they go away, he’s left alone with Panchi. He says to her that everyone congratulated him, except KD who didn’t even bother meeting him. Panchi says he might be caught up in something, he’d be on the way. Rukmini comes there and says that KD is right to be upset, he was wronged cuz of someone else’s mistake. RV says okay, that’s fine. But what of Piddi and Kiya? Ever since the results have been announced, they haven’t met him. What he feared the most is happening, there’s a clear rift happening between the Buddies.

KiSha are with Shubh and Mr.D in the hospital. KD is tending to his father and Kiya asks Shubh if he has eaten anything. When he says no, Kiya offers to buy him something. KD says he’ll

go out with her. KiSha step out. Kiya wants to say something regarding Shubh but KD cuts across her and says that JJ was sure the elections won’t cause a rift between the Buddies but it feels like they let him down. RV didn’t even come to meet him. Kiya tells him that RV doesn’t even know about all this. KD retorts that he could’ve called at least to ask where did KD go off suddenly? Kiya wants to clarify but he doesn’t hear anything and just says that RV must be happy and celebrating. Kiya gets concerened about KD’s obvious hurt.

Rukmini calls Piddi to ask where are they all gone? Piddi tells him about whatever happened and Rukmini gets worried. RV walks over to Rukmini who is lost in her thoughts and snaps her out of her thoughts asking if she isn’t happy with his victory? Rukmini retorts that it isn’t like that and tells him about KD’s father’s condition. Panchi hears this and suggests that they go to the hospital right away. The three get out but are stopped by a peon who informs RV that Dean wants to meet him right now. RV tells the girls to go ahead and reluctantly goes to the Dean’s office.

RV goes to the Dean to congratulates RV on his success. RV thanks him and requests the meeting to be postponed till the next day but Dean says that can’t do as he won’t have time tomorrow and asks RV to wait a while.

The girls reach the hospital and meet up with KiPi. KD comes out of the ward and is a bit disappointed to see RV not with them. Panchi tells him that RV was stopped by the Dean for some work but KD tells her to not say anything.

RV is caught up in the meeting with Dean and in the hospital, Buddies are worried about his delay.

RV finally makes it to the hospital to the Buddies and asks about Mr.D. He stands in front of the ward door and KD sees him through the glass panel. He gets out and meets RV bit coldly. He congratulates him of his victory and says RV has become a busy man. RV defends himself saying that Dean couldn’t postpone the meeting hence the delay but KD shrugs it all off. RV can’t help but notice KD’s distant behavior and asks him to at least speak normally but KD says he doesn’t want any help right now. He covers this slip up by a fake smile that he has to spend time with this father. He informs them that the visiting hours are over and they should head back home. He thanks everyone for coming by shaking hands and hugging but when it comes to RV, he doesn’t do or say anything and goes back in the ward; a feat not unnoticed by Buddies. RV is hurt by KD’s behavior.

The doctor tends to Mr.D and clears him for discharge. He asks KD to step outside to speak a bit. Doc is concerend about Mr.D that the symptoms don’t look but just to make sure, some tests must be taken ASAP. He hands KD the list of tests and medicines. KD asks how much will it cost and the Doc replies that the rough estimate is around 25,000 rupees. KD is a bit surprised at such high price but assures the Doc he’ll take care of it.

The Desai trio reach home. KD asks Mr.D to rest and takes charge of the house by sending of Shubh to get ready for school while he cooks up breakfast. Kiya calls him and they have a light, flirty banter about KD’s cooking skills. The conversation lightens KD’s mood as he does his work.

KD serves the breakfast to his father, being all concerned and bossy that Mr.D should do nothing but rest. Mr.D is surprised at KD’s domestic skills and KD replies it’s all thanks to the hostel life, it makes one independent. Mr.D asks KD to go to college and KD playfully complains doesn’t he like seeing his son everyday? Mr.D gets overwhelmed and hugs KD saying he never wanted KD to leave the house and live in hostel. KD also gets teary and says at that time, they didn’t understand each other but not anymore. They reconcile as they hug.

Precap – Panchi going over some papers in canteen and says to RV she is looking for some ways to arrange money for KD. RV suggests organizing an event as it’s an easy way to save up money. Panchi gets happy at the idea and gets up saying she’d suggest this in the classroom. RV says a bit sadly that he wished he was with them, while they’d be all together and happily organizing, he’d be all alone. Panchi gets concerned about his sadness.

Update Credit to: SpicySugar

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