The Buddy Project 8th May 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 8th May 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 8th May 2013 Written Update

Piddi is practicing his karate in his room on his own when suddenly, Avantika appears in her karate costume (must say, that hairdo made her look so pretty!) and she starts doing karate on Piddi. Piddi ends up on the ground with Avantika beating him and Piddi cries out in pain. Then he realizes it was just a dream. He gets up and STTC that Kiya has made a mess in his brain, all his thought processes have become short circuits and he doesn’t know what to do! A stone wrapped in paper comes through the window and hits Piddi on the forehead. He goes to the window and gets hyper that in this modern age, who the hell is still throwing stones as if living in stone age?! Then he wonders who could’ve done such a thing. He picks up the paper and reads the message on it. It reads “Martin Restaurant.

8 PM. Late aaye tou maar khaoge!” (if you are late, you’ll be beaten!) Piddi STTC that Kiya was right, only Avantika can write such threatening invites. He gets confused as to why did she invite him. He realizes that it’s 7.30 already! Down there, Kiya excitedly STTC that the plan is on!

RaHi are eating cake together. RV is licking his fork while Panchi is licking the last crumbs off her fingers. They look at the last piece then at each other and motion each other to go ahead and have it. Then RV cuts the piece in two and says half for him and half for her. Panchi raises her eyebrow and he says that she can have the bigger piece. Panchi asks him since when did he become so smart and he smugly replies he was always smart, she just never noticed. RV gets a message on the phone and a sort of promotion scene happens where Panchi praises the new phone he bought. RV wants to say something to Panchi but when Panchi asks what, he says it’s nothing. Panchi rolls her eyes and says they are friends since KG, the thing bothering him doesn’t reach his brain before it reaches her and tells him to out with it. RV says he wanted to talk about her and starts asking concerned questions about MVC and how he can help with it. Panchi smiles and says if he acts so sweet with her, she’d get diabetes in such young age. She says there is something else bothering him but he’s giving it another shape so that he doesn’t seem selfish. Out with it, what’s the real thing! RV asks is she some psychic? Panchi nods that yes, she is so out with it and fast! RV becomes serious and says he realized today just how life hard can it be and that he’s been living such an easy life without ever appreciating it. Panchi notes his seriousness and asks what’s wrong? RV simply says, “Rukmini.”

Avantika is getting ready for her “date”. She compliments herself that she’s looking hot and turns to leave. Just then, Avi enters. Seeing him she says that she had been waiting for him to say something but now she has to go out, she has her life to live. Avi looks at her and says can he ask her where she is going? She smiles and says sweetly that of course he can ask, he’s her elder brother! Avi smiles at this but then Tika adds that he can ask only when she’ll choose to reply and Avi’s smile disappears at this. She says she hates his elder brother protective act and Avi just asks her the news. Tika tells him that they were wrong about KD wanting to launch himself as a singer, he is just doing this to make money! Avi asks then why is he emphasizing so much on fresh talent and Tika replies it’s simple, cuz no one is giving new talent a chance, besides everything is happening online. So he wants to make his own group and if any one of it becomes hit, he’ll charge for downloading their music and make money, simple! He thanks her and says now he knows what to do. Tika asks him that he had to tell her something as well. Avi replies that he’s sorry, just for the past few days he’s been so…Tika finishes his sentence, selfish? Avi apologizes and says he’ll go to RV right now and find out all he can. Tika says it’s alright, she doesn’t need it anymore and asks him how she’s looking? Avi replies stunning as usual but what’s all this for? She says they should go on the same track where he can ask anything and she can hide anything, ok? And moves to leave but Avi stops her and tells her that he knows she is smart and can take care of herself but please, she should go somewhere where there are people around and keep her phone on at all the times. Tika salutes and says yes sir and leaves after hugging him (they are sooo adorable! <3) Piddi is trying out weird and pretty eccentric styles for his "date", ranging from shirts to hoodies to underwear worn over the pants with a vest as a top but nothing suits him. He STTC that Kiya told him that Tika likes him and if she does, he can wear anything without fear! What difference does it make?! He calls the camera again and says that it's a special occasion, the "someone special" wala special so he has to wear something special. He finds something good and asks to the camera, would it work? The camera NODS!! (YES! It effin' NODDED!! ) and Piddi gets excited at this! He finally dons a checkered shirt over a simple white one and gets ready (must say, he was looking very nice ) RV goes on saying seriously that there are so many people around us who deserve much better but we are the ones having a easy life! Panchi says his life is not that easy. RV says but in aspects it is. At least he doesn't have to walk 10 miles for water and he takes it all for granted. Today he found out just how much struggle there is all around him. Kids working on streets, people working tirelessly in rain and sun, street vendors, sweepers; and look at us, having such an easy life. Rukmini must've done a lot to reach here, what a girl. Panchi gives him a look at this and smiles sadly and says that's true. She continues smiling and walks away from him while RV just stands there with a helpless seriousness on his face. Panchi continues looking at him and her smile vanishes and is replaced by confusion. Piddi is trying out various hairstyles but nothing is suiting him. From Leonardo Di Caprio in Titanic to Surma Bhopali to Shatrugan Sinha! He tries it all then realizes the time is quarter to 8! He finally makes a spiked hairstyle and says to his image in mirror, "You rock man!" and leaves only to return a second later and put on his shades. He says again, "You second time rock!" and leaves saying she'll beat him if he's late Kiya finalizes the reservation on the phone and STTC that everything is set and she just hopes it turns out well. She sits in the car and remembers TFP moment when Piddi have given Bobby a s*xy dress only to be slapped in return. She gets worried and STTC what if Piddi mess up again? Everything depends on this date. And what if Piddi ends up being silent all the time? As it is, Piddi's confidence lives in another town and never comes to visit him (okay that's hilariously witty ) God knows what he'll do in this fancy restaurant. Shit, she made a huge mistake! Piddi arrives the place in style and confidence and enters the lift. He presses the button but before the doors are completely closed, Tika puts her leg to stop it and smiles seeing Piddi. She enters and pinches Piddi's cheek and says he met her here as well! Piddi is speechless and STTC that he's getting such an awesome feeling like something is happening (kuch kuch horaha hai). Tika presses the button and the lift closes. Kiya witnesses this from behind the wall and gets excited. She STTC what a luck! She got what she wanted now it's time for surprise! PiddiTika in the lift. While Piddi is grinning strangely at her, she chooses to ignore him. Outside, Kiya sneaks to the lift controls and stops the lift. Inside, they are surprised as to what happened and Kiya runs away from there. PiddiTika notice that the lift has stopped working and they curse together, "What the?!" and look at each other. Precap – PiddiTika on the lift floor. Piddi saying not to worry for when God graces, He does so limitlessly! Like He gave her a chance to be with Piddi in the lift. Tika is annoyed while Piddi goes on saying weird stuff about his charming personality. He asks her why did she hide this secret and calls her naughty while Tika just laughs. Kiya STTC that only some time has passed and they need a little more time because Piddi must’ve wasted all the time saying useless things but never come to point! She should give them some more time. Piddi says it’s okay if their date happened in the lift instead of restaurant, a date is a date. Tika is confused at this.

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